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The Webcast tonight kicked all kinds of you-know-what! Here are a few photos from the performance and the Q&A session afterwards. Chickenfoot fans are the BEST!!
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hi michael, I'm from germany. Are there any plans for touring in germany with the new album?
You really should let me broadcast a YouTube LIVE show with the LIVE players that play in the streams of Google+ and Facebook!
Is that Kenny Arnoff on the left?
that was so awesome ... i was watching it from Perth Western Australia ... the sound and picture quality was amazing ... you guys sound tight and so in a groove ... again thanks for the show ... loved it loved it loved it ... now come to australia ...
The experience of a live stage performance at a rock concert, feeling the energy of being immersed in a crowd of thousands is unique.

But HD video from a few feet away, with excellent sound right from the board? Forgive me if I say that in some ways that's better.

Being able to watch every detail of the performance -- especially Joe's searing guitar work -- goes beyond even the best concert seats.

Thanks, guys.
It kicked ass! I felt like I was in the room with you guys! Chickenfoot III ROCKS!!
Unfortunately I missed the Webcast, but the new album is awesome. Started the day off right with an iTunes download, which is now helping me through my work day. Great tunes, playing, the whole thing. :)
A great Webcast. Viewed it at work here in Alaska!
that was fun to watch~ sound was great!!! and thank you for letting me see what Chad is doing on his summer vaction! i would have brought him fried chicken..not fruit ..)
Thanks for being so cool to your fans! That webcast rocked!! I swear I had to force myself to not start clapping like I was at a concert after each song! :D
wow Michael I haven't sen you in 30 years... I did hang out with your daughter one night OMG I thought I was around when she was born... Crazy... Hope you are still having a great life .. We should do lunch and reconnect. X0X0
thi is to be classic, good times with friends, can not be equaled. great pics. dj added me to his circle, i am jamey flatt, BUMP IT UP LLC. , THATS THE NEW ME. just looking to make some new friends, was a service hvac/plumber, owner in lakewood, co. now live in mesa, az., and fighting throat & bone cancer. (SHARE, CARE, BE FAIR, OR WE ALL RARESS 2E), GOD BLESS 2 ALL
Was great talking to +Michael Anthony on Rockline tonight!
I was the 2nd caller who asked Mike how he liked Northern California.
I was wondering +Sue McElligott !
I heard the Weedman say your name and wondered if that was u!
Very cool!
He didn't pronounce my last name right, but no one ever does.. ;) I was just stoked that they used my question! Aren't we just the lucky ones this week!!
Many questions, so Congrats SUE, yours was one that was answered.
Hey, just for the record, My youngest sons first and middle name is Michael Anthony. And no, it's not a coincidence :)
Hi ! Is that our new drumer but where is Chad Smith? Lg Calle from Germany ( Nuremberg )
On tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
Hello people! I am a great fan of you, Michael you look like a friend of me from Berlin !!! Lg Calle from ( Nurenberg )
Finds myself impressed with some CHICKENFOOT !
Webcast kicked ass. Now I just need it for download!
Albert, somethings don't change, sounds good right now. He just needs some Mad Anthony Sauce to cover the taste.
Tell me your kidding? Click on Mad Anthony Cafe and see, all the sauces. But be ready they kick A**!
i love joe...........
Love you guys... Your music is fantastic! :)
I've seen interviews of Joe, Sammy, and Michael on TMS, VH1. You guys are living La Vida Loca, and the music you make is amazing. I listen to ChickenFoot on Rhapsody. Keep rocking. I am a fan of each of you individually and as a group. 
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