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Follow Friday - it's engagement day

Engagement is the best way to get the most from Google+, so I'm sharing a small circle of people who post, comment, and really engage. Follow them and join the conversations. Get information, let your opinions be known, find out what others think and why. Lively discussions make Google+ a fun place to spend time.

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+Michael Anderson Thanks for the shout out and wow. I'm starting to see myself in a few of these cool circles, and I'm liking that. You and +stephanie wanamaker - pretty much everybody on your list - are always the best. Stephanie is some sort of Goddess when it comes to responding to posts. It's unreal how awesome she is. Looking forward to some trivia and thanks again for this mention!
Couldn't wait until Circle Sunday? :) Thanks for sharing these types of people. Great job!
Thank you for including me, you're most kind. Would love to see things like this nurture yet more engaging and respectful exchanges here.
Thanks +Lori Friedrich - btw, are you able to join us for the movie riff hangout tomorrow night? 6pm CA time and lasts a little over an hour. Loads of fun!
I can't promise, but I can try :D 6pm is dinner hour. No matter what else goes on in our lives, we try and keep family dinner time one of those reliable, family-time things.
Stop in if you get a chance - we'll be here, laughing and giggling and chortling. :D
Awesome with appt - only there 30 minutes. My dad failed the eye exam, but I knew he would - so he takes the in-car exam in 3 weeks. He'll be fine. He doesn't drive much, certainly not far, but I would hate for him to lose that sense of independence.
Awwww THANK YOU for including me in your circle +Michael Anderson I'm touched & honored by your comments & I think YOU ROCK too! ::ENORMOUS DIMPLES::
And out of the abyss....came engagers!
Guy! Stop it! I'm blushing....and you all freaking rock.
Gee thanks Lori, you too. What a back-patting fest this has become!
Wow, I love how this thread rose from the ashes today and gained new life - now that's the power of engagement! :)
+stephanie wanamaker I just got back from 6 hours on the road visiting clients, last hour on freeway from Hollywood to my house took over an hour. That's sess than 20 miles. Tired and hungry, but I'll be revived as soon as I eat something. How about your day?
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