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We've been taking steps toward adoption for the past 3 years. We've finally created a profile on

If you know a birth mother who is looking for a family to adopt their child, please share our profile with them!

Welcome +Elizabeth Learner!

We're sorry we don't have this group built up into anything yet. But we do hope to realize the dream we originally had for this group one day.  Thanks for joining our ghost town!  ;)

Welcome +Ciara Shay!  Well, we're starting to get a little group here!
It's great to know that our vision of shared success is something that is needed. I just wish we had something to offer our little group already, but it's still going to be years in the future if we ever do get there.

Thanks for joining the group Ciara.

Hello +Susie Boren!  Sorry it took so long to reply to your request to join the community.  It's not much of a community right now, but we hope to be a great resource for one another in the future.

Welcome and thanks for finding us!

Hello +Ayla H. Baha and welcome to our community. I'm sure you've already read the other welcome messages I sent, so you know that we really don't have anything going with this other than a dream, but we do hope to make that dream a reality at some point.

What version is the beta?
I'm still at version 3.2.0. Is that the latest? 

Welcome +Laurel Santiago! As I've told the few others who have joined, I wish we had this built up to be the resource we're envisioning for it to become, but we're not in a position right now to devote the resources to it that it deserves.

But hey, we haven't even been promoting it at all yet and we've already had some great homeschoolers find us and join our little non-functioning community.  I guess that's a good start!

We're looking forward to getting to know you and eventually having this become a resource that will benefit all of us.

Thanks for joining us +eric snipes.  It looks like you've already got a great resource you've built that could be valuable to future Social Homeschooling members.

Please read my welcome posts to Dani and Jane for an idea of where we're at in the progression of our Social Homeschooling dream.

Welcome to +Jane Mendenhall!  As you may already be aware Jane, Social Homeschooling is only a dream and a vision right now. We have desires to create a great community and resource here, but right now we're unable to build that dream.
We do have plans and hope to put those plans into action within a year or two.
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