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Second Stellaris game.

Ouch. And I may even be winning.
So. Stellaris. Second game. Playing mollusks with hyperlane FTL technology instead of warp drive. There are hyperlanes; they go where they go. That's your FTL travel tech. It sucked. Spiral galaxy, 2 arms. Early game, to my “North”, I had a Fallen Empire. “Overwhelming” power…sure, they weren't ...
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Thanks, +Stary Olsa ...

Now I want a Tromba Marina. Like...something fierce. It's the droning bass sound 12 seconds in and you get a really good look at a minute in. Look at that! The bow is, almost literally, a bow...

(And...try searching for examples of a tromba marina being played without getting inundated with water spouts.)

(Not to mention the cost... Wow. Still, I do want one. 1 or 2 strings? It's my ideal...)

Back to Stary Olsa.

They have 11 albums, have created a documentary - - and in general try to reconstruct the musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of the 13th through 18th centuries. I know I'm always envious of their garb whenever I watch their videos (when I really should be paying more attention to their music). that documentary. Seriously. If you have an hour, it's a great dive. While I appreciate their covers of modern songs, I really appreciate how much time and attention to history has gone into their music and presentation as a whole.

Stary Olsa will be doing a US tour later this year and, I'm honored to say, they'll be here in Media, PA (well...Wallingford, technically, but practically the same thing) on September 28th :)
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Katy loves it ;)

I've got to get better about setting aside time. Music (and cooking, and brewing and, now, considering the implications of new recognitions) are all on the agenda. Life,'s doing what life does. It's been a rough year, in that regard.

It is loved, though, and used :)
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A series based on wonderfully weird 1984 cult science fiction classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension is likely coming to TV, courtesy of Kevin Smith, and we have The Flash to thank (or blame, depending on your point of view). Read on, Hong Kong Cavaliers.
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Tay! Tay! BigbooTAY!
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Stellaris. Or, "What I've been doing today since the weather decided to step on my plans".
Stellaris. So…this game, right? Wow. Alright, if you don't know it yet, go take a look. I've started the game a few times, now, mostly because I didn't know what I was doing. The game is kind of bad about that in some respects; the tutorial is great, giving missions to show how things work and ...
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Soooooooo, awesome!
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Monster Rock Allegiance 2016 lineup is announced.

Slayer. Anthrax. Alice in Chains. Volbeat. Baroness. The Offspring. Avenged Sevenfold. of course it's going to conflict with our annual big demo.

Well, if I'm going to miss Monster Rock Allegiance, at least it won't be that with Steel Panther; don't see them mentioned.
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Yeah...I'd love to see Anthrax and Slayer, myself. Volbeat's a new thing for me, but would like to see how they do, too.
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One of my favorite - possibly my favorite - music styles is "covers", which may not technically be a style...but eh, category? Whatever.

I appreciate good songs and I especially appreciate good covers.

It's one thing to recreate an original, another thing to put a bit of a spin on it to make it not just a cover...but then to go beyond and change styles, reimagine the feel, retell the story...

I don't know where this will fall in my list, overall, but for now, it's driving.

Now that I think of it, I think it reminds me (somewhat) of the Judgement Night soundtrack...
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We tend not to do #caturday photos - we're bad about photos in general - but I caught Oolong in the doorway as Sadie was heading to the ER this morning.

I'd like to attribute some form of sympathy in her being there, but seriously, she's not that cat ;) 
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While the alcohol might not be where I want it on my latest brew, the flavor's there. We'll see what happens over the weeks (or months); I want to say it's pretty light on all of the added flavors (bourbon soaked oak, vanilla and especially light on the cacao nibs) but it's also very tasty. Coffee and roasted malts are definitely front and center and maybe some of the oak and bourbon following on...

We'll see, but while it wasn't what I was aiming for, it's not bad, either, and a good jump back into brewing.
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Sounds like Dan will like that one.
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Trying to get started on a chores day. Figured I'd get breakfast... Er, brunch, by the time I got done checking in with work and taking the dog out.

First choice? There's a line outside. In the rain. I mean, they are that good, but come on.

Off to Sligo. Figured I could get their Irish breakfast. Which they not only no longer have, but the kitchen doesn't open at all until noon.

Hope this trend doesn't continue... 
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Sounds like an excellent plan! :-D
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I don’t know anything about Eric Fischer except that he’s a freaking hero.
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I have extended family in SF (Sara's side, hope they don't see this!) with whom I shared that graph while we were having a Twitter "skirmish" over housing affordability policy. They didn't seem to pause long enough to absorb its lessons before responding their disapproval...
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Whole wheat pasta and nettle pesto.

A little too much oil, but otherwise amazing. Next time, I think it needs tiny tomatoes. 
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My brain hates how much I love words and accuracy.
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Second ER visit in two days.

This time for Sadie.

Waiting on blood work and x-rays.
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Good to hear.
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