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a Song of silence

and nothing more was left behind then the gentle sound of silence 
Or was there not, something calling 
when dream turned to day

Health benefits of dairy

For quite a few years, some health 'experts' tried to steer people away from consuming dairy products, but personally i´ve been saying for a very long time that anyone being serious about their health and keeping fit and active should in fact embrace and include dairy in their daily food.

And as such, i´m happy to see that proper and current science is steadily growing a bigger and more solid case for getting back to promoting dairy in peoples diets. 

Sure, some people are allergic to various dairy products and others might want to skip milk and cheese and yogurt due to the often poor conditions of dairy farm animals. But from a health and food perspective it´s a no brainer to include on a daily basis.

Things to keep an eye on

Do stay away from dairy products with added sugar (just like you should stay away from any food with added sugar).

Buy with your heart and brain (if possible) and go for dairy products from grass fed, free walking cows. Ecological farmers not feeding their cows hormones and keeping them indoors 24/7 do not only produce a healthier product for you, but their farming in general is also kinder for our environment. We need less pesticides in nature and on our food and less resource drain on our environment. Not more.

Benefits of dairy in your fit and active - and healthy - life

It helps you lowering your body fat%

It contains some of the best slow, quality carbs and high bio value proteins you will find in any food resource - essential and positive parts in increasing your lean muscle mass.

It contains quality vitamins and minerals that helps your bone mass and general health.

And no - dairy does not make your blood levels go crazy, it will not make you fat or give you diabetes.

And finally - even tho you might think a bowl of yogurt is "poor" food, it´s easily one of the best quality staples in your diet - choke full of quality nutrition, and it do that at a price point almost no other food can match.

So, instead of wasting money on gainers and food replacement nutrition, go all out on milk and yogurt, cheese and heck - throw in a yummy protein powder too and you´r all set with quality food at a very low price point. ANd the savings you make, use em on berries and fruits, nuts and chocolate - and a gym membership :).

science stuff

A recently published study in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Healthcare analyzed dairy fat intake and central obesity among a group of middle-aged men over a 12-year period. Researchers found that high intake of dairy fat (from foods like butter, high-fat milk and whipping cream) was associated with a lower risk of central obesity, while low intake of dairy fat was associated with a higher risk of central obesity.

Please note the study wasn't focusing on fit and active people, but if you are, like me, a fit and active person, that of course only improves on the health benefits and only makes dairy an even saner choice since you obviously care about your health and keeping fit and the quality of food becomes even more important if you do keep fit and active.

A second study published in the European journal of nutrition that reviewed a total of 16 science studies found the same conclusions,  linking high-fat dairy foods with a lower risk of obesity.

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Thank you +Vladimír Vocelka :)
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the gentle dragon

the gentle dragon
that speaks my name
like a rhyme upon
the fleeting rays of sun

it turns and rides
the almost sleeping
translucent wind
Until, upon a flower

Moments later it will descend
Golden hues and black
its 'feathers' beam of
the quite fantastical
in all the different hues
that is
born of this
and many other worlds and stars

Opaque and dreamlike, its wings soon comes to pause

And now it sings my name
On this place where we both
for now will rest 

music of the day
Asylum by the black dahlia murder
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Yes,Judy gentle dragon is very good poem.
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photo of the day August 26, 2015
photographer +Johan Swanepoel 

Another gorgeous work of art from Johan, transforming and capturing and presenting the beauty of the wild of life like few others.

Tipping my hat off to you Johan (If I used a hat that is :P)
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I stand alone
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Michael A Koontz

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Air Pollution and our health
The factual Science of a Healthy Life

Science continually spits out more reasons in a never ending string as to why anyone interested in their own health and body should also be caring for a sustainable society and world.

As if it is not already bad enough with modern day Lifes annoying sidekick - air pollution causing cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases and crazy smog in a growing number of cities. We can now add dementia to the list of unhealthy effects that any unsustainable society will cause through air pollution.

Swedish researchers at Umeå University have uncovered compelling evidence for a direct link between air pollution and dementia. The run down is that if you happen to live in an area that leaves you exposed to air pollution you will run a 40 percent greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia compared to if you would have chosen to live in a city with healthier air.

We studied nearly 2,000 people over a 15-year span

The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, followed 1806 people over a 15-year span while also accounting for traffic patterns in the northern Swedish city of Umea. All participants in the study was of age 55 or older and medically healthy when the study began. 191 were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and 111 were diagnosed with vascular dementia during the study.

