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A European health report for 2017. And the UK is revealed to be Western Europes most obese nation. So, perhaps, fish and chips and beer just isnt the best of national food obsessions.

One important highlight that bounces right back at you is how obesity in the UK has increased by 92% since the 1990s ( it´s been increasing in every nation btw, but good ol England is leading the pack ).

And since we also know by now that obesity & overweight is not just about a individual increase in body fat %, which would have been perfectly fine and all down to personal preferences in body composition and aesthetics, but instead is directly tied to a huge increase in several health issues, such as diabetes & cancer and severely decreased quality of life and longevity.

A 92% increase since 1990 only highlight the growing public health challenge that lay ahead of every nation out there. The worse peoples health and quality of life get the higher the public and individual cost for the health and elderly care sector.

Not to mention, that at the end of the day, health and quality of life is about real people, not numbers.
And while no one should ever body shame or fat shame, or slut shame ( or fit shame ) other people, no one really should stand silent on the sideline and cheer on as people go about wrecking their own and others health by promoting obesity & super crappy food choices as a healthy way of life.

It isnt healthy and it never will be.
Not for that particular person, nor for society as a whole.
Fitness, health and body fat is, however, a personal choice, and being overweight or obese has to be just as allowed as being fit and healthy, of course, but the bad health of obesity should not be cheered on or sold as a healthy lifestyle choice, just as we do not applaud the people we love and care for doing drugs and drinking themselves to death.

5 other OECD nations have an even higher percentage of obese & overweight people than England, one being an Eastern Europe nation and 4 being non-European nations.

Another thing to take with you, is that the rise of obesity in the world, is not just the failure of individual people, but by society at large. We have applauded greedy corporations and nations selling crap shit food and stuff that has done no one anything good at all.

We have remained silent as shit was allowed to be manufactured and sold as food although it did nothing but cause bad health & increased waistlines.

And we remained silent as society at large settled for less physical activity and increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

And to make matters worse, we sell and advertise bad health and fitness choices as a good and sound lifestyle choice, be it smoking, drinking, eating candy or sitting still all day long. Fossil fuel versus clean air, electric vehicles versus diesel. Over and over we make the unhealthy choice, as individuals and as a society.
Cookies, cakes, candy, liquor, beer, fast food, french fries, sugar, crappy carbs, bad fats , super-sized meals, eating red meat, and stuffing our tummy full with ever increasing portions that results in nothing but an endless calorie surplus is what peer pressure and greed has labeled and sold as 'good for you son'.
All while people tell family members to take another cake and work out less in the gym.
'Eat some shit and forget about being healthy and happy'.
Around the world the message is more often than not.

'Hey girl' you are so cute and petite so you need some more of grandmas unhealthy food, and no you do not need to work out, just sit still here in the couch and do nothing. Forget about how bad it makes you feel, and pretend it wont hurt your back. 'Omg, look at that girl, she looks just like a guy'. 'Omg you cant be that thin, forget about having a flat tummy you skinny obsessed bitch'.

And so the story goes all around the world.
In media, newspapers, at home and in school, people breeding each other into bad health & obesity as the "normal", as the healthy, unhappy way life should be.

And for that, people and society remain equally much at fault as the world continues to grow ever more unhealthy & unhappy.

No matter if we are talking about the obesity crisis or the fact that we have sold more or less the entire worlds water storage and resources to greedy and polluting bottled water corporations instead of investing in super healthy & efficient & sustainable public tap water. It is a collective failure of each others humanity and individual health.

We grow ever more blind for how we treat each other in correlation to our appetite for food and personal income.

Be it homeless people or bad health vs equality and actual healthy habits.

the bad health of obesity

Outside of smoking, being obese is the biggest contributor to a premature death from cancers, heart attacks, strokes and or diabetes. And before that, decades of bad health due to those circumstances.

Another thing that obesity is driving is the amount of cesarean births. As the population overeats compared to what they use up on a daily basis, the amount of cesarean childbirths continues to increase too.

Bad joints, bad backs. Arthritis, Alzheimers, depression.
The list goes on and on and on.

But England, our old Viking colony is not the worst place in the world as far as obesity and all the bad health it causes.
That title goes to OECD countries, the USA ( nr.1 ) followed by Mexico, New Zealand, Hungary & upside down Australia.

website version, including links to the study in question.

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