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20 Jan 2017 got to be the historic day for when the raging Vikings of Sweden became a 10 million strong population.
a short historic population view

Sweden has exported large numbers of Vikings across the world and the European continent on numerous occasions, like when the Swedish Goths raged across most of Europe, walking up and down, left and right for numerous decades after having migrated out of their home in Sweden. A million people or so also left Scandinavia for USA during the wild west years, and countless of long and strange war´s on the European continent for what amounts to hundreds of years thinned our Viking population on numerous occasions.

So it is more than likely that if we had exported fewer Vikings and embraced our current philosophy of peace earlier that we would have crossed the 10 million mark a long time ago.

But here it is.

population timeline

Sweden reached 1 764 724 people in 1749.

And we became 3 million strong in the year of 1835.

Reaching 5 million in 1897 with rapid increases in birth rates and extended lifespan.

WW1 did not hold back the population pace and we crossed six million in 1923.

8 Million Vikings were reached in 1969.

This was the year we crossed the 9 million barrier.

And today, Jan 20, 2017 we sprinted across that 10 million line in a never before seen pace just 13 years after becoming nine million strong.

And the next step?

Well, Vikings obviously enjoy sinful pagan sex and healthy progress and quality living, so we are now looking forward to becoming 11 million as soon as 2024, just 7 years from now.

music of the day
Hinterlands by Netherbird
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Absolutely. It will always be challenging, challenging but always doable and essential.
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Michael A Koontz

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Book: 'The evil guest' by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, is a weekend read that comes equipped to serve you a slice of murderous fantasy and horror.
Tread carefully, with coffee and an apple to go

'The evil guest' takes us on a 2-3 nights long weekend read through a murderous journey of mares and mortal people. Part fantasy, part ghostly wonders meant to be enjoyed in the darkest of nights. Or why not all tucked in a warming blanket during the cold, white winter.
By J. Sheridan Le Fanu.

Enjoy the read. 
The Evil Guest Delivers a short weekend snack of ghostly horrors and suspended drama, a tale to be enjoyed at the burning light of the witching hour for sure. by J. Sheridan Le Fanu Suitable for teens and up. Explicit storytelling and events. UHD book reading video TBA Weekend read (Three Nights Bed time read) The evil guest takes us on a murderous journey of mares and mortal people. Part fantasy, part ghostly wonders in the darkest of nights...
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Michael A Koontz

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Camelopardalis is latin for 'The camel that could have been a leopard'.
Wildlife facts from the life of a Giraffe

One of planet Earth´s most unique land-living animals still roaming about in the wild also happens to be one of the cutest and most enchanting, and gentle colossuses that have ever existed. Yet, somehow, despite the towering size and unique characteristics of these majestic critters they are also one of the lesser talked about wildlife stars. And so it happens that by now they are like so many other species highly endangered without anyone really paying attention.

But perhaps that is the reward that life gave these majestic beings that float across the land they call home as if they are majestic land dwelling whales. A backseat in the human consciousness as we proceeded to decimate their global population with 40 or so % in less than 30 years.

music of the day
Storm drains by fit for an autopsy

The turning of a new year for Camelopardalis and Hominoidea.

And so as we turn the pages of another year, let us ring it in by talking about the camel marked like a leopard.
Cue the latin name, "Camelopardalis".

Which if you translate the gorgeous sounding latin name straight over to English comes out as the equally cute phrase "camel marked like a leopard".
Still wondering what kind of animal I am actually talking about?.

Well, wonder no more, because the friendly giant is none other than the Giraffe.
And perhaps we should start with that name? Because right now I am 100% convinced that your capable neurons are already rapid firing the obvious connection between the Giraffe and the Leopard. After all, they are both dotted in that very same, and beautiful way by nature's painter which makes the English name seem perfectly logical all of a sudden.

But those beautiful patches is not just there to reign supreme in the good look department. They serve an essential role too for the Giraffe´s health and longevity.

The Patches of the Giraffe.

