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Michael Bubb
Operations Engineer. NYC metro.
Operations Engineer. NYC metro.


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I really enjoy #gadgetporn and my favorite subset of that perversion is #EDC. People post and videoblog the things that they carry on their person.

It reveals much. So here is a draft:

clockwise from upper left -
1) various access cards to office/ subway/ datacenter on a lanyard
2) keychain:
   led light; key; bit driver; seatbelt knife (box opener); peanut lighter; usb drive; little memento of my family; (missing a little titanium prybar)
3) knife - Kershaw 1760 - like it but wouldn't be too heartbroken if TSA/ police snag it
4) fitbit
5) leather bracelet (has a function of keeping my watch winder from irritating my wrist)
6) watch - luminox 3150 - I lost the bezel and replaed it with sugru
7) Samsung Note2 (multitool ;)  )
8) pacsafe RFID blocking wallet includes a FSF dongle and a wallet spanner (which doubles as a window scraper). Also some basic first aid in the zipper compartment

I have other stuff on and in my backpack - but that is my on-person EDC.
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#RorschachDoodle I see... 3 hefty and demonic shapes huddled together in circular discussion. Seen from behind the back of the largest.
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+Wendy McCulloch - huge thanks for coming to our apartment and treating our dog. Wonderful manner with dogs and kids. Explained everything to voraciously questioning 9 and 7 yr olds.

Treated our dog, Gogma so gently that he didn't even complain. Going to the vet is always a bit traumatic for many dogs... Gogma basically slept through the whole thing.

Thank you Dr McCulloch!
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Hey Grammar fascists out there - can you grammasplain this for me?

I was reading this article:

and thought of the following phrase:

'kitten murderers'

and meaning it in this sense:,9783/

But if one used this in day to day conversation it would open one up to be the recipient of toxoplasmo-rage from some cat lover...

So the distinction between 

"Kitten murderer" to mean a kitten who is a murderer


"Kitten murderer" to mean a human sociopath on their way to graduating to full blown psychopathology

is the nominative case in the first instance and the accusative in the 2nd?

In English we don't have explicit cases much of the time - I am pretty sure a language like German or Sanskrit would differentiate its 'kitten murderers' better...
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I do not agree with him all the time - but really glad to have +Ta-Nehisi Coates  to read this morning. 

Much of the discussion in the aftermath of the verdict is disturbingly bad. I tend to gravitate towards the financial press (Bloomberg/ FT/ Economist) to try and minimize the signal to noise ratio. But you need analysis at times... and space for discussion.
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4th of july marshmallows
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