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Nevada's increasing its Corporation fees 100%!
Nevada is raising it's initial and annual corporation fees from $325 to $650 on July 1st. LLC fees are being raised modestly from $325 to $350.

For more information, including whether or not your existing NV INC or LLC is grandfathered and what are your options:

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Reviving a dead Florida Corporation
Continuing my series on what to do with a corporation in various situations (previously making changes and moving a corporation to another state), I have posted a new article covering how to reinstate a dead Florida corporation (the options are similar in other states).

I cover your alternatives (to reinstating), the specific reinstatement procedure to follow, what you need to do before this, and why not to get into this situation go begin with.  Hopefully, you will find it helpful, even if you do not have a dead Florida corporation.

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This smallbiz has a $4 million Super Bowl Ad
Locally Laid Egg Company didn't have to pay this.  Instead they competed last fall among thousands of entrants and now they are the benefactor of an Intuit contest, putting their name among Budweiser & Coke.  Fox Business reported here (  The picture is of one of their "tongue-in-chick"... I mean "cheek" ads. 
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Spring Cleaning Your Google Adwords Account
Alright, it's a little early for spring; likewise, I prefer to put off the task of cleaning our Adwords account.  But Econsultancy has another great article ( listing five suggested methods for cleaning up your Adwords account.  Now where is my dustpan?

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Scam Alert!

Smallbiz owners, here are 5 ways to know that what you have received in the mail is probably a scam:
1.  It has a "Respond by" date - Scammers depend on your lack of time and they want to ramp up your anxiety, by giving you a deadline.
2.  It lists government statutes along with if you don't follow that statute, some penalty will ensue.
3.  It looks like a government form - In other words, it is poorly designed!  If it was a letter saying send us $50 for an overpriced service, you wouldn't do it.  But if the govt. is telling you to send money or else, you'll do it.
4.  Lots of text, so it is not easy to read (again, looks like a govt. form)
5.  No phone number or difficult to find - The last thing a scammer wants is for you to talk to someone and to understand what is really going on.

Above all, just read what you have received before sending money!

"Florida Scam Alert!"
Once again, Florida Corporations & LLC's are receiving notifications that look like they are from the government which push unsuspecting Smallbiz owners to send in money for an over-priced service they do not need.  One of our clients received three separate solicitations.

As a rule, before you send money to anyone, even if it looks "official", read it first.  These scammers depend on us not have enough time to read their fine print and hidden disclaimers, so that we can make the right choice of filing this kind of mail in the "circular file."

We've posted some details as to what happened in our blog:

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Michael Banner

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2 million passwords stolen: Google & Facebook among targets
Be sure to update your anti-virus software immediately on your personal and business computers.  Hackers, using keylogger software, are taping into users' browsers to take login credentials when attempting to enter various websites, which also include Yahoo, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Here's the article:

#identitytheft   #anti-virus  
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Next week is a great week!
Next week is a great week for two reasons:
1. It's my birthday; &
2. It's National Small Biz Week

Granted, there are not too many national celebrations for my birthday next week, at least none that I'm aware of. However, there are quite a few celebrations and great deals if you own a small business. So, if you are a small biz owner, stay tuned as deals will abound! I'll report them to you here and through our company's (+SmallBiZ) G+ page. 

#smallbizweek   #smallbusinessweek  
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Michael Banner

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How to edit picture in a post?
Once a picture is placed in a post, is there a way to edit it?
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FWIW, I've never found a way to do this, though it would certainly be useful... 😓 
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Ok authors...  No Sniveling
That should be the title of +Joe Konrath's new post, which shows why he's not only a good author, but a smart businessman.  I guess what he is saying is, "get writing and do everything you can do to sell your books."  The rest is unknown.
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C.B.O. Report says A.C.A. is BAD for the Economy
The new bi-partisan CBO Budget and Economic Outlook 2014 - 2024( estimates the economic score card for the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) for the next 10 years, and it's not good:
> Net cost to the federal government = $2 trillion!
> Net cost to deficit = $1.5 trillion
> New taxes and fees on business & individuals = $.5 trillion
> Decline in full time equivalent workers = 2 million by 2017 - In other words, ACA removes 2 million jobs from an already struggling US economy in just the next three years!

 Obamacare is doing almost as well as Denver did in the Superbowl

#obamacare   #CBOReport  
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G+ Question to My Fellow Writers - One too many hats?
I am a new indie writer, but all my writing and G+ profile have been focused lately on our business ( and my current skill set (business filings & entrepreneurship).  I'm publishing my first Sci-Fi series shortly and want to use what I've learned in social media to "spread the word."  My fear is that adding "Fiction Writer" to my G+ profile will pile on one too many hats.  My few business followers may not want to hear what's going on in the dark recesses of my creative writing noodle.  I'm considering using a separate G+ profile under ML Banner (my chosen nom de plume). 

So, here's my question to all of you:  Should I...
1. modify my current Michael Banner profile, with accepted Google authoring, personal URL (+MichaelBanner) and just deal with the fallout of mixing/confusing audiences; or
2. work on and use my secondary profile for all my creative writing (i.e. living two virtual lives)?

Many thanks!
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Great ideas everyone. Thank you for the feedback.   +John Ward I'll check out the book recommendation.  +Gina Drayer & +Mike Turco   I love the separate Author page idea.  I had considered a page for the series, but this is the best of all worlds.  But, before I do that, +Jefferson Smith I'm going Peruvian clog dancing.  Signed +SenorBannero
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It's not a crime to murder your Corporation
Here are the "How to" instructions. 
Wondered how to kill your Corporation?  Here's how!
If it is time to close up your corporation and cease doing business, you must actually cause the end its existence.  But there is a little more to do than just proclaiming to yourself, "I'm done!" 

We've posted an article which describes how you can dissolve your corporation yourself and what other issues you should consider before proceeding.  Did you know there is an option where you can do nothing?   Find out more:

#smallbiz   #dissolution  
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