Each patch on the fur of the Giraffe is actually surrounded by a sophisticated system of blood vessels which act as a biological thermal window that is primed to survey and control the Giraffe´s body heat. And so, recent thermal scans of giraffes have clearly shown us that the unique body heat is directly matching the pattern of each individual Giraffes spots.
Giving us what is essentially evolutions own version of a built-in smart and biological AC system capable of outdoing the smartest homes when it comes to keeping a perfect cool in the blazing heat for each individual.

The Giraffe is so well suited for its life amongst the giant trees and blazing sun that it does not even drink water every single day. On average they only choose to drink water every few days, getting most of what they need from the water inherent in the hundreds of pounds of greens they eat each week.

And just how do they get to those tasty and moist filled greens?

Well, the Giraffe, as you most likely already know, evolved from a more antelope looking animal that used to roam Africa a few million decades ago, and from there it grew its seven vertebrae long neck into something larger still that now dwarf almost all grown human adults, and as if that was not enough, at the end of it all, the Giraffe is not just throwing around a sun-proofed black tongue with its own antiseptic, but a tongue that reaches 50 centimeters further into the yummy acacia trees whose leafs it favors.

And so it is that the Giraffe wander our world more resembling a fantasy like enchanted animal than any other living thing.
And let us just hope that we all decide to stop killing it for its tail and 11-kilogram heavy heart, and its bone marrow and brain, which some wrongfully believe are capable of curing HIV.

Other threats that weigh heavy on the rapidly diminishing global population of Giraffe is the many violent conflicts raging between various human groups throughout its entire habitual range.
So as we learn more about the 2m body slam drop newborn Giraffe calves have to endure at the moment of birth, let us not just hope, but also work for peace on this planet, and increased scientific education and sustainable life on Planet Earth so that we still have a healthy Giraffe population in 30 years time.

Giraffe facts:
Name: Giraffa Camelopardalis
Size: 14 to 19 feet high ( 5 feet neck, and roughly 6 feet long legs )
Weight: Up to 2 800lbs
Sprint pace: The Giraffe can sprint at up to 35mph when needed, but prefer to travel at a lower pace for extended periods.
World Giraffe day: 21 June, every year.

The writer is, of course, by yours truly, while Johan got to show off his skills as the photographer behind this excellent photo since I wanted a photo of wild Giraffes for this post and we don't have that many wild Giraffes running around up here in the snow :).

website article, including infographic
Giraffes - Etosha

Will be re-posting some b&w pictures from my very first days on G+ at bigger size. Some have just been purchased for a calendar (2013).

Hope those who haven't seen it enjoy the bigger format :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Life in the Anthropocene 2017 and onward. The Living Planet Report by WWF.
Our Arctic Sunrise, Year 4.5 Billion - Pt 2

Anthropocene is a word I personally like. You encounter it quite often in the things I write and talk about. It is, in my opinion, a word that is as beautiful as it is powerful, and it is a word that shifts our entire world on its axis. This simple word encapsulates all that has progressed through human history, every single day of our global past and our shifting present day reality. It is our shared, mutual future.
The word Anthropocene goes far beyond geology and hard to understand science. It captures the simple thing that is all our reality, the way humanity has lived and the cause and effect of it all.
It also shows us the globally shared responsibility we all must shoulder. It is a word and a concept that defines the facts of our present day reality.

This single word provides a focused lens that captures the changing reality of human life and planet Earth. There are no obfuscated truths here, no shadows to hide within. Life in the Anthropocene is the simple truth of life on Earth and it is the summary of the catastrophic effect modern day society has already had and continues to have. Not just on this planet, whose planetary bounds we have broken and shattered. But the industrialization of the last 100 years has harmed human life too, not just a few, but all of us.

All the soon to be 10 billion homo sapiens and all the rapidly diminishing animals. We are all this single word.

