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A couple of quick questions that arose in our game last night:

- Is it possible for an NPC Faction to get Treaty from the players? If so, how can that later be used?

- Lend Aid's description says: When your Family throws its weight behind another, roll +Treaty with them.

Does "with them" mean the Treaty they owe you, the Treaty you owe them, or the sum of both?


Quick question: Is Wasteland Survival only for movement outside of the Homeland, or would it be rolled in the homeland if you weren't moving between settlements?

How does the Seeker Tool Up move work? Do they get to decide what the Device does, effectively creating one? How does the defenses part of that move work?


(Edited to replace Envoy with Seeker, since that's what I meant - thanks!)

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Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up - I've updated my fillable google sheet based sheets to not only have Family sheets, but now also have fillable character sheets. Hope they help! Let me know if you see any issues/have any questions!

Hey everyone, quick question about the Cultivator's move, Culture. The second option says "At the end of the age, if you still have the surplus, gain Surplus: Recruits."

If you start with "Need: Crops" and then choose that move, you get rid of the Need, but you don't end up with a "Surplus". If nothing else happens with Crops, do they get the "Surplus: Recruits" at the end of the age, or do they actually need a "Surplus: Crops" at the end of the age?


When someone doesn’t choose one of the Assets at Family creation, does that mean they have nothing at all in that are? For example, one of my players has not chosen anything in “How do you fight?” What does that mean in the case they get attacked? What does that mean for their characters in that family?


When people are picking Landmarks, is there any real guidance on whether those Landmarks should be inside or outside of the "homeland" area? It's assumed that anything inside the Homeland area is known/explored, right?

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I was looking for an online character sheet for 4 players, and found an awesome one here that had a lot of drop-downs that filled in a ton of stuff for you, but the fourth player was broken and I'm nowhere near as good at Google Sheets to fix it.

In the end I decided to create a "dumbed-down" version of those sheets - it doesn't magically fill anything in for you, so you'll have to type more, but it should be easier for me to maintain. Let me know what you think!

Another question that just came up - one of the players is going to play The Servants of the One True Faith. They are looking at the move "A Voice in the Wilderness" - but I'm having a hard time figuring out what labeling someone as "Corrupt" really means, it doesn't seem to have any benefit/detriment?

Hey everyone, just found the game a little while back and my friends and I love what we've read. We're planning to start a game soon, but I have a few questions I hope you can help with/offer advice on.

1. How have you made Kaiju Threat Alert work? Does the player just decide they want to scout for signs of a behemoth attack, and then they just make up a prophecy? Does the GM need to follow that, or are they just encouraged to work with the player?

2. How have you made the whole buying & selling thing of the Merchants work? Since there's no real concept of money that I can tell, I'm not certain what benefit special abilities like Avaricious Appraisal gives? Honestly there are a few moves that the Merchants have that seem a little out of place without some form of economy built up around them.

Thanks for all your help! Can't wait to play!
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