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Michael Carrano
Mobile Software Engineer in NYC
Mobile Software Engineer in NYC
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Looks like +Chris Lacy​ sold Link Bubble to Brendan Eich, founder of Brave.

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Pretty cool numbers...

Amazon added a "Mayday" button for its Kindle tablet. The Mayday button lets users call a human to get help using the product. Some fun facts about Mayday usage from Bezos: "Mayday Tech Advisors have received 35 marriage proposals from customers. 475 customers have asked to talk to Amy, our Mayday television personality. 109 Maydays have been customers asking for assistance with ordering a pizza. By a slim margin, Pizza Hut wins customer preference over Domino’s. There are 44 instances where the Mayday Tech Advisor has sung Happy Birthday to the customer. Mayday Tech Advisors have been serenaded by customers 648 times. And 3 customers have asked for a bedtime story. Pretty cool."

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My weekend hack: Doge 2048!

I attended an Android event hosted by Yahoo on Thursday and they had a code challenge to develop a 2048 game. 

I didn't want to work on it then as I preferred to talk with +Jean-Baptiste Quéru, former AOSP lead and the many other people who attended.

I know there are some bugs and I am working on fixing them but in the mean time, enjoy some doge. Must have, such funs.

Decided to purchase a Moto G for development purposes. This phone is really nice for its price and I might actually use it more than my iPhone 5.

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I'll just leave this here. 
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Just picked up the new Nexus 7 tablet.

Anyone else order a Chromecast on the 24th and not yet receive the Netflix offer via email? My Chromecast has been shipped.
+Hugo Barra +Sundar Pichai 

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Photos from MLB Fan Fest 2013
MLB Fan Fest 2013
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Praying Mantis
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