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Just what is a Spotted Dick?

The edible Pasty, Pupu Platter, and Head Cheese, as well as several other oddly named foods are explained in this article. I'm likely to try some of them after reading this, others, though, not so likely. What sounds good to you?
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I can understand the giggles with Spotted Dick, but you guys don't know what a Cornish pastie is? Really? My condolences.
Actually, I have had pasties many times and love them. I had the Pupu platter several times, too - also very tasty. I have still not had Head Cheese, and this article has not encouraged me to try it! Agree with +Elaine White that the coffin board sounds good.
This is cool. In my travels, I have had most of these and despite the names, they are almost universally delicious...
mmmm, rollmops ! very popular here,
funny how names can sound so normal if you're used to it all your life, while people from other countries can find it weird,
headcheese is called 'hoofdvlees' here in Belgium wich translates in 'head meat' hehe, not much better than the head cheese...
we also have something called 'vogels zonder kop' which translates in 'birds with no head' or also called 'blinde vink' translated 'blind chaffinch' it's chopped porcmeat enrolled in a slice of beef - have no idea at all why it has these 2 different weird names
+George Hilbert I'm always much more adventurous about eating odd-sounding things when I'm travelling than when I'm at home. And I agree the things I try that sounded odd are usually delicious. :)
+Ellen Sette - De Jonghe Interesting, and I guess it makes sense that all countries would have some foods with odd-sounding names. The 'vogels zonder kop' sound tasty to me and I'd try that. I suppose that name is much better than if they had called it "birds' heads" lol!
+Elaine White Oooh, I bet that was great! Scotland is someplace I really want to visit soon - and I'll definitely try the Haggis now when I go. :)
+Elaine White I am of Scottish descent on my father's side, but when I go, I'll be the first in my family to visit Scotland. It looks so gorgeous in photos, I need to see it in person now.
+Michael Anderson I just had head cheese again recently, it's just bologna. No big deal. Pasties are wonderful, though. I have been told awful things about pocari Sweat but have never tried it.
+Paul Was I wondered if head cheese might be similar to bologna. I'm not a fan of grapefruit, so doubt I'd ever try pocari Sweat.
I went to an Hamtramck style deli and got Kielbasa loaf, which was amazing, pizza loaf, which was disappointingly salty and head cheese, which was okay. I've never had spotted dick, but I do want to try. Hell, I want to try everything but the rollmops on this list.
Every head cheese I have ever had resembled the picture in the article. They all looked like shreds and pieces of meat were pasted together with a gelatinous substance into a solid mass....Not at all consistent like bologna, nor did it have a bologna-like flavor; it was more like spam or other pork shoulder meat...
The one I had was peppery, slightly spicy, which made a difference.
Pickled herring in the USA is mild and somewhat edible. In Germany, is is very strong and not pleasant at all to my palate. I guess it really IS an acquired taste...
I remember once getting a spotless one!
Spotted dick is a traditional English pudding made from a sweet suet dumplings with raisins! There the spots!
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