The researchers accounted for other factors such as age, education level, lifestyle and body fat. This is however not a lone wolf in a growing sea of science, there are already a pattern of previous research all linking air pollution to a wide range of negative health issues, ranging from life-ending cancer to lesser issues such as asthma and respiratory diseases. Scientists have also in recent years started to uncover how air quality directly affects the brain.

music of the day
13 steps to nowhere by Pantera

We know that very small particles can enter the brain through the olfactory nerve and cause direct damage

Forsberg, one of the involved scientists said.

In other words, this study is one more piece of the puzzle that day by day grows stronger, urging us all to transform society, globally, to a healthier and more sustainable way. Not so much for the sole sake of Cecil the lion and his surviving family. But equally much so for our own sake.

For our own tomorrow, for our friends and loved ones today and tomorrow. Replacing unsustainable vehicles and petrol with sustainable electric cars, replacing coal with solar, wind, water, ground and perhaps soon fusion is not only about preserving wildlife and green pastures, it is about allowing us all to grow older in a happy and healthy way. Allowing us all to enjoy a long and fulfilling life without the burden of cancer and dementia, allowing young people and old ones to breath, to run, to make love and fuck without the burden of cardiac arrest and obesity, diabetes and unhealthy water and air to sustain our bodies. It is about us all being able to eat healthy food grown from healthy farming, to walk in green and clean cities free of fog that is already killing millions of people around the world.

A good and clear example of that is the US which have been leading the unsustainable way of life in the last few decades in the western world, and as a result it has had the worst increase in all neurological deaths – men increased with 66 percent and women 92 % between the years 1979 and 2010.

website version

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Michael A Koontz

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One day, 3 workouts
The daily Science of a Healthy Life

Yesterday had me do a 3 workout split that went like this: Morning: coffee and water + a sprint based interval run. Midday: Triceps, Biceps, Abs. Evening: Hiit MMA that consisted of Kicking and punching at a high pace at first, and then followed by body weight squats and a slower, more yoga like approach to slowly moving between various martial art stances.

While that might sound like an awful lot.

Looking at it purely from the perspective of time it only occupied between 70 and 80 minutes of my entire day. And since we all know by now that we actually need to activate our bodies throughout the entirety of the day, I can not recommend this 3-way split enough. Not only does it allow your body to fully recover its energy levels from the morning cardio before you hit the weights. But it also allows you to round out your day with that slightly less taxing cardio based workout - keeping you healthy and active while you are watching tv or whatever in the comfort of your home (in my case I was actually watching some UFC while doing my own MMA routine).

So in the end, the time spent working out at the evening doesn't even keep you from doing your usual evening things all while providing you with the delicious bonus of doing wonders for your own fitness level and overall health.

music of the day
Dead Skin Mask by Slayer

Your Fit and Active formula for better health and a kick ass body

3 Workouts, One day
20 Minute morning walk with 4 explosive 100m sprints
Midday: Biceps, Triceps, Abs
Close Grip Bench Press: 7 sets (2 warm up) 8 to 12 reps per set
Dips: 3 set x as many reps as you can do
Biceps: Super set 2 warm up sets, barbell curls while doing dips + 6 real sets 8 to 12 reps per set
Abs: Hanging leg raises, as many as you can do: 9+ is superhero stuff
Evening cardio: 3 sets of 10 reps/set Body weight squats + Kick and punch for 15 minutes

the complete website article

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So nice!
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Michael A Koontz

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Children bed time stories Book
Mothers little Boy - Childhood Dreams

A 4 chapter short bed time story i finished up writing and publishing earlier this week.
It´s based on an actual event that took place in Sweden, Summer of 1850 when a young boy befriended a wild Momma Brown bear and her two little cubs.

So fire up spotify and dream away for a brief moment as you read this little story tonight :). The first three chapters also includes an original Swedish poem written during the 1800:th about the same event. Well, unless you speak Swedish, view it as a funny, exotic topping on top of the short book I wrote in English (including this surreal floral i shot this spring)  :).

Enjoy the read and have a great little weekend too people

Music of the day
Little Dreamer by Ensiferum

Mothers Little Boy, chapter one
You can read the rest of the book at our website, free of charge

Once upon
[in a foresty Norse kingdom]

Liten pilt i fjällskog gick: 
Rosig kind och änglablick, 
Munnen röd som tufvans bär… 
»Kors! hvad jag är ensam här!» — tänkte gossen. 

Och han stultade så späd 
Mellan höga, mörka träd: 
Moder hans i sätern var — 
»Här är jag min egen karl» — tänkte gossen. 

