Question number 24 in our School of Fitness.
Chemotherapy is one of those crucial things that no one ever hoped to one day experience. But when the going gets real tough in life, its a life saver.
However, undergoing Chemotherapy is no walk in the park and while it can save your life and defeat cancer, it will also take its toll on your body. So much so that a recent study from Australia revealed that just 13 weeks of chemotherapy caused the heart to age by an equivalent of six years.

Here is my question:
Can maintained fitness exercise during chemotherapy prevent the now established cardiovascular aging associated with chemotherapy?.

Yes, chemotherapy patients that keep up with supervised exercise regimes will manage to maintain their fitness levels and quality of life in a much better way, while holding off the cardiovascular aging of their hearts that non-fitness chemotherapy patients will experience.
No, fitness is not enough to hold off the cardiovascular toll on our heart when we undergo chemotherapy.

website version, including the scientifically correct answer

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