Hey.. Google.. the "Download Chrome" button is broken..
I thought it was the new Opera blocking it but it fails in Seamonkey and Firefox too. Running Slacko Puppy Linux (erm, developing it actually).

The link seems to point to "javascript:void(0)". Anyone else see it?
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latest java installed and working, firefox, opera.. yes it is..here anyway
Yes, I see it too. And I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with Java.
Broken for me too. With latest chrome.
yep, thought so, thanks for confirmation, tried 3 distros, puppy, slackware, mageia
Same error on OSX.  Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Installer' of undefined 

+Narcy Siszt Are you sure you are downloading from the same place (www.google.com/chrome)?  The page doesn't use Java at all (it uses Javascript; a totally different animal) and shouldn't be animated.
Even Ubuntu, haven't booted this in 3 months (12.04), same thing. It's been well over a couple of hours for me.

I simply want to repackage it, for my distro, but like everyone, I have limited time!
It may be because chrome is having a problem with it's pepperflash right now. Chromium on the other hand has no such issue.
javascript:void(0) is just a placeholder for URLs when you wanna use JS events. The problem is with the installer plugin on the download page so it affects all browsers on all OSs.
Issue resolved I guess. I have no problems downloading Chrome.
I downloaded chrome a couple of days ago and it installed fine though flash was broken and couldn't view Youtube... Downloaded chromium instead and when I signed in all of my apps and favorites synced up from my chrome account and Youtube worked... Couldn't be happier to just to go with Chromium.
Yeah, I'm using Chromium on Fedora. Though it's a pretty annoying issue. Not to mention that Google has seemingly given up completely on IE. Reinstalled XP on an older laptop and couldn't download Chrome from IE7.

I mean, I hate IE as much as the next guy but it's kind of an annoying hitch.
" the "Download Chrome" button is broken " it should be! mozilla guy ;)
I use Opera, but I do like chrome, some really cool extensions, like the remote desktop one, works linux to linux, full desktop. As said, I need to package it.
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