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How does the harm from the entanglement "The Usual Suspects" work? Is it on the player who offered up their contact? How does that usually get described?

So in the last two sessions our Whisper has managed to start, and the complete a clock called "The Spirit Hunts" when taking consequences. Basically he used attune very desperately on a night when the ghost field was very active (think a sort of Halloween night type deal).

Anyway, now that six part clock is full- and he knows that a powerful spirit has been hunting him, and now it's found him. I'm looking for cool ideas to move forward with this. It seems like the spirit could be maybe one of the reconciled and wants the Whisper to make him a hull from a powerful politician... which works because the Whisper got Rituals a couple of games ago, so that could kick off a series of events where he has to learn the ritual, then find the right politician, then catch them, etc. Say the Whisper says no though- any idea what should happen then?

Also, any other cool ideas for what could happen here? Thanks!

Curious to hear what other folks have come up with for the Hound's pet? My player is working on his, and it made me realize there's a lot of room for some really cool stuff here.

Can someone explain what the benefit is of the Smugglers Crew move, "Like Part of the Family" - particularly what you get out of designing your vehicle like a Cohort? How do you use it - I'm assuming you don't use Command like you do with a regular Cohort?

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Added a sheet to my generic BitD Sheets Google Document for the Crew Sheet. Let me know what you think/if you have any suggestions for cleaning it up!

(You can switch between the Character & Crew sheets by choosing the tabs at the bottom)

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I've created an online character sheet via Google Spreadsheets. You can copy it, then make copies of the Template to new sheets in the same document in order to give each player their own sheet. Let me know if you have any suggestions for cleaning it up!

Going to work on a generic Crew Sheet next.

Does anyone have an online version of the character sheets? Playing a Play-by-slack game with some buddies, and trying to find a good way to share character sheets. Thanks!

Do the Smugglers still choose a Hunting Grounds? How does the bonus die for gather information checks work for them on their Hunting Grounds? Considering they are smuggling things in from other places, curious how that all works out.

I have a group that is looking to be smugglers - they are setting up their Lair in the basement tunnels of a rundown pub along the canals of Six Towers closer to Nightmarket. I think their Hunting Grounds will likely be in Nightmarket, close to the rail station since a lot of supplies come in there. Just wondering if that means that anything of the type of supply they like to smuggle coming in through Nightmarket would get the bonus. Thanks!

Just noticed that the BitD book suggets 2-4 players + the GM. If I had 5 players, anything I should be concerned about? still new to the rules.

So in the last game of Motor City Urban Shadows, in the hunt for the missing Medium (an NPC who the Oracle had a vision of dying in a horrible manner, who happens to be a friend) the Specter decided to go to the Medium's public place of business to see if he could find anything. When he got there he found that wards were put up against ghosts and that he'd have to find a way through. He tried to push through with the emotional force of the rage he felt from his own death, but failed (Let It Out, got a 6) and the wards tore at him, causing harm.

Realizing he'd need to find another way, he called on the young punk Fae - the Fae was known for getting into places he wasn't supposed to, and besides the Fae owed him for taking a part in his death.

So, the Fae came down and managed to get the door open easily enough, then disrupted the line of salt and wax that lined all the entrances, letting the Specter in.

Once inside, the Specter tried to take a look around, Investigating a Place of Power. Unfortunately for him, he rolled a 6. Fortunately for him, the Fae was there, so he lent a hand, extending his Fae senses for enchantments all about. More unfortunately (for them both) the Fae rolled a 5.

The game ended right around then, as it was midnight (on a worknight) and I wanted to have a chance to think of some ideas on what cool things could happen.

Anyway, I've got a couple ideas, but I figured I might as well share with the community and see if you guys have any that might be better! Thanks in advance!
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