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#mindblown   #archer  

link with explanation here.

h/t Reddit (duh)
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Michael Campos

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Michael Campos

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Have a great cake day, +Kimberly Allen!

Of course you get legos... Tasty edible legos... :-D 
Happy Birthday Kimberly Allen
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Of course! 

Michael Campos

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Congrats on a great career, Smytty!!!
Oil Country loves you, Smytty! Watch all of our #Oilers tribute videos for #94 and his emotional retirement speech to his teammates >
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A real class act, loved him when he was here in LA.
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Michael Campos

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Jeez... Can this day get over with already? #ugh
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I know right, +Josh Peckham? I'm resorting to busy work, in the vain hope of making time pass... 
Kerbal < Orbiter

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Kerbal.... sounds like a yummy way to spend the time I do not have... but man I so do want to try it out.

Michael Campos

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Yeah that sucked. We were overcasted as well. 
This... This is why I would have loved... LOVED to have partied with Jesus.

Free booze, and trolling the disciples...

Michael Campos

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Five dollars is all my mom allows me to spend...
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Lafayette, LA
New Orleans, LA - Thibodaux, LA
The list of things that ruined me are long and distinguished. I enjoyed every single one of them.
Call me Mike!

Here's what I like...
Playfully jabbing my elbow in your ribs.
Crazy Funny Stuff
Craft Beer
Hockey - Edmonton Oilers - Copper & Blue Forever!!!
Football - New Orleans Saints - Who Dat, Baby!
Baseball - Chicago Cubs - one year, perhaps in my son's lifetime.

Things I don't care much for
Multiple Sclerosis

Things I'm new to, but really digging
Paleo & Cross-fit - two things really helping me with the things I don't care much for... ;-)
Bragging rights
I can age downwards.
  • The Citadel, Oldtown
    Chain Hoarding, 276 - 283
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As close to N'Awlins po-boys as you're going to get...
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