Svarta djur nu kommo två, 
Lufsandes, dit han sågs gå: 
Stora, grymma, lurfviga — 
»Jag fick sällskap, det var bra!» — tänkte gossen. 

»Men hvad är det för slags djur? 
Den där stora tycks mig sur… 
Om jag kunde fråga mor! — 
Men det måste vara kor» — tänkte gossen. 

And so it was that, one sleepy Summers day, that little Olle and his older sister Sara raced and played tag and hide and seek with each other. And before you knew it, their mothers home, and safe haven, was far away and before them lay, a sprouting, wild creek that lingered through the luminous landscape. 

It´s water washed in a slow and gentle way over the stony bed and protruding rocks, leafs floated by, and in the air they could hear the buzzing sound of dragon flies and bees. 
And there they lay looking down from a fallen tree trunk that stretched out over the creek, at the fish and frogs that jumped, chirped, and swimmed their way through the cold water that raced down from the ever snowy northern Swedish mountains, down towards the flatter lands and villages. 

The children was all rosy tired from their games and fun and equal parts exhilarated and happy, until, all of a sudden, a deer came jumping through the trees and bushes, and with a giant leap it crossed the creek and ran up over to the other side. With water splashing behind it´s petite, yet agile frame, it set off in a wild, wild hunt. 

The surprised siblings laughed at it all, and then. 
Behind them and to the right, a momma bear, big and brown, came out of the trees, and with her, two little cubs. 

They all froze up, children, bear cubs and momma bear. And with them, the frogs and fish, even the dragon flies, they all went silent, and no one moved as time itself seemed to slow down and freeze. 

Until, the silence shattered when the older sister gave up an exasperated sound,

'*it´s a MOMMA bear, run Olle, run!'.*

But Olle calmly looked at the three animals and thought to himself, "well, they don´t look dangerous at all to me, and for all I know they could be wild mountain cows, yep, I am sure of it, because they do look like really big, brown and furry cows, and my sister is never right about anything, even our mother says so. And now that Sara ran back home, at least I have good company, and they will be my bestest friends!."

chapter two
Two baby cows and one little boy

read chapter two and the rest of the book at our website

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for sure the best type of unexpected encounters there is :).
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Have him in circles
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some life is great music for your Wednesday
The black dahlia murder song Reciept
What a wonderful way to welcome 2015 by The black dahlia Murder, an album choke full of life loving songs and fuck those puny weights music :).

So from me to you, one of my rare, but wonderful, music posts :). Tune in, turn up the volume, bang that head and celebrate another wonderful day on planet Earth. And destroy those fucking weights now, or kiss and make love. Bettet yet, do it all and have a great, wonderful day, the best way you can :).
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Wings of a Raven
The complete first book is finally all set and done =)

For those of you that read the first chapter a year ago and would like to dive right into the entire book (including the updated and rewritten first chapters) hit the link, but please be advised that this is mature fiction, with explicit storytelling and events, including sex.

And for the rest of you, here is the first two chapters to get a taste of "Wings of a Raven".

And yes, I did say the first book, because book 2 is already about to get released in another universe :), and will eventually crawl it´s way into the light over here too :).

music for the read
Sail into the black by Machine Head

chapter one

In a dream forgotten, I was climbing inside a bell tower.
Or was it, simply

a memory lost. A moment from life it surely was
although I still did not knew, if it came from a life already lived.

Or, a life, yet to be seen and felt.

High up above me, a raven's wings could be seen.
Flapping before they came to rest and the birds eyes eerily twitching sharply before focusing on me and nothing else.

Curiosity and familiarity I swear, could be seen in the eyes of the bird.

Like a taste, upon the back of my tongue. Something came to mind and then, life and time seemed to slow with the beat of my heart.

Its thump inside my skull and ears, like a breath of words once washed away in the rain and stormy winds that snatched the words from my lips. It was as if I was still talking, but making no sounds at all.

All around me.
Light came to fade from both my eyes and in its still lingering touch upon my skin I could feel it vanishing in mere seconds as if it was all sucked away.

Why I wondered, 'what am I doing here'. 'how can this be real'.

Like fire in my mind, it burned, like a stream of white waters rushing ahead to crush the river bed and all the sand castles that little children had been building, my skin burned and prickled
and then..

Silence and stillness

lay all around me

as before my eyes and beneath the raven.
A magnificent elephant bull convulsed in a sharp spasm before collapsing towards the ground.

