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Mutual symbiosis
Wild animals and Homo Sapiens

Once, we hunted with wild wolves. Not from domestication or forced cooperation. But instead, humans and equally wild wolves formed a natural and mutually beneficial symbiosis between two predatory species. Just as how we and wolves, once hunted together with wild ravens in the cold north. Fast forward to 2016, and this natural evolution that at times have allowed humans to work together with wild animals have given us another wonderful cross-species partnership.

This time, the greater honeyguide bird species and human honey hunters in northern Mozambique, Africa are the ones that work in tandem to conquer the sweet treasures of African bees. And unlike so many other animal/people relations, this is a real partnership benefitting both species equally much and initiated by the birds as often as it is by the human honey hunters.

music of the day
Scarlet heritage by Semblant

The honeyguide bird led the way to the African bees’ nest 75% of the time

The researchers involved in the study soon concluded that when the human honey hunters special bird call was used, the honeyguide birds would around 75% of the time not just show up, but also lead the way to a proper bees’ nest.

But the question remained whether the 'honey hunters’ call specifically signaled to the birds that willing honey hunting people were around with the intent of finding honey. Or if it was simply a question of the birds noticing nearby people.

This is, after all, a wild bird species that long ago had noticed that it could all by their own calls and sounds actually summon people to help the birds deal with the bees. But had the bird now also learned to actually listen for people to signal in a proper way that 'yes', we are willing to go and find some honey right now.

“It seems to be a two-way conversation between our own species and a wild animal from which both those partners benefit,” Spottiswoode wondered.

“could this really be an example of reciprocal communication between humans and a wild animal?” the scientists wondered.

72 honey hunting adventures

To find out, the scientists involved in the study took part in 72 honey-hunting expeditions. During each of them one of three different sounds was played, one was the proper 'honey-hunters’ signal, while the other two sounds, were used as simple control sounds to try and see if there would be a statistically significant difference.

The researchers did conclude by the end of the study the honeyguides were more than twice as likely to lead the way when the proper “brrrr-hm” sound was used, compared to the two control sounds. The proper sound prompted the bird to not just show up, but to also guide the honey hunters to a succesfull honey hunt 75% of the time.

This should of course not really be that much of a surprise for anyone that has spent enough time with wild and domesticated animals. There are plenty of cases clearly showing animals quite rapidly picking up on the proper cues that this is a willing human being that it might prove beneficial to work with.

But it is of course very interesting to see such a large scale cross species symbiosis develop between humans and a wild bird species across a large part of Africa.

You see, the most fascinating aspect of all this is that the Yao honey hunters have their own specific calls for the honeyguides, while other African tribes have developed other sounds to signal to the birds. Something which the authors suggest, indicates that the honeyguides´ve developed their own local language and intepretation reflecting that of the humans they interact with.

Spottiswoode said
“This suggests that honeyguides seem to attach meaning, and respond appropriately, to the signal that specifically advertises people’s’ willingness to cooperate,” she said.

Stuart West, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Oxford agrees.
“The honeyguide kind of understands what the human is saying,”
“If we think of domesticated animals, pets, and livestock, we can train them to respond to specific signals,” he added, “but to have something like that in a wild animal is quite special.”

And, as such the great honeyguide bird join the ranks of wolves and ravens which through their own free will and natural evolution have chosen to join the small ranks of wild animals working in mutually beneficial symbiosis together with us humans, while in every way there is remaining free and wild. A natural cooperation which we, in turn, have opted to respect and allow both species to benefit from in beautiful equality.

website version

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Thank you Azlin, happy to know I can provide you and your kids with fresh topics and talking points straight from our beautiful and fascinating life :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Lifting Weights will give you a more hot, chic and healthy feminine body
Minka Kelly style

Just like moving about, doing everyday cardio, we were all of us born to lift weights. It´s great for your health and longevity and together with healthy food, the great creator of a fit and toned ( and healthy ) body.

