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Hello fellow fans of Hoodini!

R3DMOUTH here.

It seems that the poll has decided that this community WILL NOT ALLOW people to share their own videos and rather be solely dedicated to Vanoss and his friend's content. The only exception to this is fanart.

The following this are NOT ALLOWED in this community:

YOUR OWN VIDEOS- If you have a small channel and would like to promote it, the poll has decided to no longer allow people to post their own content so please, do not post it. It will get deleted and repeated violations will get you removed and/ or banned without warning.

SPAM CONTENT- This included anything that isn't related to Vanoss and his friends. Spam is classified as not only sharing your videos, but also anything that isn't related to this community such as (but not limited to): porn, stuff about marvel, DC Comics, you get the point right?

If you are wanting to share you own content, please talk to me in private. Message me in Google hangouts. I am on hangouts at least three times a day. I'm more than confident that we can work something out. :)


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I read te whole thing
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Discussion  - 
Shout-out to this community reaching 3k members!! :D Keep the numbers coming up guys!!
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System Builds  - 
Can anyone tell me if this PC is worth the $1,000 I spent on it? Here's the specs and all that...

NAME: Powerspec X251 Mini ITX computer
CPU: i5 6600K 3.5 GHZ overclockable to around 4.2 GHz
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Frio Silent 12
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390X, 8 GB DDR5 (VR compatible)
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
Motherboard: Z170M-ITX/ac
Storage: 480GB SSD (Also bought a 2TB external 7200 RPM Seagate hard drive for $80).
PSU: Thermaltake SMART M 750 Watt

This was a prebuilt PC that I bought at this place called Microcenter. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.
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A Nerd
It's pretty good for that $$$
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General Discussion  - 
I currently use the OnePlus One and I was wondering if there will be an over the air update for CM 13... Thanks guys! :D
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If you're on stock Cyanogen OS, you will get the update in a while directly.

If you are on CyanogenMod (flashed it manually), then you can just OTA to the latest CM nightly.

If you're on OxygenOS, you may get the OTA sooner or later.
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Everyone's been posting this gif...but's the most amazing thing ever!! Pretty much perfection in a nutshell. Just had to share, even though you may have seen it many times before. May the force be with you!
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Discussion  - 
Hello everyone!

In light of the loads of bots present in the community and a mass removal of them, some profiles may have been removed by accident due to the amount of bots that were here.

If you know someone who was removed, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will do my nest to let them back in without delay.

Thank you all so much for understanding and reading this! :D

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+General Jake [CPФY official] Just changed it!  I could not find one with a black background due to the size of the original being too small.  With that said, the one up now will have to do.  I hope you and many others enjoy the new logo! :D
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Discussion  - 
Hello Vanoss fans!!

HAIL HOODINI! :D A lot of you seem to want to post your own gaming videos and while I am a fan of any underground YouTuber who posts quality content and works hard to make sure that they are keeping a consistent channel, this community is dedicated to Vanoss and his fans, right?


Again, I greatly respect that many of you are small networks/ YouTube channels and you all wish to promote your own content in addition to the fanart, but what do you guys think? Attached is a poll that will be up for the next few weeks. I will be back next tuesday to let you all know if there are going to be changes or not.

Thank you all so much for reading this and let me know what you all think!! Comment below! :)

132 votes  -  votes visible to Public
We should post our own content
Fanart only, this is Vanoss's community
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Discussion  - 
Hello fellow Vanoss Fans!

I know it seems like I have been inactive, but I promise you all that I have been very active. I check this community about every 2-3 days. But, that is not why I am posting...

I am posting because I would like to address the issue of spam for all of you real fast...

Spam is pretty much unwanted material that is unrelated to this community as well as commercial content (including advertisement of someone else's YouTube channel).

Lately, a lot of posts have been getting flagged as spam and thus I am being tasked to review these flagged posts and either remove them permanently or remove the flag and allow them to post. A majority of these posts are unnecessarily flagged because of the way Google's auto detection works.