Soundless I watched it tusks seemingly and defiantly hold on to the frozen air as if to force its body back up from the ground, but then, they too hit the mud and dirt. Forcing a gust of dust exploding in a silent cloud

I tried to move my head, or at least I think I tried?

Did my throat itch?

Did I even think that, or is this not even me?. The thought echoed inside my skull as fingers separated from the soil itself beneath the animal carcass. Wrapping around its dead body and slowly the earthly limbs pulled it down into the eager earth and out of sight.

As the last of the elephant carcass vanished from my view, my world seemed to twist around itself and heavy fog came galloping, swallowing everything and me.
I knew.
I knew the air should suddenly be hard to breath, it was as if I knew that my skin was actually burning from the putrefied air and smog that now poisoned me by the second.

the words forming in my mind.

'I am detached from my body' this is a dream I thought. Or was it really?

My own fingers and hand suddenly stretching out in front of me, carving in the vapid air, as if to create an opening to once again see.
To see the raven above me.

"Why was there ravens here" ... Burning, thudding, thumping the thoughts kept racing, pounding against the skin and bones inside me.
My eyes searching, my mind burning, I carved and carved, faster and with growing desperation before my blood froze to a million shards of ice inside of my veins.

Things were moving.
Around me, moving towards me, away from me?.

"Why are you moving, stop", I screamed
Shadows in the fog, shapes without form.
Moving silently I thought, but the thought echoed immediately inside my mind, 'perhaps there is sound, and I just can't hear it any more'.

Who am I?
I tried to remember as the clump of fever raged from deep inside, it burned my thoughts, a black hole caught inside the confines of my gray matter, my bones and flesh, but soon it would tear me to pieces.
Where am I. And then I knew, long before I could see it.

Amongst the moving shapes of shadow, there was a woman, a woman behind a mask that helped her breathe in this air that was killing me.

The world began to twist and warp and the raven once more cried out my name
"My name? how do you know my name", my name? what was it, I had already forgotten..

chapter 2

Moments later

Or was it in reality, months or even years, and decades that had silently passed me by? That I can not truly say, but to me it felt just like any other fleeting moment, like when you look up from the morning paper, having just read a bunch of obscure black headlines that suddenly makes you realize that since what could almost be perceived as 'yesterday' for you.
In reality, 10 years had already gone by and before the postman's hand with a loud clunk dropped the next postcard or meaningless junk in your mailbox, just 'hours' from now, another 5 year would have passed you by as well.

Just like when your mind and eye swiftly and uninterrupted changes focus from something up close and personal to that far away in the distance object.

In the blink of an eye you see what once was out of focus, colors and transitions changing, light changing shape and hue in a moment of thoughts, blurry becoming laser sharp and shadows transformed to light and clear forms.
A seamless canvas that opens with clarity by nothing more then the will of your mind, and your eyes rapid changing focus.

My eyes came to rest, and i rose back to life, clawing my way through the dimmed curtains that had sheltered my disconnected body and mind, and like the shriek from a raven as it soars into air, leaving the maggots and dead carcasses behind.

My memories of the dark faces, the ravenous woman pounded my senses as my still dusty, itching eyes opened to the light of day.

The mist

and the bell tower

A burst of cold air rushed its way down my lounges and throat, and with the chill of midnight air, mould and urine sprinkled upon wild flowers and rotting wood.
The mist and the bell tower finally disintegrated inside my mind and before the cloak of my blurry eyes.

I coughed and stood (I think) up right with dilated pupils and thirsty lips as the pleasantness of the cold and starry night struck my synapses with the strength of a pummelling fist.
Hammers crashing against the iron anvil, fists of flesh crushing your skin, jaw and teeth's.
Life and the blinking light pounded upon my feverish mind, my bones and flesh caved, cracking, rebuilding.

My laughter, crackled and mad it soared like a sudden burst between my dried out lips as my body kept roaring with a starving, hollow intensity.
Each scent making my entire being convulse.

It was as I had slept for an eternity and my blood where non-existent, my tummy and soul, my entire me drained and empty. A raging hunger rushed in from all around, it consumed me and crashed my entire central system time upon time all while my empty insides turned around on itself like a barbedwire, all twisted and knotted up, increasingly kept tightening up. It releases, cluthec, it crushed me, tore and twisted inside, it stopped and started.
Release and start, Release and start. Release and start.

All over again and again. A shriek, the shrieks of ravens.

My legs cramped and spasmed as my muscles contracted and jolted my entire body with pain.

