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I broke down in tears reading this. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a huge animal lover - and I know we kill plenty of animals for our own personal gain - but at least we kill them. We don't keep them alive for 20 years to experience excruciating pain every single day. I really hope this blows up into a media frenzy - but I know it won't. Not enough people really care. You should though, imagine this was you, we're all mammals after-all.

I'd like to take it a bit far here and hope all those involved have to experience a hole in their stomach for 20 years of their life - i'd love to see how they feel then.
It has been reported that the mother and cub (not pictured) were being kept in tiny cages known on a farm in a remote part of North-West of China.
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Ducking Chinese fucks, hope they all get unbarable uLsers 
Some of us are with you, Michael. Cruelty-free for 4 years and going strong. I agree with you on this and I'll sign the petition. Best thing we can do is decide not to be part of the problem.
Jill Robinson has been fighting for these bears for years now, since 1995. I have sent my donations last night, along with other members of my family. Her website for the campaign is You can sponsor a bear, simply donate, and view some videos of her sanctuary and the bears she has saved.

I really thank you all for the support and for re-sharing this.
I already siged this.
It's so heart wrenching.
I don't understand how people can do things like this and worse and be able to live with themselves
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