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New Domain

So I just bought a new domain for fun. Check it out!

And to test how it holds up for use, I added +James Cordeiro into the mix without his knowledge at

If you want in, gimme a shout!

As it stands I'm lazy and just using Hover's forwarder for the domain forwarding and adding people in manually. I'm sure I could throw on a VM, and a web interface to allow people to sign up.. who knows.. Will see!!
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Looks great, throw me in the mix at /felix. ;-)
I bet there are lots of cool things you could do with that domain, too. Any plans yet?
If it isn't too much trouble I would love /ron
Clearly this 'fun' project is going to require some work. I wonder if you knew what you were getting yourself into, +Michael Bazdell ? ;-)
I'll take /ian :)
Be really cool if I could get /john
/melina if you please! :)
I'd love /Rupert if it isn't taken (great idea by the way)
Hi Michael, can you please create one for me as well? /HalaAlhasan

Thanks a lot!
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