I smiled and laughed out into the airy night as I forced myself up on my elbows.
'you beautiful Whore of a life".
Are you real? Is this real?
I could not keep myself from laughing as the words bubbled up from within 'I am fucking life you hear me!.'
'I will find you, in the middle of the night'.
I mumbled like a mad man, to the veil of empty air, who did I talk to? What the fuck was I saying. Fucking birds! "Shut up!!"

The words formed and bubbled through the cracking sound of my laughter 'It does not matter, one day I will find you. Like the puppet and his shadow, the pied piper and his ravenous horde of rats'.

I laughed, I cried and raged, I bubbled with joy and the wind kept ripping the words out of me.

My voice, now a low whisper as the rain and wind kept pounding upon me. Tearing in to my flesh, the water was so cold it made my feverish mind burn with ice, the sound of ravens kept tearing into my flesh and mind.
'Winding up and down, up and down, the stairs that leads us deep into earth and the far-reaching stars'.

Like death and nature and the pagan marvels that is all of life, I knew my resolve. Unbreakable, but inside the waves of heat and cold, the words I spoke with no rhyme and reason, I wondered if perhaps I was now a mad men as well. Somehow I knew I had not always been mad.

It was as if a force of life force akin to the pulse of a star and the moving oceans, transforming, radiating, evolving inside. Each day a new page to turn and be, to become, to learn and see more of all that is life.

And like the sun and moon, the stars and the oceans. Every obstacle slowly melted away in the course of time never ending.

With a deep breath.
I closed my eyes as I caught a swift scent of fragrance dissipating in the night air.
Assaulting my senses and calling to me, awakening memories and life in my limbs. Out there, she crawled through the mist of time, like a beacon, calling upon me, to hunt her down and make my claim.

Would I have to climb that tower in my mind I wondered?.

would I be the one to feast on the carcasses of dying elephants, would I destroy, or save them all.
Ah you marvellous old bastard, you fucking, beautiful star-filled ocean of wonders. You haunt my heart and mind, you tease, create, kill and tear them down only to unravel even greater beauty behind every layer of life and death that is peeled away.

I loved life, I absolutely knew that I did.

With every breath and moment of it and I smiled as my mind like a burst of magnetism launched out and called out to that cloud in the night that kept growing inside my mind, like a cancerous lump of "weight", I could feel it out there, far away.

I called for them in the night, to herald my answer if they so wished, to come and fetch me. To grant me a ride through the wild road here in the realm of devils and angels, together by my side once again.

Don't ask me, how I even knew that something was out there, I still don't know.

I am still not entirely sure that this is not just the wildest, most outrageous dream ever dreamt.
A lump of coal burning inside my mad mind.

But this is how it was and is, for me.

Are we even alive? Is my hand moving as I look down upon my fingers, or is this your dreams and I am just a figment that grows inside the realm of your imagination.

And if I am a being of flesh and bones, if I bleed and breath, then, how can I talk to ravens and air? Who are you that I keep adressing?.
What does it even mean that I do. Questions that might ponder your brain, they surely have done mine in at times. I can feel you. I can feel your eyes and your mind tasting my words. Your feverish mind tracing every line of words I type.
Or do I type? Are you reading this or hearing it? Are you real?

Would you like to know something?, an ancient truth revealed between just the two of us
Those are questions that I do not care for, and I do not need the answers either.

What I know is that I am. And that is all that is needed to claim this life as mine.

I feel what I feel, just as you do. It is a shining beacon inside of us all that shines as bright and gloomy as we allow it to do inside the soundless, long night.

From deep inside that vividly burning light, the chill and goose bumps spread, through my every bone to the hair on my body, my skin, filled with thousands of hairs standing up in eager silence.

As if I was really standing under a shower outside at night, caught beneath the cold freezing winds together with a beautiful naked women. Kissing and tasting every inch of each others pounding skin

Yes, you can so feel that sensation too, can't you? Her lips against your naked skin, your fingers tracing her vibrant nakedness. Can you sense her turn on, the anticipation of the pleasures you will unlock and conjure from inside of her. The moist that is spreading.

. The dark call, like a magnet filled the insides of my mind and I knew that they had already heard me.

Out there, my children spread their wings, soon to would walk this place together.

The mist would unravel one day under the relentless wings of time.

My lips curled in a smile as I tilted my head every so slightly.
Listening to the coming storm, and in the distant, the falling rain as it fell upon the world.
Ah the sounds it made upon their wings.
Dark, beautiful beaks.
The cascade of branches moving, the sound of rain against the world - somehow, I could feel the drop of rain against their veiled, black feathers and it was as if we all stood beneath a great waterfall, covered in blackest feathers with water flowing all around. Their voices souring to the skies, pounding this mighty world like a torrent.

