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Another blog post, 6,656 intalls and counting...
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Great post. Our NME game is approaching completion as well, though we've had a few months of work on it, most of which has been fixing NME issues such as the aforementioned Android audio. 

Just curious; Do you use any looping sound in your game, and if so, how has that behaved for you on iOS? 
Oh cool. Ye the audio bug is annoying. iOS the sound seemed fine, tho you have to use wavs, seems mp3s are really slow. I couldnt work out how to allow background apps to play music over the top of my game however. I look forward to playing your game :)
Great work on the game, and the blog posts lots of really helpful stuff in there :)
I have been plussing a lot about our game as well as audio issues on android, so check out my profile backlog for some details. We have better audio on android than iOS
Sweet :) Nice work, ill be sure to check it out
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