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This is my Python circle. I've included folks from the Django, Zope, Pyramid, and Plone communities, among others. Are you a user of Python? Let me know and I'll add you too!

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I am, but I don't like to admit it. But since I have no choice, go ahead and add me.
I'm kinda new to it, but yep. And so far I really like what I'm seeing, coming from a C/C++ background.
I'm pretty decent with python, so add me too!
Great circle, thanks for sharing. Another Python and Django developer here :)
Thanks for sharing! I'm a python newbie, but I'm building something pretty cool right now, so hopefully by the end I'll drop the newbie label. :)
Caleb, Austin, Martin, and Thomas, I've added you all. And I'll be re-sharing the circle with all of the additions in a bit.
Going to be learning Python here soon, this circle could help me out a lot. Thanks for sharing this circle. :)
Hi! I'm a Python developer too
Hi, I'm also working with Python! Thanks for sharing your circle!
I'm a python developer, add me too!

Thank you for sharing!
Mark, Ilya, and Ivan, you've been added. I'll re-publish the circle momentarily.
I started development in python a few weeks back :). Would love to be in this circle.
Feel free to add me... am not really a python developer but know the basics, also am always on the lookout for great pythonistas with a couple of years experience for my company :)
Python is the language I think in, I'd love an add to the circle!
+Michael Bernstein would you update me in your Python circle - I moved to my Google Apps account for G+.

Thanks - appreciate it.
Would love to be part of this .... am not a pythonista but always looking to hire some of the best python talent for our company Almost all my work revolves around work done in python, so have picked up a bit of it myself :)
As I'm learning python, I'd love to be in this circle
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