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I have entirely too much to write of from the past week at Pennsic, but I have a few moments.

Pennsic is much more than fighting on the field or taking classes during the day and partying or relaxing around the fire at night. There are those things, of course, and much of these are also to be found at smaller camping events, but you don't have 10,000 friends anywhere else in one place.

It's easy to toss that off as an exaggeration, and certainly there'll be those in that 10,000 you'll never be friends with, either deliberately or just due to there not being enough time, but I'll wager it's more for the latter reason for most involved.

The camaraderie, the sharing that happens, the folks who look out for one another, those seeing a need and filling it and especially all those volunteers who give of their time on vacation to help make Pennsic the community it is...

To all who are here, at "home", to all who cannot be here, and to those who have been here but have since passed: I will raise some of the best scotch each night, with friends, to you and to us all.
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Will do, definitely :D
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We were introduced to this song the other night and had to share...

Not medieval, not SCA, but hey :)
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Yes. Just so. With bells on. 
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If you know me, you know I had to get these.

If you don't know me, here's a large clue as to my personality. Three of my favorite a very weird combination.

(To be fair, I have a lot of favorite words, but certain combinations are likely to resonate.)

If anyone wants some licorice octo-salt, pipe up and I'll see about saving some.
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Chinese salted sour plums were supposed to be the best cure for Morning sickness of pregnancy, according to the c
Chinese graduate student I worked with in Florida
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The Glenrothes is for good memories, the ideal you want to see in people.

The McKenzie is for joie de vivre, the reality of rolling with what life deals you and coming up smiling regardless.

For someone I met just the once and for the imprint she left.
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That is a beautiful turn of phrase. 
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Exciting weeknight, here.  

While I sauteed an onion in butter, I shredded a bag of rainbow carrots and then browned ground venison with the onions when they were done.  Before dumping in the shredded carrots, I added garlic powder, pizza sauce (because the plan had been pizza with the venison) and a cup of red wine plus a cup of water.  Turned the heat down, let it simmer for 30 minutes.

Opened it up, saw there was more liquid than before, so I added a cup or so of poha; stirred it in, turned off the heat, let it sit for 5 minutes.

So good.  I think I'll go a different route next time - curry or ras al hanout - but the carrots went well with the pizza sauce.  *Not* putting it over pasta or rice (save for the poha, but that was sort of incidental)...the carrots easily make up the bulk of the dish.  More grains could work, but this is higher on the veggies this way :)

Off to break out the best bottle in the house for memories, then settle in for some coding, geek maintenance or planning an RPG setting.
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That is what I was alluding to...
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Typing detailed instructions - especially those that have to be parsed correctly by a computer - requires some amount of beer less than I am in possession of.

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Ugh... Yeah.
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That escalated quickly...
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Those sorts of things, around here... :/
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Home for the past week... Our 18' round on a wonderful day.

Not many photos, but I'm trying to remember to take more ;)
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Well, in that shot at least, you're the clear winner. ;)
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Getting trashed very, very slowly...?
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Well, we had intended to buy a replacement camp bed and we wound up replacing our bed at home as well...

Except that the house bed was supposed to be Queen and instead was Full.  Rather than return the Full for a Queen, we kept the Full and bought a Queen, since what we use at War is a Full anyway.

So, last night we went to IKEA for a mattress; we had the frame and all, but needed a replacement mattress since I tossed the old one after war last year.

(And, of course, we wound up with a chaise longue, a pot with a tea infuser, small metal cups and saucers, crackers, mustard pickled herrings, candle, lantern, etc. etc. etc.)
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Funny what random browsing gets you.

Start off thinking "I need music. Victor Wooten, you don't disappoint."
After an album of Wooten and then some bonus Bela Fleck, I think "I need to watch something on the James Tyler Variax". Which is good...but huh, on the side, there...Steel Panther...
Which leads to finding out about October 10th...

I haven't heard of most of the acts, and don't care.

Who's in?
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paging Mr. "I went on a heavy metal cruise" because he might find this amusing. +Gabriel Billington 
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We've always been at war with Eurasia Eastasia Utah er...Texas.

Glad to see someone's risking life, limb and access to steak for reporting the truth...

h/t +Sallie Alys Montuori, comrade fellow patriot.
Glad to see we're getting the ground truth on the moves of the Anti-Christ:

"Issued new clothing: "My Government Invaded A State They Already Have Authority Over, and All I Got Was This Lousy Jumpsuit.""
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"A Quick Puzzle To Test Your Problem Solving"

Do the exercise, then read.

I thought the test was in adequately explaining what you thought was going on...

Not quite...

(H/T +Sallie Alys Montuori - I originally reshared her reshare, but the source share contained commentary; here's the link sans spoilers.)
A short game sheds light on government policy, corporate America, and why no one likes to be wrong.
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+Mathilde Poussin   Me, too. 
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