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Michael Corbett
Managing & developing products and services - and a Google Apps specialist to boot.
Managing & developing products and services - and a Google Apps specialist to boot.

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I'm a reseller and when setting up a new account for a customer I noticed that there was a new option: GSuite Lite. Normally there's just GSuite Basic & GSuite for Business.

I've done a websearch for this and found nothing (not even on the Partner Connect Site ( I have phoned Google Support but they don't know either.

Does anyone here have any more information?

My phone was stolen a few weeks ago and luckily it was password protected, encrypted and backed up so wasn't as major a disruption as it can be for some people. Now I'm just in the process of making my insurance claim. For this I need an email from my network provider, EE, stating that the phone is blacklisted.

I have now spoken to EE THREE times to get them to do this but unfortunately EE have a big problem.

The way EE have designed the process is this: the customer speaks to the front office guys in the UK who aren't empowered to send the email - instead they have to email the back office team to get them to sent the email to the customer. Its not clear what value this step adds but it gets worst: The back office team are based in India and English isn't their first language and clearly don't have sufficient checks in place to ensure the quality of their work.

This has resulted in the email being sent to the WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS on no fewer than THREE separate occasions.

I have asked EE for an customer service email address so I can send a summary of the problem to them but apparently they haven't got one! My only option is to phone them which... is what I have done THREE times previously.

EE need to take this issue seriously. Not only have I still not got my email but my personal information has been sent to three random people now - and that's got Data Protection implications.

EE, please can you help?

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I'm writing some code that includes an Approval Step: i.e. it sends an email to someone and, within the email are two links: Approve and Don't Approve.  When the user clicks on one of these links it communicates with the app and runs code corresponding to the approve/non-approve response.  

There are a couple of out of date examples on Google Developers including Twitter Approval Manager.  The problem is that the code examples no longer work because UI service has been deprecated in favour of HTML service.

But creating an "approval step" email is such a common requirement that I'm surprised that there's no example code for HTML service.  Can anyone help me here?

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Gmail Traffic Analysis.  Does anyone know if there is a marketplace tool that analyses Gmail traffic for your domain to determine what the internal groups/communities/clans/tribes are within the organisation?  The picture below is from a non-Google-Apps tool that I've come across just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about..

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Tesla have just announced that they’ll be doing a software update that will enable their cars to drive on the motorway in driverless mode.  They’ve kept rather quiet about it which is understandable given the potential backlash from governments.  I wonder how the UK government will respond to this fact?

The article goes on to say that apparently Google could easily have developed a car that was capable of driving in driverless mode on freeways - but instead they chose the hard route of developing a car that could operate driverlessly on ANY road.

The future seems to be arriving at a faster rate than any of us thought.  And it makes the UK government sponsored “milk float” driverless cars look a bit stupid.

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Pointless.  But strangely compelling.

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Sunset in #Fishponds  

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I went to the Bristol City Council ICT Suppliers event at the Watershed on Tuesday (10 November 2014).  Some interesting slides and some interesting activity at the subsequent roundtable discussions.  Bristol CC really need some sort of "shared area" in which the council can interact with suppliers - that would really facilitate collaboration.
Bristol Council ICT Suppliers Event November 2014
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