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This is what I was wearing. Tell me I asked for it, I dare you
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Rape, +Nicholas Keyes. This was at a protest regarding a GOP lawmaker's statement that women are raped because of the way they dress or carry themselves.
[image: A teenaged boy at Slutwalk NYC. He has short pink hair and is wearing jeans and baggy grey tshirt. His jeans are ripped at the knee, but are otherwise unremarkable, and his tshirt has some sort of maroon logo. He is looking directly at the camera, and holding a large white sign. His sign reads: THIS IS WHAT I WAS WEARING. TELL ME I ASKED FOR IT. I DARE YOU.]
+Nicholas Keyes, interesting find.. it must have been tagged incorrectly where I first saw it. However, I don't think the genitals of the person in question have anything to do with this, really. Do you?
whoever the lawmaker who said it deserves to be hit hard in the face and break every one of his fucking teeth out
No, however the sexualization of the victim is not something that is epidemic towards male victims. This being the case it does make the sign seem like more of a non-sequitur. Still powerful though.
like seriously is someone said that to anybody i know im crazy enugh that i would probally fight the motherfucker im sorry but i dont tolerate those kinds of thing and a motherfucker gonna get hit
you also dont know the whole story about the person wearing the sign.. is it rape if she is completely trashed at a party and regrets it in the morning? im not sure.
i love hugs!! :) but its just how i was raised to be loving and loyal and not take shit from nobody and to stand up for what you believe evenif it end up putting you in jail my parents raised me right and im not going to let some lawmaker say that the reason women get raped is because they asked for it i will not tolerate that from anybody!!!!!
+Rebecca Besbris just because you have no innabition when drunk doesnt mean you didnt do what you wanted and in actuality you did what you wanted. and im not talking about this person, im talking in general. "i was drunk and he raped me" is a sad excuse, perhaps u shouldnt have gotten drunk if u cant keep the hoe in the bag. im just sayin. Now for this person.. male from what the source says, you still dont know the circumstances. are. now, if i knew the whole story perhaps i would feel bad, and perhaps what that person was wearing DID turn on the person who raped them.. then it was the outfit. You cant safetly say what anyones motives are for anything.

Now going back to the idea of people dressing a certain way and getting a certain reaction.. Its like what dave chapelle said "now i aint sayin u a hoe ladies, but u are wearing a hoe uniform".

Im not trying to make excuses for rape by any means. its a horrible thing, but maybe whoever said the original quote was on to something. again im not saying it fits every circumstance.. but i will say one last time. who knows what the motive is for rapist. most of the time its more about control then it is about sexual attraction. Abnormal Psychology.
+Jack Byer You are going to have to look to your own state's laws and judicial rulings to determine how your own state judges intoxicated rape. Be aware of the fact that this is hardly +Rebecca Besbris's standard though, it is a fairly common application of constitutional laws.
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