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I am a great big jerk face

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TypeScript 2.2
One thing that's really surprised me over the last few years is how much I love TS, I am a GNU/Linux fanboi but I like a MS product (two including VSCode).

I was hoping to see some spreadable generics in 2.2 but I don't think they made it in. Although they're esoteric features so maybe Daniel didn't post about them...

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If You're Not Already Mapping...
Decent basic review of map/reduce. Now if only there were some​ rx magic in there... but that would be tok much for an intro.

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Surprising Winter Trails
I am surprised there's ice and that my exposure kind of worked out.

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ASCII Control Codes Still Used Today
Two or three years ago I wss working with new Vodafone CC processors that used rs-232 and many of its esoteric control codes; even some of the rare ones.

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Binary Hacking Becoming Popular In JS
Not just this article but in general I feel like the JS community has a growing interest in systems programming.

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Shared Memory May Be Coming to a JS Engine Near You
I have mixed feelings about this but Atomics look reasonable

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This is Kind of Funny Since Almost Nobody Implements `import` Yet
When `import` is supported this will be very useful.

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IMO Unit Tests Best Function Is Design
Tests force developers to do one of three things

- write testable code
- skip testing
- waste time writing hard to test code

Ideally the first option happens but often #2/#3 happen instead.

Opinion: classical OOP programming presents challenges that encourage novice and intermediate programmers to not test or to test poorly. Conversely pure functions are trivial to test.

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JavaScript Will Always Have Surprising Behaviour

Why does this work? [].concat[1,2,3]

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California State Capitol
Caught this on my way to the airport back in the late spring/early summer, never got around to processing it largely because I did not take enough time to make the stock. Nevertheless it goes in my state capitol collection and is not as butchered by processing as my capture of Arizona's capitol. 
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