It is very true that I normally will tell people to lift weights 5 days per week. But I also understand that not every person will enjoy lifting weights enough to actually stick to a workout plan that demands 5 days of weight lifting per week. And as such, keep in mind that lifting challenging weights by doing bigger compound exercises two days per week is enough to allow you a much stronger and much more functional, healthy and toned body.

Something always beats nothing.

Always remember that.

And when those two days of lifting weights are supplemented by seven days of healthy food and 3 days of more intense and challenging cardio, such as yoga and martial arts, climbing mountains or flipping monster truck wheels the results will continue to add up and over time always persist.

Resulting in greatly lowered amounts of unhealthy body fat, while providing you with a strong and toned, feminine body that is both healthy, sexy and capable of athletic feats.

Weight lifting exercises for this workout plan consists of the following exercises.
Barbell standing row
Shoulder press
Bench press
Hanging leg raises

Hit the website for the complete "Healthy fit. Toned & girly chic" workout plan.

music of the day
Cry of the black birds by Amon Amarth

Model and photography: Minka Kelly

Workout plan by me :)
See this Instagram photo by @minkakelly • 4,316 likes
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oh it was nothing fancy at all, sugar free yogurt, an Apple and fresh berries picked outside in My garden. As simple as it gets, but damn yummy, and healthy :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Outside those nightmarish critters from hell place called Australia, Queensland. A small thing called the Great Barrier Reef has been bleeding, bleaching and dying for quite some time now.

And no, we can not blame mother nature for it. The main reason is us people. The great plague :), that´s us. Irresponsible and near sighted. But, down here on Earth things do not remain stuck in a negative spiral. We can always turn course and change tomorrow. And as such, in order to save sharks, and countless of other species that calls the Great Barrier Reefs their home, and the reefs themselves, the World Wide Fund has decided to simply buy the 100 000 US$ license that allows commercial fisheries to destroy and ravage one of this world's most vital little wonders.

In order to do that tho, the WWF needs you. Exposure, action, simple choices and money is the things with which we can help make the world a better tomorrow ( and of course, real soon that tomorrow will be today ).
WWF raising funds to buy a shark fishing license on the Great Barrier Reef to protect sharks
#shark #savesharks #sharkawarenessday #ocean #environment #Australia

Over the past ten years record numbers of sharks have been caught on the Queensland coast, causing catastrophic damage to the ocean ecosystem on the reef, evidenced by the increasing bleaching and dying of the Coral reef.
Of course sharks aren't the only factor - there are many detrimental forces negatively impacting the Reef. But sharks are vital to the ecosystem.

So the World Wide Fund for Nature is bidding to buy the fishing license in order to throw it away, thereby protecting the sharks - and the whole reef.

Happy shark awareness day

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yes, me too Nilanjana. Thank you for stopping by :)
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Michael A Koontz

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health and fitness
a simple daily choice

Lifelong health and fitness is for all of us about this super simple recipe.

Wake up every day and choose to make healthy choices that day too.
Eat healthy food this day too, keep your body engaged and active as good as you can at this point in time.

Rince and repeat both of those things on a daily basis.

And keep doing it for all of life, or at the very least for as long as you wish to remain as healthy and as fit as you enjoy being.

website version
30 minute or so long form article read about life long health and fitness

music of the day
Erodent by Borknagar
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Michael A Koontz

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Sea Shepherd and our polluted global waters
the science of a healthy life

Nothing needed for me to say here, I have talked about toxins in fish before, water pollution and the growing amount of debris and other issues with our open seas that all comes right back to bite our collective global ass.

So instead of me talking yet again about it, head on over to Sea Shepherds newly launched site and initiative, read up, and help out. In the end, helping the planet is you helping your own health and life too.

"Large percentages of fish now contain man-made debris plastic or fibrous material, which absorbs toxins that consumers of seafood digest.

