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Christmas Music lover. EMT
Christmas Music lover. EMT

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I worked with Alan back at the Center for Democracy & Technology in the last decade. Best wishes on your future plans +Alan Davidson !
Congratulations and a hearty hurrah! to +Alan Davidson, my longtime partner in Internet policy, first at CDT (I was one of his lawyers in the CDA case in 1996-97), and then at Google (we were colleagues on the public policy team). Alan is brilliant, effective, and deeply committed to advancing a free and open Internet. And, to paraphrase Jerry Berman, he's a prince of a guy.

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ShowBizRadio is now on Google+

Q: Why doesn't the US District court have to put a privacy notice on jury qualification questionnaires?
A: Because the Privacy Act of 1974 only applies to the executive branch. The judicial (and I assume legislative) branch is allowed to violate your privacy.

I like the medical care my wife gets at the University of Virginia medical system. But the eye clinic is the slowest office by far. We got here at 9:40 this morning, and saw the doctor, had two tests, and are still waiting for the final blessing so we can leave. 4 hours, 26 minutes and counting... We've learned not to schedule any other appointments on the days we come to the eye clinic. Next week we have three appointments the same day, and I'll bet we'll be done with all four within 4 hours of the first appointment.

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One more weekend of Hairspray, at the Alliance Theatre, performing at Chantilly High School, in Chantilly, VA. 4 shows, Thursday through Sunday

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Weird, your payment frequency is monthly if you want an annual plan for google Apps for Business: Shouldn't it be an annual payment for an annual plan? Or are they actually charging you $4.16 ($50/12) per month?

Off to tech rehearsal for Hairspray. We open on Friday the 29th

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My first app is now in the Apple iOS store. Android app is in process.

At the meetup for northern Virginia Facebook and word fess

So, thanks to Google+ (Google Plus? G+?, whatever it's called) the first big change in how I use Google is that I am now logged in all the time. Except when it randomly asks me my password.
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