Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 26, Black coffee, is it a natural diuretic that causes dehydration or a health improving rehydrating drink?

Black coffee, the mere words are capable of sending hundreds of millions of people into a state of Nirvana filled with transcending bliss and harmony :).
But black coffee is also a cup of rejuvenating health for our entire system. It calms the mind with its slowly rising aroma, helps us keep cancer and diabetes at bay, harnesses our creative focus like an arrow in flight, and in enough quantities, it can even boost peoples gym going efforts.
But is there all there is to it?. Well, here is my question:
Is the old saying true that your daily coffee drives so much fluid out of your body that you need to supplement your coffee intake with equal measures water too in order to stay hydrated?.

your options

Hell no. While coffee does have a mild diuretic effect it is not enough to dehydrate you at all, not to mention that each cup of black coffee contains a lot of water in itself too.
Yes, coffee is a diuretic drink so you need to compensate the fluid you will lose by drinking equal measures of water.

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