It communicates the urgency with which we must act and it shows us how the lies and global capitalistic worldview of infinite natural resources and exponential growth that greedy shareholders and owners rejoice at must come to an abrupt end. It tells us these things because we are no longer a small entity on a big and everlasting, infinite planet. We, the human race, are now a cataclysmic devastation on a small planet, where we have reached the saturation point in the last 100 years.

One such truth is roughly 40% of all Giraffes being wiped out from planet Earth in the last 30 years, and no one even noticed it until now.

music of the day
A million tears by trees of eternity

The turning of a new year.

And as such, I will now let you write all the needed thoughts and words. This is, after all, a new year and with that comes your own revelations. Your own will and choices are what comes into play, and that is what matters. So I will now let you write this story upon the background of reality's own data. Do with that what you want.

40% of all Giraffes have been wiped out by human hand in the last 30 years.

On average, the population of all vertebrate species has declined with 58% since 1970, and the pace is increasing!. By 2020 vertebrates might have hit a 67% decrease.

Current trends are that we individually eat more, 800kcal more per day and person in some nations compared to 1970 despite moving less, we pollute more, we consume more, we eat less nutritious food. All while we also increase our global population.

Billions of people already suffer from decades of shortened and sicker than needed lifespan due to human-caused pollution.

We, as a global species, already use natural resources that equal close to 2 planet Earth's if our yearly gluttony continues.
Since 1970, 50% of tropical broadland leaf forests have been destroyed and converted to human resources.
Close to 50% of temperate grassland area had been converted to human resources by 2000.
The European grassland butterfly indicator shows us that since the historical low of butterfly species in the 1990 grassland butterfly species have continued in average to decline with a further 33% since then.

There are rays of hope tho.
Thanks to hard work and natural fortresses across Europe going hand in hand with a growing focus on sustainability in all areas of modern day life across the 28 member states of the European Union, in the last few decades some notable big carnivores in Europe, including bears, lynx, wolverines and wolves have mounted a small but hopeful comeback.
And that is all our hope, that is the way we turn the entire world around. By continuing that work, by fortifying our focus on sustainable societies, a healthy world and healthy people and wildlife.

So none of this global destruction has to continue.
The hundreds of millions of additional diabetes case, and cancer, the obesity, the destruction of fish, cheetahs, giraffe, tigers, people. None of that has to continue, and it can't continue if we care about the future of not just planet Earth but the human race and our own individual life and health as well.

Healthier food production, healthier food choices, less red meat consumption, less soda, less fossil fuel, better and healthier food in the elderly care. More physical activity from the cradle to the grave. Less pollution in soil, water, air. Healthcare, industries, energy production, cars and transport. Education. Equality and a livable income for all.
All of these changes are easy to implement. But that is your story. That is your chapter to write. As a global species, we are all writing that chapter right now as the individuals we all are.
Write it well because we are all the authors of our present day and future life and we are writing this story together.

It was the year

4.5 Billion

[ "and

with the rising


we turned,

the pages

of a brand new day" ]

website version

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Ok Sir, Thanks, Enjoy The Day
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year 5 in the 697 Olympic and our winter solstice
Merry xmas and a happy winter solstice and new years eve to you all

Today we witnessed the sun at its lowest flying point of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, a glorious day called winter solstice. It is a juxtaposing day of newborn light and hope as well as the darkest day of the year with the shortest amount of daylight to be seen and felt. Well, in some places there is, of course, no daylight at all.

Here in the Arctic, in the northern winter realms, polar night is in full swing this time of the year and the sun will not reappear in a real and proper way until 2017 have properly taken hold.

music of the day
Ashen nectar by netherbird

Life, like the winter solstice, is this unfolding string of biological chains, for some, an endless and beautiful field of swaying grass, choke full of options and hope and room for differing opinions and point of views in each gentle breeze and moving tree branch.

But for some, life is but a single chain that provides them with no room to move and evolve, a non-movable object that make it near impossible to change or comprehend that each day set its own layered path of stones.

Or if you so will, each day forge new links in that chain of events that once fully lived, is what will be the life we have chosen to make and for some that is limitless growth and possibilities, but for some that is a linear and hurtful path.