Birds, sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales are the innocent victims of marine debris. Australia’s CSIRO has warned that 99 percent of the world's seabirds species will be ingesting plastic by 2050 if current marine pollution trends continue."
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Yes, they played well.
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Michael A Koontz

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One of the wonderful, must do, compound exercises. The Science of a Healthy Life

This is the first piece in a short series of gym and fitness articles that will take a look at the great compound exercises that should be a part of every fit and active, and healthy living persons weekly workout schedule. In this article, it´s all about deadlift.

More than any other exercise deadlift is the one I think of as the king of a strong and healthy full body development.

music of the day
Lock up the wolves by Dio (omg what a classic)

I used the phrase 'full body development' because all compound exercises improve not just one isolated group of muscles, but they contribute to your overall health and entire body composition, allowing you to increase strength and lean muscle mass, and health in several groups of muscles.

Some of them, like squat and deadlift, activate so much of your entire body that doing them improves pretty much all of you, from top to toe. Doing these exercises on a weekly basis is like having your own full body and health do over.

Do a few years of deadlift and see your arms, your ass, your legs, lower and upper back, your shoulders, abs, posture, and heart and lungs all improve.

Better yet, It will help you do all that while also kicking your body fat burn and overall health into a much higher gear. And that makes deadlift something that both men and females should make sure to do every single week.

And also why I use the term 'full body development'. It does not just make you stronger, or give you a more toned ass or legs, it makes all of you stronger, including your overall health.

Are you looking for a stronger heart and cardiovascular performance in daily life? Check, increased body fat burn, Check. Do you wish to lower your chance of developing diabetes, check. Do you wish to improve your posture and lower back health and strength, check. Abs? Check, arms, shoulders and so forth, it´s all check, check, check.

Photography: I am not the photographer, Elite Body Imaging did the shoot.
Model: Lindsey Renee, is however the girl responsible for this gorgeous and healthy visual and body. ( health and fitness article with her if you feel like reading and seeing more, )

The how to

For a complete how-to when it comes to doing Deadlift, portrayed in video and text click the website link for the full article.

The short description of how to do it is however.

Start with your feet flat placed wide apart, directly beneath the barbell, squat down with your ass towards the ground (as low as you can go and still do deadlifts in a controlled and comfortable way) and grab the bar with a shoulder wide or slightly wider overhand grip.

When you lift the weights off the ground, you do so by extending your hips and knees to full extension, pulling your shoulders back and keeping your back straight all through the explosive movement up and slow and controlled on the way down, do not ever arch like a banana.

If you have to arch like that, finish the rep and lower the weight for the next set, it is too heavy for you and arching the back like a banana will sooner or later lead to back issues.
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Always :)
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stories from my world

Inside my own realm of
life capricious, so fleeting, and shapes
of proud
that walk like vikings
The ones that never left, our world
from eons past
And tomorrows day, these things
that still hold
their shape and form in a sea of wild storms and
withered souls

We grow
Like fleeting mist around the base
of mountains so cold, that becomes
A giant that up from his knees rise
from the deep blue
to stand and climb the towering worlds

I can now see, the shapes of trees
Across the water
Slow it crawls, across our field
of view

We near the shore
until soon
without a sound
tomorrows land becomes
this day too

music of the day
Tattered banners and bloody flags by Amon Amarth
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Thanks man, those are some fancy words and a comment which I can totally live with :). Musicality, I like that thought :)
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the trees, that dream
of your name

These trees that stand, here, on this hill
They sometimes crave your delighted mind, as they dream
Of far away mountains
In this night of dreams, and somewhat painted

Rain, soon a torrent stir
Amongst their roots, can you still
remember, all that water?

Like an echo far out at sea
The mud that travels on the wings
Of bumblebees

There they stand
The trees that whisper
Your name, in the night and sea

I wasn't going to post this for a few more weeks, but god damn, it is such a beautiful time of the year so I am taking a spontaneous summer's break and sending you guys off to enjoy your summer and winter with my photo and my short piece of writing.

Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful time guys and girls :).

