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+Dennis Miedema Hey man, happy birthday! I hope you have a good one. What's been up with you?

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It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here: my new blog post!

In this king size post (it's around 5k words) I talk about practically ALL the "silent assassins" of content marketing for ecommerce (people who sell products online).

With "silent assassins" I mean content strategy traps that lure you in by deceiving you into thinking you're doing very well, until it's too late...

>>> Check it out:

Please leave a comment with your thoughts and share this with anyone you think needs to read it :)

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#signsunday   #signs  +Sign Sunday Took this at a gas station a while back.....

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The reason why you should eat the fortune cookie before your meal......

Has anyone else noticed a big spike in traffic/pageviews yesterday? I'm not sure what's up, but I'm seeing traffic 3 to 4 times the normal daily traffic on sites running UA.

I got the newly designed Analytics dashboard yesterday too, so I'm guessing that there's a bug somewhere.

According to pages report, all pages have even numbers for pageviews, which means the script was loading twice for each pageview. Is anyone else seeing this?

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Starbucks on a budget....

Happy belated birthday +Dennis Miedema ! Hope you had a good one.

This is a totally random and probably even a little weird.... 

Yesterday, I was listening to this guy's sales pitch for a reporting tool that compares a certain aspect of a business's online presence to the top 5 businesses in that general niche. 

Someone asked if there was any way for us to manually change the 5 competitors. He says, "No, and let me tell you why.....Let's say you wanted to be a tennis player. You'd want to play against the 5 best players in the world and that's how you'll be able to compete and become as good as them."

Forget about the tool. That's not what this is about. I was imagining myself playing tennis against the world's best players and just couldn't help myself from thinking.....

"Actually, no! Dude, that's like the worst analogy I've ever heard. Just tell me who the top 5 players are so I can scope them out and take notes, but don't want to immediately challenge them to a dual. If I'm trying to learn how to play tennis, I want to play against 2 people that are athletically challenged, 1 person that's on the same level as me, and 2 that are better than me. That way I get a little confidence, know where I currently stand, and where I need to improve to get to the next level. As I get better, I replace the players and go up against more challenging opponents. If I try to just jump in there and take on the world's 5 best players, I'm going to get annihilated. I'll end up hating tennis and pick up a different hobby; like knitting, or collecting stamps, or something else that's far more interesting than tennis." lol

That strange analogy he used didn't really have anything to do with SEO, but it did make me think of a random philosophical question....

When it comes to online marketing/SEO, do you believe in swinging for the fences or building your way up?

Have you guys seen the Analytics makeover this morning?
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