In 2011 the entire galaxy, NGC 4845, suddenly brightened by a factor of a thousand as astronomers watched the unfolding events of a black hole awakening from decades of slumber to slowly taste and sensuous merge with a nearby celestial object over the course of several months.

Celestial objects that sort of made love on a galactic seismic scale.

You might wonder what a distant, far away love sick galaxy has to do with life for you and me as we stand here, proudly beneath the winter sun, tucked knee deep in snowy fields of starry nights.

But the light of that far away and brightly burning galaxy do paint our everyday life every second of every moment. It is for all eternity what greets our good mornings.
It perpetually shines its auburn light at night, and it touches life itself.
It grows it. Or burn and melt it.

It do so here on earth, as well as on countless of other planets.

So today we are counting down towards the summer. We do so while we hear the call of the wild as we rapidly approach year 5 in the 697 Olympic. And soon the sun will float majestically across the sky once more.
But for now, we have the northern lights, the winter sun and polar night to provide us with unbridled amounts of winter beauty.

The observation

[ "was completely


from a silent galaxy

- Marek Nikolajuk,

University of Poland" ]

And yet, as grand as that is, and it certainly is, it might not have any real significance to your life in the big apple or the plain fields of Kenya. And that is perfectly okay to think and feel.
Life is always what we make it out to be, it is as beautiful as we choose to view it. Packed full of unlimited potential, but life is also as limited as the walls and views we and others create around us through our everyday journey.

Life is your art, through and through that will always hold true. We are a global and conscious spieces, and the time has come to act like it. But we can never forget that we are all individuals, and as such we all have to enjoy a healthy life.

So no matter how your own journey is unfolding, we all share that seed that we can choose to plant every single day.

We can all choose to make a better tomorrow or to make life even less.
We can all choose to allow the slaughter of innocent people and endangered animals, not because it makes any sense at all to anyone, but because it is just how it is, according to some that is.

Or better yet, we can all choose to acknowledge that it is completely and utterly selfish and meaningless, a futile exercise in stupidity, fear, superstition and narrow-minded views with no real reason at all for it to take place at all.

Because that is how it is, injustice will always happen, but not because it should or have to. Injustice only exists because some are willingly putting their blinders on, and thus, giving that negative cause and effect room to exist.

Some will always choose to not see and touch the grand beauty of life, willingly ignoring the mesmerizing beauty that you hold with your hopes and wishes and needs.
Some will only see the lake of lacking light and perpetual darkness that is the winter solstice, and that is 100% okay.

People are free beings of emotional and intellectual river beds. River beds that fluctuate with the ebb and flow of life. We grow, evolve, change, learn and forget as completely individual islands, and that is how it needs to be.

But while some will only see the lack of light in the deep polar night, plenty more will see the life and the riches and glorious light and wonders that you can only find in the night and light of the winter solstice and its long lasting polar night.
Unsolved, yet, just hinted at, but not yet fully grasped possibilities and beauty. Because that is what the dark winter is. It is not a place void of life and beauty, it has endless amounts of it, they just look in a slightly different way than what we see in the summer and spring.

But life is abundantly rich with undiscovered treasures.
Such as life on other planets, sustainable energy, less wars and famine.

Some see the dangers in autonomous vehicles, and the jobs that will be lost. But some see the potential for a better world for all of us.
Some see a world not poisoned by short-sighted personal greed.
A world where people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

A world where we do not wipe out other species to feed ourselves their horns as we prey to lacking and selfish, even hateful and depriving gods that, even if they do exist, never cured or cared for anyone's cancer.

Well, life is all that. And life has room for all those different kind of people.
It is beautiful in all the chaotic and ever-evolving existence that is life for us all, life is always beautiful.

You might not see it, or be capable of appreciating it today. But come tomorrow, you just might see life for all that it is. When the industrialization happened in Europe and America terror and fear spread through the population with the least, the lower classes, the workers that faced increased poverty. All the ones that felt sacrificed and tossed to the side by that times Donald Trumps. They feared, revolted and caused harm and violence due to how they felt exploited and used up by the political and financial elite.