In the unlikely :P event that you like this photo enough to actually want to own it, you will later this year be able to buy it as a gorgeous and thick, stand alone, glass print that somehow soaks up the ambience and light of your living space. Gorgeous stuff I tell you :)

music of the day
sleeping stars by Wintersun
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Loved and got soaked in every lil words of yours :) Happy day Bud! 
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Michael A Koontz

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happy bday G+
five years of adventures, aeons more to go

I can of course not say that G+ turning 5 is cause for actual cataclysmic global celebrations. But none the less, here it is. A softly spoken 5-year-old stranded on a world that has already seen so many incredible changes since the summer of 2011.

We have been guided by a long stretch of planetary record-setting warm months, but now it has ferried us all into the shore of the summer of 2016 ( the southern hemisphere is freezing their balls off right now, or so they think at least since they do not really know what a proper winter is like ) and as the summer solstice came with ever lasting days, G+, in turn became 5 years old.

Our birthday entity was launched in a warm and beautiful summer back in 2011, and like a black swan amongst the sea of mostly white swans, it has since day one stood out. Some have held it´s flag up high, while others have talked up the horde of meaningless twitter swarms and fb click bait bots.

The + however, flawed and beautiful, and human as we all are, have continually shape shifted and course corrected in the torrent of life, but as all things should, always kept improving, transforming and growing up.

As we evolve, so do the + too.
And by now it is truly coming into it's own.

But for me, G+ turning 5 is less about that, and more about how the plus also served to bring me one of the most exquisite gifts there ever was in life.

music of the day
Battle in the shadow by Unleash the Archers

What matters in life has Never been the endless horde of fleeting people, the zombies and dull moments which you sleepwalked through. Life joy and worth is not about the dips and lows that we all encounter as we go by with just living.

The magical essence of life is not about the sameness of the strawberry, It's about the delicious and tasty, rejuvenating thing that strawberries are for you, it is about the unique individual spark it ignites in you.

What truly matters for us all, at the core of who we are, is not the diminishing words of holy books and grumpy people telling us that nooo, you can not be happy. You can not enjoy love and sex, or freedom because you were born a woman so you can not be allowed to have orgasms and sex and love that caters to your own joy and needs.

Those oppressive things do not matter. Such things are based on others selfish oppression, they are born from confusion and human fear, not life´s truth and wisdom.

The things that matter are the things and times in life that carries with them something real for you. Real joy, fulfilling love, the rare sex and friendship that do blow your mind just by its own nature. Gender, race, national borders, wealth and money matters not when faced with that simple truth.

Appreciation, calm, laughter, gratitude, the reality of life, the real needs of people. Real education, real health care. The things each and every one of us truly enjoy and need for life to blossom and so forth in all it´s endless perpetuity and all thing else et cetera.

All the things that bring with them a real and enjoyable response in you.

Be it the world's most amazing 'whatever'.
What matters is that whatever it was, it gifted you with that gracious experience and real response inside of you.

What does not matter is what or who they are, if they are life altering big or small everyday stuff. Expensive or free, how often they happen or not.

Its real value do not ever change depending on if it happens on a daily small stuff level, or someone else's approval.

Others fantasies have no impact on the real value of life for you.

It does not matter if these things are rare things you get to do and taste just a few times in a single year or just a handful of times over the course of your entire life.

What matters is that you did get lucky enough to experience those moments and things.

That you felt it. and that you are wise enough to appreciate that life improving thing for exactly what it is.

So for me, what actually matters about G+ is the moments in life, and the company those moments were shared with that absolutely would Never have happened if Google had not given birth to G+ back in 2011.

And as such, every year that g+ turns one year older, I will always greet that birthday with a joy that is always there and would never have been there had it not been for the birth of g+ summer of 2011.

