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So..."Describe yourself in three fictional characters". That's rough, plus it's very navel-gazing and context dependent. My mood right now will be different than tomorrow or this weekend, maybe...

Right now? We'll go with these three with a bonus one because it tied with the third. In the bonus one, I can't decide if I'd be Sean Bean, Christian Bale or Taye Diggs. If it's that close, too, what does that say?

Certainly a bit of a theme. Hence the feeling that there must be a bias involved. Other days, other characters...

Got three for me? Might be better than this doomed lot ;)

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Core to my beliefs ;)
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Trenchers in progress, earlier. 
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Plans changed this weekend and I needed something to fill the time in between chores and studying. I think I was going through Steam's suggestion queue or whatever they call it, customized for your style, and came across Path of Exile.

I like it; I'm on the fence about the classes (and essential classlessness of the skill web system) but it's fun and scratches all of the right man-I-miss-Titan-Quest sort of itches. Very reminiscent of Diablo III (and by "very" I mean very) with some interesting twists and additions.

With 24 character slots, free to play and not a lot going against the model that I can see (...yet?), I think this will be a regular play for me.

Plus, well, the main reason for my post: I wondered what I was fighting, walking through some woods. Plummeting Ursas.

Drop Bears.

They have Drop Bears.
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I forgot to take a photo initially, but there's a new Brazilian place in Media and we went to check it out.

So. Damn. Good.

It's charged by weight, for the most part (save for appetizers and dessert), so plan what you're going to do. Now that I know, I'm going to load up on the greens next time; they were perfectly ribboned, seasoned and sauteed. Perfectly. You won't often see me consider greens with as much fervor as meat, but here it is: I am. Next time, I am going to put a layer of that down first thing, then carefully consider the meats.

Chicken wrapped in bacon, pork - with or without garlic - wonderful linguica, beef and then a spectacular flank steak. I didn't get the chicken, myself, but tried some of Katy's; she also had ribs, which were so-so. The plain beef was also meh, on the dry side, but everything else...

Then the chicken hearts. Yeah, I know. But seriously. The chicken hearts. If you go, order a skewer; call ahead, even, as it'll take 12 minutes to prep while everything else is ready to go. They're wonderful little things.\

We had no room for dessert. Don't make that same mistake ;) Also, it's BYOB, so grab a table outside while you can (or inside, if not), bring a bottle or two and settle in for a good meal.
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I will be there Tuesday, for my neighborhood's annual "Back to School Parents' Celebration."
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Well, apparently this is a thing.

Anyone want in on a metric ton of black anchovies? ;) I was hoping for a more manageable size, but hey...
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Hm. I could use... 5 pounds? Maybe if we get enough people to go in on it. (Yes, that is a joke.)
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Via a private share.

Of course, this isn't solely a male problem, the ad is targeted against toughing it out, which is stereotypical, certainly, but whoever needs help - or just an ear, if it's not to the level of needing help, whatever that winds up looking like - reach out.
In a truly powerful suicide awareness ad, several Australian men, all suicide survivors, read aloud from the notes that they had each intended to leave behind for family and friends. The ad is part…
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via +Troy Liput

This is a rather interesting MMO concept and I hope it goes somewhere, for those who are working on it and all who would appreciate it.

As someone who was staff on numerous BBSes and MUSHes, back in the days of modems and then DSL, seeing this MMO playing to the angle of roleplaying scenarios which might lead to "fade to black" scenes - or those that dispensed with fading to black - there's certainly a market for roleplayers there. Avoiding more blunt directions like might exist in Second Life or other games, providing private spaces and expecting discretion is a novel take on it, in my opinion.

I'd be interested to see how an MMO with this sort of classics-inspired atmosphere fares; this MMO in particular, I definitely want to see how it goes. There's no appeal to jumping in, for me - I've always been more on the staff side of things, either writing code, writing plots or merely helping moderate scenes/facilitate plots/etc. - but it's pretty unique and I'd love to see it go somewhere, if there's an audience.

My personal favorite, though, really is this:

"We're not here to make a sex game. That's not our purpose. But we also don't want to ignore the reality," Tyrer says.

[...] This means that players can have a private chat room, but they can't flaunt any promiscuity. If they do, they're sent to Botany Bay, a penal colony that's populated with other troublemakers and anyone hoping to play without any rules at all.

"Botany Bay sort of solves the problem of how angry people get when they get banned," she says. "We're sort of saying, if you want to behave that way, that's fine, but we're not going to give you customer support; we're going to stick you in a penal colony, do what you want."
'Ever, Jane' is a historically accurate online role-playing game built for the classic literature lover.
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If anyone likes 4X games and doesn't own Stellaris yet, Steam has it for 20% off.

Do it. It'll take a little to get into it, but it's worth it.
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It's... I should show it to you. If you like the Civilization games, you would likely like Stellaris. If you don't like Civ...well, this is even more rough to get into ;)
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This morning I realized:

I have a tablet with a built-in projector.
It has Artemis.

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Driving home from Silver Rylle's business meeting. Always fun seeing everyone and going out for a drink afterwards :)

Good music on the drive back helps :) 

ETA: hmm, not sure about that song.

Here's Phantom of the Opera by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes instead
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Going through Learn Python the Hard Way while listening to (H.) Jon Benjamin's jazz debut well, I should have... *

I don't know, but I think this just elevated the former to "...the Harder Way".

("* learned to play piano.")
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I took a class that covered lisp. Once I turned my brain inside out appropriately, I loved it.
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So, let's call tonight's rumination: Me, easily impressed?

Seriously, though. This glass. If that is not a well-made glass, I don't know what is.

But more, the beer? Schlafly's Oatmeal Stout. A fine beer, roasty and dark and all, but with regards to the glass? A full bottle fit just so into the glass. I wouldn't want it any more full, and that, right there, is a perfectly decent amount to survive your average travel from nearby horizontal surface to mouth with just enough of a buffer in liquid level to account for a mortal's flawed steadiness.

I've dropped that glass 4 times since Katy bought it. Sure, all four times were likely about table-height, so not very high, but it was falling to the hardwood floor, so a reasonable distance and certainly no carpeting to help. Lovely material.

And the pattern, which comes through some in the photo, is a great twist. Very even and fairly tight, as such things go.


If I were to try and make something like this, it would be junk. Even if I were to devote a year with glass-blowing as a hobby, I doubt I could get any of the aspects down. The twist? Forget it. 12oz exactly? Fat chance. And whatever magic that saved this glass four times? Demonology, clearly.

Maybe the capacity was a happy accident, I don't know, but that's the least of the skill in play, here.

Artists and artisans add to our lives, highlight the highs, lows, the in-betweens and, if we're lucky, offer glimpses into aspects of life and reality that we, ourselves, don't always focus upon. We don't have the time, sometimes, or the talent, or maybe just the interest right now...and then it's not right now, anymore, and we're concerned anew about the next day, the next week, the next year.

Life - and, yes, the rest of reality aside from our slivers of it - will continue on and we can all do what we need to to make it through today, make it to tomorrow... We can do it without art, certainly, but then we'd miss the lessons of the past, the commentary on the present, the warnings of the future...and the hope.

Of course, that's reading an awful lot into this one glass.

But I've had two, and no dinner ;)
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The vulgar exigencies of objective truth
Sorry if I don't Circle you back if you are a random add.  Certainly not likely to Circle you if I don't already know you or don't already know someone in common pretty well.  If you message with some reason - shared interests, etc. - I'll Circle back :)

Otherwise...not such a fan of the random Circlings for Circling's sake.
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