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In firefox, when shift clicking a link from g+, it opens in a new tab and switches to it. why is that? ever y other website opens the new tab in the background, staying on the original page

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At the SLUG Beginner workshop you can come along and work with Linux enthusiasts to assist you in setting up your system the way you want. This could include friendly advice on partitions, distributions, configurations, networking and specific applications. Bring your laptop!

Please let us know if there's anything in particular you would like to see at the workshop!

Transit and parking info: The Google office is the big black building marked "Accenture" opposite Star City Casino Pirrama Road facade.
- If using the trains, you can go either get off at; (a) Town Hall station, head towards Darling Harbour, walk across the Pyrmont footbridge and then follow Pirrama Road towards Star city; or at (b) Central station, then take the light rail to Star City.
- If using the light rail, get off at Star City station and walk across the street.
- If using the buses, the route 443 stops right out front of the building.
- If you drive, then you can look for parking on the suburban streets around the office (or pay for parking at the Casino), and then walk from there.

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does ubuntu suck?

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lolling out loud
Rescue with happy ending

A couple of years ago I bought an e-cigarette. It didn't do anything for me, and I went back to analogue. That e-cig was the same size as an analogue cigarette, with disposable cartridges.

I thought I would give them another go, so googled a bit, found a popular brand and ordered one. This one is a newer generation, it's about the size of a texta marker, and instead of cartridges with a sponge wet with nicotine juice, it has a tank that holds almost 3ml of juice.

This one works much much better, and I am off the old analogues for good. the battery lasts all day, and I probably use about 60% of the tank. I keep the tank topped up though, so when it gets to 80% full I top it up. They recommend you do that if convenient to prolong the life of the heating element. Not that the element is expensive, it's a buck.

The e-juice is made of food grade ingredients in the USA,  there's nicotine, the same stuff that goes in gum and patches. and the base is made of glycerol and propylene glycol, which is a non toxic anti freeze. They also use that in margarine.

One reason they use those two ingredients for the base is to form a vapour. I couldn't care less about the vapour, but whatever. I can't imagine they would be worse to inhale than analogue cigarette smoke.

The marketing for e-cigs is really really slick, they pay a lot of attention to their brand, everything from websites, to videos, to packaging, to the e-cig itself is highly polished.

There's a lot of money in e-cig companies, and old tobacco companies are buying them up. I wonder how long the fun will last until they're made illegal. Apparently you can get juice that contains cannoids, for example.

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i love a good beard
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