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Hangout on Air re Telecoms In Africa Update. Please join us ...
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We have a tour group arriving in South Africa today. I'm on 24/7 backup duty. Thus I can't commit to staying in a Hangout and I believe there are better qualified people for the topic you'll be discussing anyway. I will hopefully be able to watch (and learn...). Currently it looks like our group's incoming flight will arrive late, which means organising to get them on another onward flight, etc. But if I get that sorted out I'll be tweeting during your show.

I'd still like my South African related consumer type question from last week fielded later in the show, if possible. I.e. there seems to be a trend with our mobile operators, definitely the case for Vodacom, where smartphone users are charged more for their data than tablet and laptop users. I'm referring here to advertised rates for 1GB and other data bundles. Not an impression that I'm paying more. I know exactly how much data I use. I'm referring to data packages advertised by Vodacom. The technology (mobile towers) that deliver the data to my smartphone is exactly the same infrastructure that delivers data to other mobile devices. Thus the cost of providing the service is the same. Why charge more for data bundles for phones? Rip off?

Furthermore, I suspect we're paying more for both voice and data than most of Africa. True? Why?
+Mike Smuts Thanks. I will ask the guys the question. Hope all goes well with the tour :)
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