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#ifihadglass I can get instant alerts when errors are reported to my SNTP trap server.
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Charron Tree Service
1060 Pulaski Boulevard, Bellingham, MA 02019
I got 3 quotes for getting a very large overgrown white pine removed. Charron Tree Service had the best price and were very interested in my business by providing a quick and clearly written quote, a informative followup call asking if I had any questions, and explain how they take care to prevent damage to the property.

Many of my neighbors use them and one explained that they can be unpredictable when they schedule the removal, this is because they try to plan a couple projects in the same general area to be more efficient I learned.

They gave me 2 days notice when they were planning on coming.

On the work day they were a sight to see. Charron Tree has their own crane and it was needed to pull the cut logs up and away from the house and over its wires, and down in front of the street wires. A masterful crane operator!

They ground down the huge stump and a couple of the big roots nearby it and the workers raked up the sticks left behind.

You can barely tell there was a crane on my lawn because of all the plywood and blocks they used to protect the grass.

As a bonus they chipped up a brush pile that I couldn't burn last winter, an eyesore I was very excited to see gone.

I would hire them again in a heartbeat!
Quality Excellent
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Minecraft is Buy one get one free this weekend.
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Heh, cool!
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Michael “Mike” Breton

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I am very excited for this game.

Michael “Mike” Breton

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This video may be years old, but its still very useful in explaining terms for Server 2012 R2 certification.  Thank you.
Ten states hold vote which could decide the Republican candidate who will take on Obama in November presidential poll.
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I'm looking for a decour for my new age hotel, somkething that screams "the inside of an ugly purse".
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Dahling, that chair is just too too divine.
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im not impressed. hahaha.
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I ride motorcycles and stuff...
Bragging rights
Jumped from a plane, hiked Mt.Washington, walked on fire, swam in a MA winter ocean, Rode my bike for 1500 miles in 24 hours, survived in the woods below freezing using trash.
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