Global progress. And diminishing lives.
Life in the Anthropocene. Official UNICEF study.
In a world of global progress in a lot of important aspects, we can never close our eyes to the simple fact that hundreds of millions of people around this beautiful world are witnessing how their lives are becoming increasingly worse.

“In a time of rapid technological change leading to huge gains in living standards, it is perverse that hundreds of millions are seeing living standards actually decline, creating a sense of injustice among them and failure among those entrusted with their care,” “No wonder they feel their voices are unheard and their futures uncertain.”
- Laurence Chandy, UNICEF Director of Data, Research, and Policy.

And sadly, this is not just due to the temporary horror that is war & unrest.
You can find this growing longterm chasm between those classes of people that have and those groups and individual people that society is bluntly put, choosing to fail all around the world, even in the world leading Nordic nations where increasingly departments will resort towards blaming each other for the lack of individual help in any given case instead of manning up and being the department that solved that individuals often times dire need for welfare aid. Increasingly those that have only see a number and sheets of profit versus expenditure and instead of thinking about achieving true progress for all human beings and a truly healthy & thriving world they resort to the diminutive worldview that their sole purpose is maximizing profit for their employer no matter real-life consequences for others in that society or this world.

So, while the world is absolutely becoming wiser and better in a long row of truly essential ways, such as the rapid increase in clean energy, and the knowledge that we have to reduce harmful pollution and worldwide littering and injustice, the world is also becoming worse for those that have the least even in your own municipality.

And in the case of war & unrest, UNICEF has taken the global temperature and found that in 37 countries, 180 million youths are growing up right now in a world that is more likely to exist in extreme poverty, lack proper school, and education, and end up in a violent death, than those that were growing up in the same countries 20 years ago.

website version, complete with a link to the official UNICEF study

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