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"We’re calling on the museum sector to cut ties to the fossil fuel industry."

#Museums   #ClimateChange  
The nation’s top museums are facing calls to cut ties with billionaire funders who profit from global warming. In an open letter, a coalition of climate scientists, museum experts and environmental groups says science and natural history museums should stop accepting money from fossil fuel corporations and individual donors like the Koch brothers. Koch Industries has extensive energy industry holdings and has funded climate denial. David Koch is ...
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WTF is wrong with my culture.
This is big news.
America's biggest employers want to pick and choose the benefits they give their injured workers.
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How can you not like #berniesanders. He is the only politician that speaks honestly about wealth and taxes.
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+Hobbit Donohue

Would vote for that ticket. But see it having no chance of victory. She should stay her course and not run this time.

And as much as I like Bernie, placing him on the ticket could be damaging once Fox starts the 'Socialist' chants. Remember to a great part of the nation socialism is evil, period. Sad state of affairs. 

Michael Costa

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What are some of your favorite channels?
YouTube, for its problems, is a great place learn something new. Some channels are straightforward and instructional, but others use quirky and interesting people or approaches to teach you something new. Let's make a list of great ones worth subscribing to.
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Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins! To celebrate his life, wisdom and inspiration, we would like to share this amazing collection of his work, articles, videos and more!

Check it out here:

Please also check out the German part of the foundation who made this:
To all Richard Dawkins fans: Click subscribe to find anything related to Richard within seconds and to keep up with the added content in the near future! This profile is the ultimate collection of anything about Richard Dawkins ranging from his most popular videos, quotes and tweets to his articles and debates about science and religion. Feel free to share the profile or individual collections (wakes) and also comment! Wakes about articles an...
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This sets a very very bad precedent. We're going to have bad cops, and the police department that will afraid to take them off the streets.
LAPD Wrongfully Kills Autistic Man And Gets $2 Million Award:
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"In science, something can be both theory and fact. We know the existence of pathogens is a fact; germ theory provides testable explanations concerning the nature of disease. We know the existence of cells is a fact and that cell theory provides testable explanations of how cells function. Similarly, we know evolution is a fact and that evolutionary theories explain biological patterns and mechanisms. The late Stephen Jay Gould said it best: 'Evolution is a theory. It is also a fact. And facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty. Facts are the world’s data. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts.'"
Fortunately, we have no such problems in Piracy 101, High Seas 101, or Deck Swabbin' and Barnacle Removal 101.
This essay is adapted from a piece originally printed in the March/April 2015 issue of Orion. Request a free trial issue of Orion here. To teach evolution at the University of Kentucky is to teach at an institution steeped in the history of defending evolution education. The first effort to pass an anti-evolution law...
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Keep in mind, I am not OBAMA'S biggest fan.
What do you think the reaction from Fox "News" would have been if Obama had launched his re-election campaign at a university that FORCED all 10,000 students to attend?

Here are many other instances of conservative hypocrisy when it comes to their selective outrage. Enjoy!

To Match Bush, Obama Would Have to Spend the Rest of His Presidency on Vacation!

Obama Has Had Fewer Vacation Days In His Entire Presidency Than Congress Has This Year

Red States lead in Divorces, Teen Pregnancy and Porn

Executive Orders by president. Obama least, GOP uses more since Truman. Republicans highest.

Examples of Republican hypocrisy on moral values

Republican Deficit Hypocrisy

Reagan, Bush acted alone on immigrants

GOP-leaning states get lion's share of federal dollars

#IOKIYAR   #ConservativeHypocrisy   #TedCruzCampaignSlogans #WackoBird

EDIT: I totally forgot the biggest one with Ted Cruz. Except for his only GOP opponent Donald Trump, none of the #birther  conservatives have criticized him for literally being born outside of The USA! 
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Basic, but could be helpful.
Thinking about turing your home into a smart home? How much will it cost?
A smart home could change your life. Not only can it free up time in your day that could be better spent elsewhere, but it can help regulate your routine so you aren't burdened by having to remember or lose track of what needs to be done. But how expensive is it? For a lot…
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The world’s top scientists, including several Nobel Prize winners, just released an unprecedented letter calling on science and natural history museums to cut all ties to the fossil fuel industry.

The letter comes on the heels of recent news that Smithsonian-affiliated scientist Willie Soon took $1.25 million from the Koch brothers, Exxon Mobil, American Petroleum Institute and other covert funders to publish junk science denying man-made climate change, and failed to disclose any funding-related conflicts of interest.

In particular, the letter points a finger at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (D.C.) and the American Museum of Natural History (NY), where David Koch is a member of the board, a major donor and exhibit sponsor.

Oil mogul David Koch sits on the board of our nation’s largest and most respected natural history museums, while he bankrolls groups that deny climate science.

Sign this petition to the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History: It’s time to get science deniers out of science museums. Kick Koch off the board!

We’ll deliver this message and the list of signatures to the American Museum of Natural History before their annual board meeting the first week of April. Then we’ll do the same at the Smithsonian before their board meeting in June.
Tell the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History: Kick Koch off the board!
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