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Exploring the Seattle Coffee Scene
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Good Morning Michael: It reads here that you shared a Google+ page with me: Coffee Club of Seattle...hum-m-m. You're showing me that LA can't compare? I know. Actually I like Seattle's Best Coffee, which is sold here at Subway. I know it's not your grade :( Just sharing :) I'm still learning G+. Just saw this because I came to msg you. I don't recall getting a notification that you shared it.

Thanks for providing more detail about content submission at INC. I have been learning about Google content policies. I use Google attributes in my listings at eCrater and I think it has made a significant difference in sales. It would make more of a difference if I had time to market like I want.
Heard anything from your grad student netwk re Fusion?
He won't use Fusion. I'm not going to reach out for his help for several months. I need more data!
Question: Your helper hates all things Google (like people hate Microsoft)? Or Fusion is just too elementary for him?
He doesn't know anything about Fusion. I'm sure he uses mathematical software available to him in his graduate studies. It is a web based application in version 1. It won't be nearly as robust or feature rich as established compiled desktop applications.
Actually I just made test doc in GDocs and so far I don't like the app because not enough features. Interestingly, when I went to create a table it took me to Fusion. So how have you been creating your charts/graphs in your GDoc articles?

I wrote this earlier: (How long have you used Google Docs and what do you like about it? Is it limiting you now and is that why you are looking at Fusion?)
LA means Louisiana re: your Mardi Gras article, lol. Nice Los Angeles article though.
Looks like Windows Live Skydrive has more features than Google Docs: . Think I'll use it when I do the online thing. But I'll try Fusion for fun, though if you couldn't make it work I probably won't be able to either, unless your problem had to do with the type of data you tried to merge.
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