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Decent placement of sticker... I should make some kind of tool to help align it though... 

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The last few weeks I have been working on different projects for industrial robots, and while working on that I came across some genuine power supplies, and then decided to test the efficiency between the genuine and copy. To test that I use two mains…

Do I know anyone who is good with arduino and Wireshark? I got some problems with modbus over tcp.

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After getting the lamp to work correctly, I wanted to take it a step further, and put my own code on it. What I can see through the matte cover, this seems to be a bit more difficult. But let’s take a look inside and see if we can’t find them anyways.

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In my latest box from ITEAD, I had both a Sonoff 4CH, and one of their led lamps. And in this post I will start by just using the lamp as they intended it to, by controlling it from the eWeLink app. When I first powered it on, it quickly flashed the led’s…

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So far flashing the ESP8266 has been pretty easy, but with the new Smart Home devices from itead,it has become a bit more complicated. The reason for this, is because they have changed from the ESP8266, to the physically smaller ESP8285. The function of…

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Shiny blinky blinky
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The time has come, it isn't worth following any news media. It is either heavily politically colored, badly written with wrong facts or little to no research, or it is clickbait without anything useful in.

Hmm, that sounds a bit dull, maybe I should have started "The end of the world is now, all news media will be put under administration...." that would probably get more to read it...

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For more speed, I have made some changes, so the site is now running on a newer version of PHP. It is hosted on SSD disks, got more memory available, got an ssl certificate, and I also enabled a cache plugin, which I should have done long ago. If you run…

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Some time ago Seeed Studio reached out to me, and offered me a set of pcb’s of my own design, so I could review their pcb service. And here we are, after Chinese new year, and our postal service probably delivering my package in my neighbors mailbox, I…
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