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New version of my #circle of #gardeners. Now with even more awesome.

I am still looking for more gardening folks here on G+. Let me know if you or anyone you follow is a gardener!

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I try to garden : (. I got a handful of dill last summer
I am a desert gardener (Tucson and Las Vegas). It can be quite a challenge.
Eva, I moved from Las Vegas to Albuquerque, myself. I agree, desert gardening really isn't easy.
Another gardener here in the crowd ... :o) (So, don't anyone freak out when you are wondering why I added you to my circles ... ;oD) Thank you for starting this , +Michael Bernstein, you're in my "Michael Bernstein Gardeners" circle now ... ;op :o)
Chase D
I'm a gardener in upstate Carolina.
I write about organic gardening for The Clarion-Ledger newspaper and own a small organic farm.
I've got 14 acres of woods and some 20 or so gardens on the go. Would appreciate being included when you update. Thanks!
I'd love to join the circle. I'm in southeast/coastal Georgia growing veggies and flowers in the sand.
Urban farmer, permaculturist, wannabe Aquaponics farmer (soon) and owner of an up and coming food forest.  Pls add me to your gardening circle.  Im in the middle of Alberta Canada
Another gardener here, dealing with the same sand as Merry, only farther south, in Florida.
Can you add me too please? I have a black thumb but i"m still trying :D lol thanks
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