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Funniest Thing I've Heard About Banshee
"I've never seen an interface like this!" - iTunes user

banshee has a near identical interface to iTunes, down to smart playlists
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I may not like Banshee but I do agree
I don't care for banshee that much. What do you recommend?
I've bounced around between a couple of different players, but have yet to find one to rule them all. I'm definitely open to suggestions

- XBMC is my primary media centre for my HTPC's
- Subsonic is for syncing to my phone and can stream out to different devices (not a fan of the UI or how rating system though)
- Winamp is a failback when I want certain shoutcast streams, but I don't like not being able to switch between online/local libraries
- Both Banshee and Rhythmbox had some key failings, I can't recall right now exactly what they were but I want to say it had to do with the rating systems, shared music libraries and syncing to my Android.
is there a GNU/Linux version of subsonic?

Rythmbox, and Banshee definitely have flaws, lots of them.  I was using Banshee, as it was the easiest with respect to importing old iTunes libraries, on GNU/Linux
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