Day17 of not-so backlogs.  Taken this week Monday.  In a quest to photograph the complete Messier collection, I 'have' to include this blunder of M40, which according to Wikipedia,

"was discovered by Charles Messier in 1764 while he was searching for a nebula that had been reported in the area by Johann Hevelius. Not seeing any nebulae, Messier catalogued this double star instead. It was subsequently rediscovered by Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke in 1863. Burnham calls M40 "one of the few real mistakes in the Messier catalog," faulting Messier for including it when all he saw was a double star, not a nebula of any sort.[1]"

The double in the lower left is what I assume to be M40, aka Winnecke 4.

I included as many of the nearby galaxies as I could frame, there are MANY galaxies.  Near the top there are a handful include the brightest, NGC4335 at 
Magnitude: 13.64.

Near the bottom is another set that I insected in the image that includes galaxies like PGC: 4537203 as faint as mag 19!!!

The count that Cartes Du Ciel gives is about 52 galaxies in this framed view of less than 1 degree!  I didn't try to count.  If some one wants to voulnteer, I'll include an image of where the galaxies are.

Also, if anyone can find me the redshifts or distances of the extended PGC I'd be happy!!
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