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The vulgar exigencies of objective truth
The vulgar exigencies of objective truth

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Latest experiment: Inspiralized's sweet potato blueberry waffles.

This is the second batch. Note how waffley it isn't. Relatedly, there's a waffle iron destined for the trash ;)

Seriously, though, the flavors. Damn, these are good, and easy! Sweet potato, egg, cinnamon, blueberries. The recipe called for vanilla extract, but I don't think we have any and, you know what, it wasn't missed. Might've been a nice aspect, but eh. So good, as is.

I'm impressed.

The thing I haven't seen mentioned with the spiralizer, is that it makes a 'core' of whatever you're spiralizing, and cannot cut the last 3/4" or so of the vegetable (because of the prongs holding it, I guess).

So I chopped up those remnants and followed the waffles up with a sweet potato, egg white and onion hash with my current iteration of ras el hanout. Also very good.

Try two on cauliflower fritters.

This week, they're half a medium head of cauliflower, quarter of an onion, two eggs, zatar, whole wheat breadcrumbs and cheese, all processed in the food processor. (The cheese was Wegmans' Tapenade cheese curds. Pretty tasty, but next time I'll use cheddar or something similar.)

Turned out very well, though too eggy. One egg would be perfect.

Also made two batches of Ras Al Hanout, a more traditional one and then one with half the salt but added sugar. I think it's awesome, but we'll see.

Right... Back to chores...

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And Saturday has a soundtrack.

I love these guys and their videos...though I think the guards need some direction in how to hold their control batons.

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This. Does. Not. Happen.

Sadie usually wakes up 15 minutes before you ever want to (with or without the alarm).

I not only got up, walked around the bed, reassured her that she was a good dog when she raised her head to me, but went and took a shower downstairs, started coffee, came back up, pet her again, got dressed and am typing this.

She's still not up.

Is she finally a teenager? ;)

Seriously, though. As a start to the day, this is great. I had intended to take her outside, sit in the (feels-like-29 degrees cold and damp) back yard with coffee and breakfast and start that way.

Now? My planned indulgence is all thrown off.

Ah well, it could be worse. Time to start on the laundry, dishes, writing and whenever she joins me, we'll go sit outside for a bit :)

Best morning I've had in a while; I think she's feeling the same way.


I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

I would say "re-reading", as I had to read it in High School, but no...that was a necessity, a chore, and even though I did read it - certainly enough to do whatever was expected of reading it - it clearly was a minimum level of effort.

It could be that I'm older, have experienced more of the world. Maybe that it's an audiobook versus a physical book, though I doubt that. It certainly is a different experience, as such, and maybe even more so for being the Special Edition; I've yet to hit the additional parts of this edition, but I can't wait.

Am I enjoying it? No. I'm not sure I'll hit a point where I can say I am, or even can. It's just not that kind of book. It's a story, well-written and with significant points, but it is not enjoyable. I don't see how it could be. Not even in the same way that Iain M. Banks' Culture novels aren't enjoyable to some. I love those, but I get how they can be disliked for their tones, messages and especially endings, at least at times.

But they're real. Rather, the stories could be real, but they're about or include things we need to be aware of. We can hope the specific, whole realities that are portrayed never come true, but they can, and are, in many ways already true. More true than they should be, that is, and unfortunately big actions and choices are still being made (or reversed) that make unpleasant scenarios that much more plausible if not more likely.

Reading through the first time, I picked up a lot of the message and was able to parrot or even translate enough to do what was expected for English class.

Now? It might be the actor narrating, that much better than your average narrator, but not likely. The words, the thoughts, the feelings...the culture and power structure, the language in use in the language in use...

I hate that it ever had to be written, as a warning and a cultural criticism, and I hate that we apparently not only haven't learned anything from stories like these, but are seeking to reboot some of our worst fictional scenarios for the biggest screen there is.

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Birthday eve. Haricots vert et sel for dinner, so fancy ;)

The beer, though...

Saving the Lagavulin cask ale for when Katy's back since she can't have the Calvados. Had the latter tonight. Hmm...these aren't even 10oz. Didn't notice that.

Interesting...tasty, too, though entirely too sweet for me. We'll see how the Lagavulin stands up later.

Novel...but as of now? Meh. Would not seek again.

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Cauliflower fritters.

Not something I tend to post about or make, ever, but wow. So good.



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Apropos to a conversation had last night, about whether confidence is more of a male thing. I don't see it that way for any inherent reason, but in thinking about it, couldn't specifically excuse why.

Looking at personal experience, I think the Scouts and the Order of Malta were what developed it for me. Knowing what to do in some terrible situations, and carrying that knowledge throughout life, the likely outcomes of most any situation typically paled when compared to performing triage in mass casualty incidents or marching for miles cross-country in the middle of the night after a nearby nuclear power plant had an accident. Between ages 10 and 12...

...those were training exercises, granted, but we weren't clued in to the latter being an exercise until we were halfway through the flight across farms. The former always had great makeup and actors, too, so even knowing that was an exercise, it was a great exercise. It prepared me for doing volunteer ambulance work years later; actually being in some bad accident scenes, you had to go through the same procedures as many times before.

I hate interviewing for jobs. Hate it. "I don't meet many of the job requirements... I don't know these people, they don't know me; I know what I'm doing, but I'm only going to have a few minutes to convey...what? That I don't belong here?"

But trying can result in success. When I went for a job at The New York Times, they were really hung up on requiring a degree, which I don't even have any portion of. My boss-to-be posed an issue that they had just experienced and asked me to walk through resolving it. Blind... She didn't sit me in front of a system, didn't give me details, just a single statement of the problem. Oh, and I didn't know Solaris at all... So I flailed around for 15 minutes explaining my process. I mean...I would've been impressed, if it were me, but at the end, she scowled and said: "No. Call Sun. It's why we pay for support."

In the end? Nothing to worry about. She was impressed with my communication skills. Communication...for a technical position. You never know...

So as anxiety-inducing as many other things can be, the potential outcomes are relatively low-risk. I mean, if you go into an interview knowing you might flub it, why not try? Take the risk! Do the thing! If you don't, the chances of not doing it successfully are zero ;)

As the video says - though I don't like some of the characterizations - we're all fools. Many people are in the same boat, worried about how they appear, how they're perceived in their actions and not wanting to come off as strange or a failure. Stahp. Take a chance. Play the tuba in the dark ;)

I like the scene with cat, dog and a muddy puddle. Be the dog. Derpy muddy happiness is happiness :)

h/t +Doug Kozlowski

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I call this "Mirror universe Bill Bailey in a parking lot".

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