Messier 100 everyone!
This is from exactly 1 week ago and a nice ~1hr soak of light from 55Million LY away.  A nice looking spiral for a change and the Coup de grâce of the night and month of DSO observing so far, perhaps best since I got +Akule 
I do hope to do much better and have learned a lot about proper ISO, exposures  guiding with an OAG, etc.
I really need to get a good 2-3 hrs of light on one subject but in my quest for a complete messier list, I skip around too much.  I hope to get complete stats on my messier progress, but I'm assuming to be well more than halfway between this scope and the previous 6" schmidt-newt.
Here is the last 'current' image and your 1-a-day spring cleaning image day 54!!
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