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Michael Byers
Retired, living in the Research Triangle, NC.
Retired, living in the Research Triangle, NC.

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Trump's inauguration speech still has me in a quandary. As a retired educator, I can't decide which I miss more, being part of a system that is famously flush with cash or depriving students of all knowledge. The cash was nice, for sure, but I have to come down on the side of depriving kids of knowledge. They'd come up to me and beg and whine, "Aw, c'mon, can't ya spot me to some knowledge, even just once?" And I would tell them, "Return to your seats and sit in utter silence for the rest of the day, y'know, like we do every day."
Psh. Thought they'd get some knowledge from me. HA!
The really best part, though? You got it: being part of the American carnage. I miss it all, really. Hard to pick.

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Sometimes coincidence elevates to irony.
George Orwell died on this day in 1950. 

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Quite honestly, hearing that Trump "laid a wreath" at Arlington Cemetery makes me more than a little uncomfortable.
I mean, the visuals can't be unseen.
Oh, not the real ones. The ones in my head. 

The "expert" on hackers interviewed on +CBS Evening News just now had his terminal maximized on his big-screen Mac. Fo' rills? Died laughing!

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Seen this pop-up from
Avoid! Avoid! Evasive action!

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You don't seem to know me very well, G+.
Time to tweak those algorithms?

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You kidding me? This is so cool!

People at #io16 will be using the new Google Spaces to keep up with the goings on. I would like to see Spaces in action. Could someone send out the codes so that people could join the Spaces? That would be really great!

Weird day in Chapel Hill. UNC-Chapel Hill​ locked down twice on spurious reports of "possible active shooter on campus." The alerts turned out to be harmless--people with umbrellas and BB guns.

When UNC locks down, though, so do the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools​. Thankfully, everything resolved quickly and quietly here. It was nothing more than a ripple in the day, a minor inconvenience.

While it was easy to think, "Boy, did UNC ever over-react," we started to hear about the carnage in San Bernardino at a place set up solely to help people, the "Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities." They were having a "holiday party" when the gunmen invaded the facility.

These mass murderers are usually described as "cowardly" in the aftermath of these events. I can't think of a more cowardly thing to do than what these people did today. Armed with assault weapons, protected by body armor, they attacked a social services facility while they were having a party.

These days, unfortunately, you truly never know any more. I have lived through many odd, odd times in American history, but this is one of the oddest times I have experienced. The fact that these events occur with such frequency. The fact that we continue to kowtow to the NRA gun lobby. Even the fact that the news media has taken to referring to assault weapons as "long guns," as if these guys are plinking away with scoped, walnut-stocked Weatherby hunting rifles.... C'mon guys. Who do you think you're fooling?

But, as with all of these events, there will be a rush on the the gun dealers tomorrow. They will sell out their stock, as usual. All because the gun nuts of America fear that sanity might reign in our country

Don't worry guys! No chance of that! Never happen. We'll just keep cleaning up the blood, and everything will go on as usual.

Does anyone know why Google+ wants to take out "Circle streams" away from us? I mean, you can get to them, but it's kind of a struggle.
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