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Check out this video on YouTube:

Michael Byers

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New Google+ is looking pretty dang good. 
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It makes me feel like it's like Pinterest! 

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Laura's 2nd Birthday

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Michael Byers

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  To those of you who thought that the title of this post was a Paul Simon reference, you are correct. To those that thought, or hoped, that this was going to be about a crazy weekend Mr. Simon spent in the City of Roses, smo...

Michael Byers

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Happy Halloween!
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Franken baby!!!
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  • University of Oregon
  • Beaverton High School
    1996 - 1999
Wizard. Artist. Rad scientist.
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To those of you who thought that the title of this post was a Paul Simon reference, you are correct. To those that thought, or hoped, that t

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Remote desktop software with high performance video & audio

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