Happy bday G+ and to all of you, have a wonderful Summer ( or not so cold winter down south ).


website version
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thanks buddy :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Death gives no birth
Life is all there is

Upon tiny threads of
Dark, and sun fantastic
You thread so barefoot naked, slow and careful, sweet mortal god of lies

Your tongue perhaps got tied, all sudden
For now, you walk
beneath my feet, through
These gates that which I slowly built, a summers dream
of stars I weaved

So Long forgotten

from parcels, stones, saints and vivid sinners
A Dream, of trees, in my moonlit night of days to come
and far behind

Welcome be sweet god of lies, but always know
That this,
is not your paradise

Nor the world of dead
and worms forgotten

Each barefoot step, which you now might take
upon my weave
of starry light and misty night your last might be,
from Wednesdays, Sunday you now
might go towards your Tuesday
Like a fool,
or wise man's son, stars might
guide you home to
dying worlds and empty castles, or my two,
sweet dark horses
that wait your visit, by the roadside manor

But, at least
heed this truth

And live each breath still remaining

like you are the shooting star
That with each morning, like an arrow
across the sky
and out of sight
still steadfast fly

towards my heart

This night's end do approach
And perhaps,
your tomorrow, will, in turn, come
and pass, turn into the past neglected
No one watching

So, until we meet, dear mortal god,
at that roadside, breath so sweet

With nothing, but all the joy
and sorrow
that life will give for those dear mortals, that walk
each step given
with full intent

For this. I promise
Is all life holds

Revisiting an old photo with a brand new take.

music of the day
Strange highways by dio
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I can feel the melancholia seeping in through the mellowed glow of life :):) 
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Michael A Koontz

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Farming 2.0
Health benefits for you, and the planet

Some might think that organic farming is a tired old buzzword from past times that promises to ruin the life of farmers and cheat customers of their money. And yes, organic farming is harder to do for the farmer, costs money to adapt to, and often times our broken food industry make the up front cost for the customer at checkout higher as well.

But, Farming 2.0 is a step forward, making use of high tech, automation and the very latest science to make farming more ecological, while making the end product healthier to eat for the end customer. And is that not the future? A better one that is.

Summary of direct health benefits for you:

Up to 60% more omega 3, richer on antioxidants, anthocyanins and flavonols. All while lowering the amount of unhealthy toxins and pesticides and other unhealthy things such as sugar and antibiotics.

To that you can add other benefits that indirectly benefit you, such as lower pollution in soil, air and water, less health costs for society and a far more animal and planetary friendly production.

All in all providing you and your body, your long term health and well being with immense health benefits.

Click the link for the full article, including links to recent scientific studies backing up what I just said.
Farming 2.0 is high tech, healthy, animal friendly & sustainable The Science of a healthy life Some might think that organic farming is a tired old buzzword from past times that promises to ruin the life of farmers and cheat customers of their money. And yes, organic farming is harder to do for the farmer, costs money to adapt to, and often times our broken food industry make the up front cost for the customer at checkout higher as well. But, Fa...
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well tag me if you do write about framing and other photography stuff :) and thank you :)

Hmmm.. Tomatoes ( of course ) Kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, onions, baby eggplant & hot peppers, ... Oregano, dill, tarragon, cilantro, parsley & rosemary :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Shell is divesting & that is wonderful
The Science of a healthy life

June, 2016 dirty oil company Shell surrendered its oil exploration licenses in the Canadian Arctic, paving way for the creation of a much bigger and better protected marine park for whales, walruses and seals.

Shell has recently withdrawn from exploration in Alaska and Norway, and now its rights to drill in the area east of Lancaster Sound has been handed over to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

A good will and thing to do for Shell, but also a wonderful thing for all of us. As is the roughly 10 percent of it´s oil and gas assets that shell is currently divesting ( but still just 10%, common guys, you can do so much better business than oil and gas, aim higher, transform, and go big).

The protected, natural park which has yet to be created impact a long list of wildlife, from birds to polar bears and roughly 75% of Earths narwhals which spend their summers in this region. 
Shell is divesting & that is wonderful The Science of a healthy life June, 2016 dirty oil company Shell surrendered its oil exploration licenses in the Canadian Arctic, paving way for the creation of a much bigger and better protected marine park for whales, walruses and seals. Shell has recently withdrawn from exploration in Alaska and Norway, and now its rights to drill in the area east of Lancaster Sound has been handed over to the Nature Con...
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