I smiled as the thought for a lingering moment caught a bubble in my mind and floated to the surface of my conscious stream.

Is this really happening, or am I still dreaming?
Am I lying in bed somewhere, trapped inside the beauty of a mad dream? Is it even my dream or someone else's entirely?

Perhaps I was right earlier, and I am just the figment of your imagination and no one would ever know that I am also and actually here. Unanswered questions as insignificant and pointless as the fact that we might seemingly never truly know the ever-changing nature of time, our clocks might claim it was a mere hour, but, perhaps as it sometimes felt, I had been standing here, waiting, for an eternity, or a mere second. Where did the energy go, the flowers broken and bent.
The decaying corpses, reclaimed by soul, wind, water, do mountains dream too?

Perhaps time was always the same and it was just a difference of emotions that changed our perspective in the most fundamental ways - perhaps it was our own mind and true needs that altered reality - it was that sweetest of madness that was life's beauty and the mad halls of the human mind.

The echoes that bounces at night, transpires, evolves and forever remains in perpetual transformation and relevance.

I turned my face up to the sky as laughter rolled towards the rain drops that came hurling towards me.
Standing beneath the rain that would soon bounce against my cheek and hair with even greater force.

I lifted my arms slightly bent as to welcome a long-lost friend that somehow would always be your most important friend no matter how far they had journeyed, no matter time and silence travelled, it would always be like a mere second ago when you saw them again, it was like that moment when you first encounter the love of your life - actually knowing entirely. without knowing the semblance of it all.

"Fuck" went through my mind.
'My feet are itching, and I need to wash my hair, I need to eat and dry up, what the fuck'

Out there, far away and still shielded by that veil of night, the shrieks tore through distance and rain, travelling through the darkness to announce the approaching arrival.

Of something..

now read the rest of book 1


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thanks man, it was a very pleasant and foggy autumn morning :)
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Michael A Koontz

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The day Hiroshima burned, August 6, 1945
B-San and Hiroshima, Life and History

Rewind, for a brief moment time, and dial it back all the way to August 6, 1945. Slow your time travel down and set the clock at exactly fifteen minutes past eight in the morning, Japanese time. And what you will now get to experience if you look up at the sky is the moment when an entire world shivered in pain, fear, guilt, relief, anxiety, doubts, death and disgust. It is the moment when an atomic bomb lit up the sky above Hiroshima. The moment when Miss Toshiko Sasaki sat down at her place in the Hiroshima plant office turning her head to speak to the girl sitting right next to her.

It is today, 70 years since this day. A day still worth remembering for what happened, and as a warning for what could once again happen. Some have claimed it ended the war sooner, others that all the hundreds of thousands in total of innocent civilians sacrificed in that bright wave of light and radiation and it´s horrifying aftermath, some how was less than the amount of people that would otherwise have died and suffered before Japan finally gave up. Truth is no one will ever know if that is correct, or if it was nothing more than a nation already mere moments away from winning deciding to take all its anger and hate and pour it down from the heavens in an act of two step revenge like the world has never before or ever again seen.

Either way, it was for the world, a collective moment and lasting devastation of horror, pain and misery that followed, it was on a scale entirely unthinkable. So many lives lost and destroyed in the blink of an eye that the global and national trauma somehow lingered on for decades and generations afterwards, so much so that after the second bomb fell, the world despite its many following wars and raging hate, ongoing conflicts and shortcomings have chosen to never again repeat what happened August 6, 1945.

Music of the day
Yours Immortaly by Cradle of filth

The Six Survivors

It was perhaps best described by John Hersey's Hiroshima essay, a lengthy read which took up almost the entire August 31st, 1946 issue of The New Yorker. An Essay that takes you through that exact moment that you have now travelled back to, showing the world what happened through the eyes of six actually surviving Japanese civilians instead of the usual and carefully polished victory propaganda the world most often gets to see in the aftermath of any conflict.

It is a moment in time and history worth revisiting and experiencing now that his 70-year-old essay have been republished online by the New Yorker. .

As Mrs. Nakamura stood watching her neighbor, everything flashed whiter than any white she had ever seen. She did not notice what happened to the man next door; the reflex of a mother set her in motion toward her children. She had taken a single step (the house was 1,350 yards, or three-quarters of a mile, from the center of the explosion) when something picked her up and she seemed to fly into the next room over the raised sleeping platform, pursued by parts of her house

The Above was a short passage from John Hersey´s excellent essay.

