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I hate watching Youtube videos in order to read a few lines of text.  Its one thing if the video actually contains information in and of itself, but when its basically a backdrop for scrolling or flashing text, please just write it down on a blog post somewhere, it takes way too long to find out there was no point to the video by watching it.

NB I've been called out as "thinking myself superior" or "being a jerk" because some people like these videos.  I never said those people can't watch the videos, I said I won't bother.  If you had something well-prepared and eloquent to say, you'd have written it down anyway.

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Do these videos also follow the upworthy model of overselling the content via carefully worded (ie: keyword heavy) titles?
I'm right there with you. If there's a headline that I click through to read, I don't want to have to sit through a video, which usually has filler and sometimes ads.  Just give me the damned story.
It takes an hour to watch an hour video.  It takes minutes to read an hour video.  I don't have time for video.
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