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That guy was a real piece of........ work.
In early March, 2007, as Google was expanding fast and furiously, one of its recruiters from the “ Engineering” group made a career-ending mistake: She cold-contacted an Apple engineer by...
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B.I.:  A recent article in Business Insider talked about how Microsoft prevented a former employee from taking a job with Apple. 

Sinofsky signs non-compete agreement with Microsoft
TheSeattleTimes:  Steven Sinofsky, the former president of Windows who left the company in November, has agreed to not compete with the company by accepting employment at certain competitors or by encouraging certain Microsoft customers to choose competing products.
The inherent unfairness of employee non-compete agreements — Judge rules former Microsoft executive can't take new Salesforce job
WIKIPEDIA[subject: SteveBallmer; topic: Google's hiring of a Google engineer who worked at Microsoft; action: chair thrown by Microsoft CEO impacted another piece of furniture when employee answered "Google" under Ballmer's grilling of where the employee was leaving Microsoft to go work]: 
   "In 2005, Mark Lucovsky alleged in a sworn statement to a Washington state court that Ballmer became enraged upon hearing that Lucovsky was about to leave Microsoft for Google, picked up his chair, and threw it across his office, and that, referring to Google CEO Eric Schmidt (who previously worked for competitors Sun and Novell), Ballmer vowed to "kill Google."[46] Lucovsky reports:[47]  … At some point in the conversation Mr. Ballmer said: "Just tell me it's not Google." I told him it was Google. At that point, Mr. Ballmer picked up a chair and threw it across the room hitting a table in his office. Mr. Ballmer then said: "[ANGLO-SAXON F-WORD OBSCENITY PARTICIPLE FORM REDACTED] Eric Schmidt is a [F-WORD PARTICIPLE REDACTED] [FEMALE BODY PART NOUN REDACTED]. I'm going to [F-WORD PARTICIPLE REDACTED] bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to [F-WORD PARTICIPLE] kill Google.""
[Gee, and if companies really are people then that's a death threat.]

Troubling Exits at Microsoft "Microsoft sued to stop Lee from working for the upstart, citing his noncompete agreement."

C'mon, this is not the first time any of us have read the news about companies attacking employees and competitors when employees need a new, better job.

The employee's attempt to change jobs in a supposedly free labor market is blocked in all these cases, the only difference is in the one case there is prior restraint on communications — and execs are communicating with smiley faces instead of hurling furniture through the air by the employee they do not want to see getting the job he wants to have.

Or are you saying or at least implying Apple does not do non compete agreements with its engineer(s) unlike, say, Microsoft, etc. and many other companies?

I'm not saying there is nothing to complain about.  But to pretend obstructing employee's migration during a supposedly "flex" labor market only happened in this one supposedly rare or something incident is hard to swallow.

The examples above show that barriers were in place, and it wasn't just Apple and Google.  Take the whole context in, please!
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This is how I roll
Sadly, I have no time for computer games.  One day I'll finally play through Oblivion so I can finally start Skyrim.

#elderscrolls   #xkcd  
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+Michael Bennett Well, if you do play Skyrim, do at least a bit of the main quest.  You'll get some helpful things. ;)
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Warning Labels Are There For a Reason
In December 2013 there were several deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in Toronto.  These deaths made the news.  Yet here we are in March, and more people have died from using propane heaters indoors.

Please, heed warning labels, and be aware of basic safety considerations.

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Happy Endings won me over, but it was cancelled
The show started off very "networky", but eventually found it's groove.  I actually had to upgrade my Netflix rating as a result!  Unfortunately it was cancelled, which is a shame.  Some of the guest stars were truly am-ahzing.  

Perhaps Netflix will find a way to revive the show.

#Netflix   #HappyEndings  
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Dear America: Why did you let these fools into your country???
Normal people who publicly admit to smoking crack are denied entry at the border; why the exception here??? Heck Cat Stevens was detained, and on a watch list back in 2004. Why the exception for my pathological liar of a mayor?

