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Some versions of the S7/S7edge from #Samsung are getting the option to set default apps again! #android #whee #a
If you have one of Samsung's devices that were released in the past couple of years, chances are it either has had this annoying behavior since the st... by Rita El Khoury in Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, News, Samsung
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This is part of why I won't buy another Samsung product no matter how well it's built. It shouldn't be a 'feature' that you can use your device the way you want
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Don't buy the Moto Z. Sorry, #moto #a #android 
Motorola: We're bad and hate monthly updates, so the Moto Z won't get them

That title may include a bit of paraphrasing on my part, but the message is still the same. Motorola thinks that monthly security updates are too much work and won't be pushing them out for the Moto Z. So, kudos to Google, Samsung, and LG for doing the impossible. Also, don't buy a Moto Z if you give a damn about security, which you should.
Motorola has decided to leave everyone scratching their heads as the company has announced it will not be committing to the Android monthly security updates provided by Google.
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Maybe its time to reevaluate my love of #SkullCandy headphones now that they've been bought out. #a
Casual observers of the electronic accessory scene will probably recognize Incipio as a seller of respectable if somewhat unremarkable cases for flagship p... by Michael Crider in Accessories, News
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A possible means to re-introduce #Google Now on Tap? A way to introduce Google assistant? Maybe it's just a redesign? #android #a
What you're looking at above could well be the appearance of the navigation bar in Android N on Google's next Nexus phones, Marlin and Sailfish, when they... by David Ruddock in Leaks, Marlin, News, Rumors, Sailfish
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Careful when buying the new #OnePlus. It may just need a few tweaks but this "redefining" budget phone doesn't keep app data running in the background for smoother re-loading. #oxygenOS #smartphone #a
One of the spec features of the OnePlus 3 that most people are excited about is the 6GB of RAM embedded in the device. While 4GB of RAM is the base standard for flagship devices in 2016, 6GB should theoretically give the OnePlus 3 a leg up on the competition when it comes to multi-tasking. Unfortunately, that theory doesn't seem to hold up based on the speed test video embedded below which pits the OnePlus 3 against the Exynos-powered Samsung Gal...
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#nintendo #miitomo is out for Android and iOS! If you're jailbroken/rooted - you can't play as it's guarded and will crash the app. #a
Miitomo is an app from Nintendo that brings out a side of you your friends ...
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Real name policy doesn't stop most Internet trolls study finds. #a #socialmedia
Think Trolls Act Better Using Their 'Real Name'? Think Again.

There is a theory of internet trolls that goes as follows: they behave worse because they don't have to use their real names. Force them to do that, and they'll behave better.

Google+ tried the theory, but eventually gave up. Facebook still promotes the theory, much to the chagrin of many people booted for having unusual names that someone thought didn't sound 'real'.

Are they right? A team of researchers from the University of Zurich's Institute of Sociology decided to find out.

They gave participants in their research a simple choice: use your real name, or use a pseudonym. From this data they were able to analyze over 500K comments.

So, were the Real Name users better behaved? In a word: no. In two words: dream on.

Users who chose to use their Real Names were more likely to engage in online 'mass attacks' than pseudonymous users, helping put to bed the idea that Real Name Policies can 'fix' trolling.

Interestingly, and relevantly, Google+'s +Yonatan Zunger​, in explaining their decision to drop the policy, noted that they had similarly failed to find evidence of the policy's effectiveness, noting that if anything such policies tend to exacerbate preexisting power dynamics, as those most vulnerable and marginalized are least able to express themselves freely, while those most privileged are able to behave as they choose.

Trolling is a serious problem on the internet, threatening the power of social networks and other online communities and forums to bring groups and individuals together harmoniously and productively. It is therefore tempting to try to find a simple solution to this complex problem.

If there is one, Real Name Policies aren't it.

#SocialMedia #Trolls
Anonymity, we assume, is the breeding ground for bad behavior on the internet. Not necessarily.
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If you're a Local Guide, and aren't level 4, buckle down now and get it or lose out on 924GB(?) of storage. #GoogleMaps #a  
Back in November of 2015, Google expanded its Local Guides program with a points and level system that introduced new rewards for each tier. At 200 points,... by Rita El Khoury in Google, News
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This new #Google #Photos feature conflicts in my mind with their last feature, which lets you delete backed up pics/vids from your device. Some have already almost deleted everything. #a
Google Photos is still trying to find the best ways to reconcile between your locally stored photos and your cloud photos in the most seamless and lea... by Rita El Khoury in Applications, News
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#SoundCloud takes music identification a step further by taking a leaf from #Pandora's book.
SoundCloud is filled with music, but how do you find stuff that you like? You can search around on your own, pull up stuff other people recommend, filter b... by Bertel King, Jr. in Applications, News
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For a name for Android N? Google wants your suggestions. #android #a
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Head's up #kindle users! Update ASAP!
If you own one of Amazon’s pre-2012 Kindles, listen up: there’s a critical update that you need to install if you want to keep using it, and you must do so before March 22nd.
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Great place, almost always stocked fully. One thing, don't expect it to scan your Kroger card if it's on you're phone.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Had a late stay over, the place was fine even though it smelled a bit of paint.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
The oldest super market chain on the island now, but also almost a monopoly. This company bought out its main rival a few years ago, and has been mainly competing against itself for pricing in a lot of areas - and also sharing of the same goods. Overall they're okay, but prices could be lower and they could offer the loyalty cards like the company they bought out instead of sticking to stamps.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
77 reviews
A nice cafe offering some interesting drinks and a surprising hidden list for Pokemon lovers (see pictures of this place). It seems a lot of LU students know about The Muse and it is often full. I noticed quite a few people would buy one of the breakfast or lunch items or a drink and would stay for hours to talk to friends, use their laptops, read, etc. so the turnover rate for tables is low and there doesn't seem to be a big push to get people to leave either. Kinda like how some Barnes and Nobles used to be. Definitely would come again.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
One of the better Dunkin's in town. Fast drive thru, clean insides and fairly quick regardless of in or out.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
The main store for the Marsh Harbour area, it's also the biggest on the island so far. Some of the others may have better accessories though.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago