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Find or organize IRL games  - 
Join DCC RPG Pittsburgh for two different Adventures! James August Walls will be running "Escape the Purple Planet" by Harley Stroh. Michael Bolam will be running "Masks of Lankhmar" by Michael Curtis.

Escape from the Purple Planet:
Every 10 years the dying sun sinks into eclipse. Every 10 years the tribes cease their warring, gather at the Gladiator Stones of Ul'tok, and cast offerings into the pits, praying that their masters find their sacrifices worthy. This year, you are that sacrifice. In order to win free, you must best all challengers, or try your luck in the pits beneath the arena. However you escape – whether by blade or by cunning – you must find your way free before the wierdling sun rises once more, and the hordes of kith return to their forever war!

Masks of Lankhmar:
A heist gone wrong brings an unlikely group of thieves together and sets off a search for forgotten treasures hidden in the City of the Black Toga! Can our heroes of questionable moral character survive the twisting chase that leads through the Plaza of Dark Delights, crosses paths with Sheelba of the Eyeless Face, and delves into one of the oddest tenements in Lankhmar? Not if the Thieves’ Guild has their way!

No experience with DCC RPG or role playing games expected or required to play. We'll provide characters, instruction, and extra dice. You just need to show up. We're going to have two judges for the event, so we should be able to handle 14-16 players.
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Michael Bolam

Show Off Your Schwag, Spoils, & Booty  - 
Trophies for the Pittsburgh tournament!! By +dave eightc​. 
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+Joe Salvador​ Our FLGS is an hour away...but so worth it. As long as we spend mire time playing than driving, it's cool.
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Michael Bolam

Find or organize IRL games  - 
Next DCC RPG Pittsburgh Event -
Join us for two different 1st Level Adventures! James August Walls will be running the DCC Classic "Tower of the Black Pearl" by Harley Stroh. Michael Bolam will be running Daniel J. Bishop's "The Black Feather Blade". Choose your fate: Will you seek to possess the fabled Black Pearl or to weild ...
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Michael Bolam

Find or organize IRL games  - 
I just created a Facebook group to promote Goodman Games World Tour events in Pittsburgh and South Western PA -

Feel free to join or pass it on to others in the area. Not much listed yet, but I'll be running open table/one-shot games about once a month at Phantom of the Attic Games in Pittsburgh starting in March.

I'll be sure to post the information about the events here, too.
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Fair enough.
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Michael Bolam

Session Reports & Cool Stories  - 
Playing that #WardenCrew  game +Taylor Frank put together with his wonderful work to support James M. Ward. EDIT: +Eric Fabiaschi has been sharing this all over the place, and I mistakenly listed him as the creator. He definitely deserves a lot of credit for helping to get the word out, though!

My cool story was getting to play MA with Jim at North Texas RPG Con last year. He was running the adventure that appeared in last year's Goodman Games Gen Con Program. Basically, you're sent into a death-trap/cave to prove your worth to the tribe. I was bound and determined to have some fun, risk my character and push some buttons (and thereby allowing Jim to have some fun, too), but still walk out the door. Things got touch and go for a while, and most of the party never saw daylight, but three of us, with a little skill and a lot of luck, managed to walk out in to the sunlight. I got my (intact) character sheet signed! #TrueHuman  
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There was plenty of that going on. A couple of us just managed to avoid it.
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Michael Bolam

Session Reports  - 
Some Photos from the Pittsburgh Hypercube of Myt tournament at Phantom of the Attic Games.
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It's been a few years since I made it out to this Phantom of the Attic. I may have to correct this oversight soon.
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Michael Bolam

Find or organize IRL games  - 
Attention Pittsburgh Gamers!
Our local Goodman Games Roadcrew will be running Mutant Crawl Classics all day at Phantom of the Attic in Oakland. 2 tables from 10am-2pm, and 1 table from 3pm-7pm. The invite is from our Facebook group, but you can comment below for more details!

Flier by Jonathan Snodgrass.
Jim and Mike will be running some Mutant Crawl Classics adventures at Phantom Games to celebrate the successful Kickstarter (! We were hoping to get them games in before the Kickstarter wrapped, so you could "try ...
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Phantom is a great store!

I'll be at GenCon. These are actually practice runs of the events I'm scheduled to run there. They're in the GenCon catalog, but have been "sold out" since registration opened.
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Michael Bolam

Find or organize IRL games  - 
DCC RPG Pittsburgh is coordinating our second annual funnel tournament for Free RPG Day at Phantom of the Attic Games, in the Oakland neighborhood).

A band of villagers are trapped in a mist-shrouded carnival in the dead of night, facing death at every turn. Can they survive twisted oddities like the corpse-filled Tunnel of Love and the dreaded Bone Coaster?

And there's clowns. Lots and lots of clowns.

No experience necessary to play and drop-ins are welcome throughout the session. Play your characters until s/he dies, then the next player tags in. Winners will be determined by the most survived encounters, with trophies going to the top three!

The tournament will run from 12:00 PM (noon) until 4:45 PM. The trophies will be awarded at 5:00 PM.

The tournament is part of Phantom Games Free RPG Day Events -
This Free RPG Day, join us for Pittsburgh's Second Annual Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game Tournament! A band of villagers are trapped in a mist-shrouded carnival in the dead of night, facing death at every turn. Can they survive twisted oddities like the corpse-filled Tunnel of Love and ...
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It is seriously a really good adventure.
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Michael Bolam

Module Advice/Conversion Ideas (modules or settings)  - 
Anyone have any experience running +Daniel Bishop's "The Black Feather Blade" from last year's GenCon program? I skimmed it the other day, then volunteered to run it for a Road Crew Event.  I'm not really sure how to involve the NPC parties, particularly given the "one shot" nature of the event. Anyone have any suggestions? Of course, I can start the party off with any sort of motivations, but I'm trying to get them as much mileage as I can out of the NPCs.
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I'm running it myself at the UK Games Expo in June this year but may give it a warm up run at a local gaming store beforehand too.
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I may have slipped a few purple planet 0-levels into my table's stash. Can't wait!
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Michael Bolam

Session Reports  - 
Post-apocalyptic DCC meets Car Wars meets Fury Road!!!
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This is the start of something really awesome, I'm sure of it.
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Michael Bolam

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  - 
Thanks Jim!
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