To the six survivors that John talked to and wrote about, that moment of the explosion was as if the sun had descended down upon Earth, but after wards. After the shellshock that tore down trees and houses. After the burning heat, the soundless explosion, the fire, the light. After wards, when the radiation slowly spread, day was turned into night. The sun was gone and winter and night was all that remained.

And as such, before I send you off to read the entire 70 year old essay, I will leave you with the question one of the children that survived the initial explosion said.

The five-year-old, Myeko, asked: “Why is it night already? Why did our house fall down? What happened?”. And with that I urge you to read the entire essay in the safety and comfort of your home. To never forget it, and perhaps even consider just why the world still spend thousands of times more per year on building more and better weapons than we do on healthcare, sustainable energy, clean air & water, healthy food production, well fare, parental care, elderly care, education and equality all combined.

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The Essay I Mentioned
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Michael A Koontz

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the homeless Invisible
inside out, the blind leads the blind

A few days ago, on my way to buy a few fruits, whipped cream and sugar free yogurt, as I walked inside the store I noticed a young girl in her twenties. She was sitting right by the entrance in the downpour of a proper dog rain that whipped us all with a free shower. Begging for petty handouts.

Sadly I had nothing to give her since I had no cash on me, but as I paid for my fruit I made sure to get some good ol fashioned printed money in return and so on my way out again, I gave her what I now had on me.
Well, this article of mine isnt about me giving her money. But while it felt good to be able to help her even in that abysmal and far too lacking way in that given moment. I could not help but to observe all the countless, never ending rows of people walking in and out of that store.

People walking in and out of that store with overstuffed bags, people all being overstuffed themselves.
People with money and too much food and all of them entirely blind to that young girl.

Unseeing hearts and closed off minds turned on, and while I stood there no one else gave her anything. In its own obscure way that little slice of time served as a pretty good view of our global modern world with too many having to much and to many having far to little.
And no I dont care why she was begging for money. Disability, mental health issues, unemployed, a gypsy, living on welfare that isnt nearly enough for anyone, was she a homeless and entirely without an income. Or any of the other reasons in life that could have pushed her to sit there.

My reflection is, does it even matter?

music of the day
Mouth for war by Pantera

Tax unhealthy food through the roof and subsidize healthy food and farming

Is not reality that no one with a joyful and fulfilling, healthy life would ever willingly spend hours in the rain begging for money outside a warm comfy store.

And if that is basic reality (which it is). I have to reflect on the slightly and sadly decently sized pool of people in the world, not the ones that didnt see her. That´s sad enough, but even more so is the amount of people that raise their voices and actions to make unemployed people, starving and homeless, sick and beggars something even worse to be.

The ones that claim to be good people, caring people, well behaved, loving, nursing, religious and destined for heaven and well paid jobs, people that claim to be the better. The very same people that enjoy kicking downstairs, lowering wellfare for the ones that needs help the most, the ones thinking it´s okay to beat up beggars and homeless. The ones that think they are not suffering enough in their thinly veiled shelters beneath stairs and grottos.

The ones that think they should be chased off or thrown in jail for being poor. The far too many that somehow thinks that unemployed and sick should be punished even more, the ones that feel that underpaid workers should suffer more.

Those soul less people, the heartless, the bullies, the over paid, mentally and emotionally ill people that think others should suffer for no reason at all.

No, I am not talking about you. Because I am sure that no matter how you do life you would never kick downstairs. You are one of the many that would like to see a healthy and fulfilling, equal world for every human being.

I am however talking about the selfish bullies.

The ones that have somehow replaced the evil of yesterday, the ones that are todays KKK, todays nazis and slave owners.
They would most likely never associate with such horrible labels of evil. And they would most likely never even dream of agreeing with yesterdays inhuman views. But that does not change that they are todays confederate soldiers, for obscure reasons marching to preserve inequality and injustice, they are todays over privilieged and selfish, people that knows better, yet for some reason they feel that they deserve more than others.

They are the ones we should outlaw. The ones that should be taxed more. They are the blemish on our civilized world. They are the anchor that slows progress towards a better and healthier world.

They are todays wrong, just like slave owners and nazis where yesterdays wrong. Another reflection I had was that it certainly is time for all developed nations to tax sugar and unhealthy food through the roof. Allow people that enjoy eating shit to do so. But tax it through the roof and use the proceedings of that unhealthy food to subsidize healthy food and healthy, sustainable farming, benefitting all of humanity in the end, while still allowing unhealthy people to choose unhealthy food. And all the savings in health care, all the savings in life´s and bodies for people and society, use that to increase well fare, to provide better free health care to people with far to little income. Provide housing and free sustainable energy for every person lacking enough money to pay for it.

