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Damn, I was hoping to release this before #io18 but I thought it was next week! Oh well, it'll be ready when it's ready.

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Commons v1.2 (August 2016):

This is mostly a behind-the-scenes update to make the app easier to maintain. (There are some user-facing changes too - see the 2nd half of this post for details)

Most of the data shown in Commons is pulled from the web at runtime, but some is cached to make the experience smoother. The cache was originally constructed in a relatively hands-on, piecemeal way because I didn't expect it would be worth the development time to automate. I thought the data was relatively static, maybe needing updated once a year or so, but the last couple of months in UK politics has proven that assumption very wrong!

So I have now built a proper back-end to handle cache updates automatically. My server periodically rebuilds the database to check for changes and notifies me when an update is available.

I've made a simple little management app for myself to make this 'quality control' step as simple as possible. This lets me install the update for myself so that I can confirm that nothing is broken before pushing it out to other users.

It also lets me manage featured people and groups that will be shown on the main app's front page. For example, I'm currently using this to highlight the newly appointed ministers in the Cabinet, as well as the candidates in the Labour leadership contest. Going forward, I can use it to feature any other groups of particular contemporary interest to ensure the MPs who people are looking for the most are the easiest to find quickly.

So in summary, the app content is now super easy to keep up-to-date and should never fall behind again!

App updates:

- Automatic night mode.

- As mentioned above, the front page now allows featured collections of people so that, for example, party leadership candidates can be displayed together.

- Constituency maps are now handled in-app (no longer requires Google Earth).

- Full support for multiwindow in Android Nougat.

- Enabled pull-to-refresh on the front pages.

- Improved animations and transitions.

- Optimisation and generally cleaner code.

Animated Photo

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(This doesn't show anything particularly new, but it does give me the opportunity to use that title.)

#io16 LWP with an edited version of the album art for A Moon Shaped Pool as the background.

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Now includes a fully customisable Watch Face for Android Wear!

App animation tweaks

New options:
- Change the LWP touch shortcut gesture (tap or double tap)
- Scroll LWP background if using a custom background image

Bug fixes:
- Crash when trying to choose background image.

New permissions:
- Wake lock - required for Android Wear watchface.
- Read external storage - required by many devices for choosing a background image.

Play Store:

(Wallpaper in the screenshot is from the excellent Retrorika icon pack:

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Watchface (pre-?) Alpha

Just pushed a version to the Alpha channel that includes a test for the watchface for Android Wear.

As stated in a previous post, I don't have a Wear device and the emulator is close to useless on my computer, so watchface development is... tricky. I'm not even sure if this will install correctly so it would be really helpful if someone could try this on their device and let me know how it goes.

The main things I'd like to know from this test are:

- Does the watchface install to your Wear device successfully?

- If so, does changing the colours in the phone app successfully change the colours on the watch? They should update almost immediately, but it's possible that the watchface might need to be reset for changes to take affect.

If you want to try it, please either:
- opt in to the Alpha channel to receive it OTA:

- or grab the APK:

...and let me know how you get on. Thank you for your help!

Android Wear users!

Have a Wear device? Like messing about with broken things?

I've started to implement a watchface version of the IO16 clock but I don't have a Wear device and the emulator doesn't really work on my PC so it's kind of hard to tell if I'm doing it right.

I'd like to try a test release tomorrow to find out how well it works, if it works at all. If you'd like to help please opt-in to the test here: . The first release will be a warts-and-all but will hopefully give me some idea of what's really going on.

Thank you!

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#io16 Widget, LWP & Daydream v1.1

New options:
- Hide LWP clock when device is locked (enabled by default).
- Disable state changes. If state changes are disabled, numbers will always show their 'active' state.
- Hide seconds on LWP/Daydream.
- Only show LWP clock on particular launcher pages (may not work on all launchers).
- Partial widget animation. If enabled, numbers will morph when the time changes. This option is not recommended - use the LWP instead!

New LWP animations for options that affect clock visibility.

- Disabled animation on widget preview to avoid confusion.
- A bug in the color picker.

Play Store:



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#io16 Clock v1.0.1

Quick fix for incorrect text-measuring when using 12 hour format.

Play Store (ready in an hour or two):

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#io16 Clock Widget, Live Wallpaper & Daydream v1.0

The app includes a customisable home-screen clock widget, live wallpaper and daydream based on the stylish countdown timer for Google I/O 2016:

Beta testers: Thank you for your feedback on the animation! Based on your feedback I have included 3 different font styles so hopefully everyone is accommodated for :) The package name has changed (web domain name changed) since the initial test so to avoid confusion please uninstall the testing version before installing this one.

Play Store:


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The original timer is monospaced with circular Zeros, but I think I agree with those who said it doesn't look right in the variable-width clock. Usually it's okay, but it can look sometimes look very unbalanced.

I've tried squashing them down a bit - any objections?
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