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Michael Conterio
Unsure as to how to describe myself...
Unsure as to how to describe myself...


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Hi all,

I've not been as active as I should have been here, but recently I've been putting my stuff in order and I've been blogging about the experience of writing for a range of different media, from science-based stand up to a one hour long stage play for a "Light Entertainment" society, with occasional references to my experience performing improv comedy. I'd love to have more comments on the posts, and also more suggestions of topics for future posts, so please head over.

Recently I've posted about:
Struggling to find the voices of my characters, and being uncertain of my ability to judge my own writing  -
How mistakes can be great -
How so much of "creativity" is about making connections, rather than making things up out of nothing -
Chilling out between projects and catching up on watching, reading and listening to things:
And I even pushed myself in a new direction and tried my hand at poetry -
All of these and more can be found through my website,

I hope to see some of you over there, and I wish you all the best of luck in your own creative endeavours.

#writing #comedy #creativity #blog

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My live science show is back again. I'm looking at superconductors and magnetic levitation, but we'll also be looking at GM wheat and bacteria too!
Less than 24 hours before our next live show - a quick look at hoverboards, some physics of bacteria, and looking at a recent GM wheat trial - 7pm BST on Tuesday.

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Just realised that I've not posted this on here yet. On December 16h and 17th I shall be performing at "Robin Ince's Christmas Science Ghosts" at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

I'm performing in the "Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come" shows, so I'll be talking about a direction that we've started to go in, that might lead to lots of interesting things in the near future.

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We're going live in 15 minutes with an episode of Sci Cam looking at Nobel and IgNobel prize. Watch us at

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We're trying to highlight some questions to attract people to +Isaac Physics Any suggestions for how to get some traction on social media?
What happens to the tick of a pendulum clock if you stick it in a moving lift?

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I'm pondering trying to write a few non-novel things for NaNoWriMo. Any advice on sensible goals for a month of writing comedy and web video?

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This is what I've been working on along with others in the Physics and Computer Science departments. It's an online learning tool focusing on physics problem solving skills so it's mainly questions but we have got pages for physical concepts too.

The questions on the site go all the way from GCSE up to the first year of university with hints for the questions if you get stuck. I made quite a few of the hint videos and supervised the creation of many more.

Please give it a try and let me know if there are any problems you've spotted.
Boost your physics problem solving skills at (@isaacphysics). It's a resource for teachers and students (Y11 to Uni) with a range of questions with hints and videos to help you along!

Physics. You work it out.


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I'm talking about weightlessness and how thinking about it helped Einstein come up with his General Theory of Relativity in this hangout in about a quarter of an hour:
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