But of course, that pool of people that for unknown reasons never allowed themselves to see her, they would never want that. For them making a better and healthier society is not at all a good thing for some crazy disturbed reason.

A well, as I said, they are todays wrong. The ones lacking empathy, and as such, the ones not being truly whole, thriving, healthy, wonderful human beings. They are the ones needing help too for they are blind and damaged and ill.

website article

Enjoy your day people, I for sure will :).
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Michael A Koontz

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The gardeners slow strawberries
and the chimpanzee chef

And while we wait for my strawberries to transform from one state to another. To grow, to change, transform, to go from green to ripe and tasty delicious. And to do it all again the coming years, from soil, rain and sunshine and then to pour that sweet nectar of life down my tummy :).

We might want to call this post and photo of mine, I am Ape, and I am you instead.
Because, one day, when we sit down at our table, outside on our open, white boarded porch. The chef will be one of our oldish cousins, whipping up the yummy cream, washing the cute little red berries and BBQ a slice of chicken and veggies with greatest joy.

And damn, this chimpanzee do know how to cook.

Once the chicken is done, we all sit down, eat and dine. And you can see that he enjoy his handy work, and greatly so. His English is a bit rough around the edges, but he is learning, and with the help of a waterproof 4k tablet that assists with real-time translations from our fluent English to his mix of English and native chimp tongue our conversation is amazingly smooth, and greatly rewarding for us all.

Of course, he is just visiting for the day. He sometimes do that, coming down from his forest home to BBQ, eat strawberries and to talk. He likes that, our friendly chimpanzee cousin.

Enjoy the summer people.

And if you are wondering what in gods name I am talking about, hit up our website for an article about the joy of cooking that chimpanzees (and other apes) have been found to enjoy - both making and eating. A joy and appreciation of cooking the food and eating the delightfully made food that rivals our own.

And yes, they are the chef´s, all on their own. In an evolutinary step like the one we once did when we mastered the fire, apes have been found to have started the same culinary evolution that before them, only us humans have done.

Fascinating, cute and amazing all at one. And I for one can not wait for the day when we get to sit down to a table made and enjoyed with an Iron chef chimpanzee :).

website article

music for the day
The Vengeful one by Disturbed (yay! :P, new 2015 stuff from Disturbed)
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Thank you :)
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Michael A Koontz

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The Euphoric flight of Creativity
Inside our Mind and external inspiration

The Cerebellum inside our individual selfs will dance it´s very best only to its own bidding. Hidden away, inside and behind the curtain of what we consider our conscious thoughts, our "little brain" powers on with magnificent poise.

The small, behind the scene part of what we think of as our brain is despite it´s smaller size (The Cerebellum makes up about 10% of homo sapiens total brain volume) commandeering the majority of our brains neurons.

music of the day while you are reading
Avalanche by Arch Enemy

Dancing like a Ninja and painting like Van Gogh

Not only is our little brain keeping you upright as you dance and spin like a ninja master, breaking arms and doing jumping spin kicks, twerking your ass off on the dance floor, but it is also the wheel that greatly powers our creativity.

Some of us needs a total and conscious effort to create anything and everything. And for those, the prefrontal cortex is the master chief at play. Others, on the other hand, only has the first stumbling steps taking place in the conscious cortex, but then truly spins into high gear once the cerebellum takes over.

Surprisingly, not so surprisingly, that scientific look at what happens inside our brain as we engage in creative activity lines up incredibly well in what we all know from real life experience.
Some acclaimed creatives claim you need to force it. Treating the delicacy of creative thought and art like the conscious effort it is to change the bike tire. All while most other high functioning creatives, claim without a thread of doubt that their best creative work, only happens by itself once they have set things in motion and then allowed their mind to do other things. Creating something of quality in the fountain of inspiration that is found when going on with daily life.

Both processes, of course, involves multiple parts of our minds to be engaged. But one favours the cortex while the other resides primarily in the subconscious "little brain".

So, at the end of the day, surrender yourself to the truth of how your mind actually works and achieve your best creative endeavors yet. Or, as one of the men responsible for the scientific study that led me to write this article said.

“The more you think about it, the more you mess it up,”
Dr. Manish Saggar

Creativity that is, not life itself :)

website version of this article


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