If you do not see what you post, allow 1-3 days for me to review the posts. After that time frame has passed and you do not see your post, assume that your post has been removed by me and you will either need to repost it again, or post something different.

SIDENOTE: If you are mass posting (posting a lot of individual posts within a short amount of time), 90% of those posts will get flagged as spam. The flagging is not done by me because Google's auto-detection is the thing that does the flagging. Again, allow me 1-3 days to review the post. If you do not see your post, assume it has been deleted and you will need to either repost what you had posted or post something different.

Thank you all for reading, keep calm and worship the Hoodini! :D


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions for this community, please comment them down below! I wanna hear your guys' feedback! :)
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Here's a little throwback to this OnePlus Valentine’s card. You double-tapped and woke my heart. Awww.
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General Discussion  - 
Hey guys... A friend of mine has a theory that is pretty popular apparently. I would like you guys to weigh in on this.

The theory is that Snoke is actually Darth Plagueis the wise. I personally don't think this is true, but what do you all think? I will be responding.
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After beating Stick War: Legacy, I have found the game to be very satisfying.  Very smooth and it never lagged with my OnePlus One and it rekindled the middle school memories of me playing this game in my free time, when I had free time that is...  Nevertheless, I thought it was very well done and for an alpha on Android, it is one of the smoothest apps I have tested to date.  It never crashed suddenly and the startup times were very quick; however, my biggest complaints are not within the apps performance, but rather the plot of Stick War as a whole and how this app could've played a big role in solving the holes that lie within the Stick War series

What I didn't like was how it was too much like Stick War 1.  I expected it to be a bit more... Original and well fleshed out.  I mean this in the sense of expanding on why Inamorta was thrown into Chaos, who rebelled and why.  I expected the app to be somewhat like prequel to Stick War 1, rather than be a mobile remake of the classic we all know and have reserved a special place for in our hearts.

In the end, I was satisfied and love to see that Stickpage is constantly making improvements where needed, however, there are a few things I would like to point out for future updates or perhaps even the next mobile game, if there ever is one...


When scrolling on the final battle map quickly, the volcanoes erupting animations got slightly mis-aligned with the volcanoes themselves (nitpick I know, I'm a perfectionist, what can I say?).  I didn't notice this when scrolling through slowly.

When charging into battle, everyone kinda stood back in lines rather than coming and clashing at once in the center.  Could you guys update the app to change this?  I did find this quite annoying.

Also, if we could summon Crazy Jay with diamonds, that'd be insanely awesome, but I think that he wouldn't be player-controlled, only AI.  This will take a while if you guys agree with me on this.

Storyline changes:

Explain the coming of Inamorta.  Why it was founded, who came and started all this trouble and perhaps even include cutscenes showing the founding of Inamorta, who started to turn Inamorta upside down and who decided to rebel as well as cutscenes that show the enemy retreating after each loss, the enemy surrendering at the end of the final battle and how the ambushes  (and thank you guys for uping up the ante on the second ambush.  That was the only thing I struggled with on Normal mode because those giants kept coming!!)

I apologize if anything I wrote was harsh, but thank you guys for reading this insanely long post and putting Stick War on mobile devices.  I hope I gave you guys some ideas for future updates or maybe even another mobile app!  I wish the guys at Stickpage nothing but the best! :D

For Inamorta!

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Hi Anthony - there is a backstory which will be explained more and more as we develop the series.  If you notice at the end of stick war 2 you can see elementals locked up in the chaos prisons. This will start to tie in with where everything started.  Stick War 3 will touch on this however focus primarily on the Chaos story and not so much on where they came from.  The origins of both Order and Chaos will be explained fully eventually when its time to do a Stick War Origins which will explain the elementals who are actually the first empire and race. Don't worry there is a plan that will all come together in due time.. 
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