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Michael Amygdalidis
A Canadian programmer transplanted to California
A Canadian programmer transplanted to California

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Well, it's official. I finally have a Green Card, and I am now a permanent resident of the United States!

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The Donald Trump Plan for Success (tm)

Step 1: Get a million dollar loan from your dad. 

Step 2: Open a high rise construction company in NYC, and willfully employ illegal immigrants and violate labor and safety laws. 

Step 4: Bribe local officials to procure additional contracts. 

Step 5: Create LLC when profits tank, complete the constructions under that LLC, declare bankruptcy so you don't have to pay your debts.

Step 6:  Sell buildings at a loss to your corporation but pocket the money as a salary for your position as CEO of failed LLC. 

Step 7: Get onto corporate welfare and use money to build more, larger buildings. 

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 through 7 for 25 years. 

Step 9: Star in a reality TV show and branding campaign to make you seem successful, even though your overall ROI is less than an unmanaged stock fund.

Step 10: Run for President as an American success story, while platforming against welfare and employing illegal immigrants.


It seems like every time I use a reminder app, it has some of the features I want, but not all.  Here's the full list of features I'd like to see in the ultimate reminder app.

* Location AND time based reminders.  A reminder to change the filter on my cat's water fountain once a week should ALSO be tied to the home location.  Don't remind me when I'm at work.  I can't act on it.  Most reminder apps can do location OR time, but not both.

* Snooze on reminders.  If I can't do something right now, shut up until a bit later.

* Understanding recurrence can be either at a fixed time (trash goes out every Tuesday) or based on last completion date (if I change the filter once a week, but I go 9 days without changing it, you should remind me 7 days after I hit done, not 5.)

* Understanding what happens after the "deadline."  If I miss taking the trash out for curbside pickup, well, too bad, I'll have to take out more next week.  If I miss filing my taxes, that doesn't mean I say "oh well" and do it next year.

* Collaboration on some elements.  If my housemate does a chore, then it should silently disappear from my list.

* Integration with my calendar.  If I am wondering "Hey, what should I be doing now" it should tell me "You have that meeting to go to."  

Lots of apps do some of this, nothing does all of it.

If someone wrote this AND integrated it with a global pomodoro button (a topic for a different post) I'd be delighted.

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This may be one of the best gifsound mashups I've seen.

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Yep.  One of the more startling lessons of adulthood.
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