#topoli #robford
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Lying is the in thing these days I've been noticing. The more the pay the bigger the lies. This NSA thing is showing how to lie under oath. 
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With Stories like this, it's no wonder people are so confused by tech
"The signals, a 12-digit code called a MAC address that’s particular to a specific phone, emit 24/7, regardless of whether a person is actively attempting to connect with Wi-Fi."

While this can be true, it certainly does not have to be true.  Turning off your wireless, and/or spoofing your MAC address will neutralize this "invasion of privacy"...

#MACAddress   #WiFi   #Tracking  
Personal details aren’t captured unless you agree, but your smartphone leaves a trail wherever you go
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I read it, thanks.  I agree it's confusing.  It would have been better if they had mentioned prior attempts at phone/gadget tracking that have used wifi, bluetooth, and even sonic transponders as well as the more basic app method of invading privacy.  These are common but I don't want to blame users for being victims of coercive monopolies.  

Non free software is the problem, as usual, but my point was that you can't escape non free software on your phone.  The radio control computer can not be overwritten and it gives your telco the ability to spike your Replicant or Cyanogen mod at any time.  

"App stores" are a poor substitute for free software distributions.  Even honest apps can be bought out or spoofed by bad actors and there's no way for the user to tell the difference.  Software freedom can only be built and kept by cooperating as a community to remove malicious features.  

People are stuck with both of these things until spectrum is ripped away from current telcos.  Open spectrum is a way to avoid non free software and the nasty, pervasive spying Snowden and others have reported.  
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Paranoia is your friend
I might have to start browsing the web Stallman styles. 

System administrators already have to content with the infinite possibility of zero days, a world full of black hats, and irresponsible users.  In addition to this system administrators need to be worried about the world's largest collection of mathematicians, and sophisticated black hats, that are now notorious for back dooring hardware, and security protocols.

Dear American friends, I know I'm not in a great position to talk about quality of leadership, as my city is run by a lying crack head, but please urge your representatives to get your house in order.

#NSA   #Snowden   #paranoia  
Across the world, people who work as system administrators keep computer networks in order – and this has turned them into unwitting targets of the NSA for simply doing their jobs.
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Well, is the implication that it sucks to be the hunted target if they had possession of salted or unique data and it gets spirited off their computer in a way that leaves suspicion only on them?

Or is there something worse you are not spelling out that I am missing?
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Users will just start encrypting their own data
This is yet another argument courtesy of publicly funded morons.  If you force the services to sell out their customers, the customers will just start using their own encryption.  Sure despite this being trivial, it's still beyond "normal" people, but it's not beyond serious criminals.  

Good luck with your surveillance network guys.

#encrpytion   #snooping   #bigbrother  
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I'm sure "they" will read that too ;)
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In Other News: Kurt Sutter Is An Ignoramus
This is a shame, I enjoyed the first few seasons of Sons of Anarachy.  I will no longer be watching.  I will also be encouraging my friends not to watch.  

Funny that a writer doesn't understand the definition of the word theft

#SAMCRO     #copywrong  
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And as I can't be arsed reading the article I'm assuming he agrees with copyright?
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My favourite café in all of Toronto. The coffee is decent to great, one can do better. However the consistency, ambiance, and service have completely won me over. The WiFi is generally good, and there is a lot of space. Ample windows for people watching on Queen West West, and great snacks. There is a focacia bun that will blown your mind.
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Best coffee on Roncesvalles. There are other decent places on Roncy, but Lit is the best. Their WiFi is inadequate though.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Good
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Hello crema! This place has some great coffee at a reasonable price. I endorse it, and I dislike most things
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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4 reviews
Canada's answer to McDonald's, only without the integrity to keep the possessive apostrophe. Yes that's language laws, I know, but Tim Horton's is plebeian crap. Cheap coffee, overpriced food, the doughnuts haven't really been anything to write home about since the eighties. Mindless Canadian sheep love it though. They have clean bathrooms, that's their primary value, and decent hours.
Food: GoodDecor: Poor to fairService: Very good
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