That was the cause and effect of that time. And the solution was not increased injustice and poverty, the solution was inclusive societies, people being able to live better lives, people being embraced and brought into a more fulfilling life.

The industrialization itself caused immense harm of course. And countless of people were indeed sacrificed by the Donald Trumps of that age and time.

But that was then and now is now.
And we do have to learn from what happened between the years of 1894 and the end of world war 1. Unemployed and angry workers murdered their way through Europe and America during that time. And the road forward is of course not increased injustice or a step backward towards the many issues and unhealthy industries of that time. That era had its own day and now the time is here to move forward. Into a healthier world, that also happens to be a far more inclusive world.

As we approach year 5 in the 697 Olympic ( 2017 ) it might be a good time to remind yourself that all the various cultures and religions, all the various scientific ideas and new found fields that have passed beneath the bridge of time, they have all, at times been the growing room for stupidity and narrow-minded views.

But most of them, perhaps all, have also been the growing room for grand ideas, open minds with views and bright souls that continuously work towards bettering life and society.

So no matter the current state, there are riches in life's still untold tomorrow, to be shared and enjoyed equally by us all.

By you and me.
You are of course free to restrict and limit life, to make it less as we still dance in the light of the winter solstice.
But you are also free to tap right into life's every potential and make it as beautiful as its ever could be for you and everyone else.

You are free to dance in the dark and light of the summer and winter solstice and make it whatever your secret inner dreams thinks that life truly should be for us all.

You are free to do that all while that distant light from far away suns and galaxies bounce around, touching us all down here and far away on other planets and species in this vast ocean that is life.

What you can not be free to do is to impose a life diminishing will on other human beings, however. That is not how you improve life, and that is not how to be a good human being.

ISIS, racism, bigotry, poverty, air pollution, fossil fuel choices instead of a clean and sustainable future, abusive religious views, FGM, honor killings, cancer, and Alzheimer's those are all found in the same pool of ancient history and hate, sickness and illness that we all need to leave behind us.

But you know what.
That is exactly what year 5 in the 697 Olympic will do, provide us with one more stepping stone towards a better future that contains less of all those bad and ancient old things that we are slowly leaving behind us.

2017 will of course also provide us with one more year to think real hard about how we make sure to not leave individual human beings behind as we progress away from fossil fuel and old school economy towards those better options.
Because we can not pollute our air and water, soil and food anymore.

Billions of people suffer due to that. Bad health, and shorter lifespans, poverty, ever increasing risks for decades to come. The time has come for us all to face the music of reality.

But as we do that, we can also not discount the risk of poverty and the severe unhealth that leads to. No one can overlook the fear that all the billions of people are facing as we progress away from that old world of hate and unhealthy choices.

So as we march onwards to a better society where cars safely drive themselves without hurting our lungs and health, as we place one more stone towards clean and healthy energy production that does not damage the air we breathe and the water we drink, we also have to make sure that we do not repeat the sins of our forefathers and simply toss all the actual human beings that are affected on the graveyard of progress.

We all need a healthier world. I think everybody on this planet actually knows that no matter what party they belong to.

But a healthier world is always a world that provides much better for all of us.
And that is what 2017 is, that is what today's winter solstice really is, and that is what autonomous cars, tesla, hyperloop, healthy food, better food distribution, better elderly care and healthy schools and workplaces really are.

Clean fusion, ever improving solar power, reduced pollution, less wasteful organizations, less poverty, less unhealthy food, better water production, and distribution.
That is our future, and we are already living in it.

But we are also living in a time where some are still kicking on sick and injured, turning their backs on war-torn areas and the old and poor. Like an endless tale stuck on repeat they are choosing to repeat the sins of the fathers.

We are still living with the oak of religion and class. People are still killing their sisters and lovers, and others, for their families and religions perceived honor. When in fact what they are doing is something that is both terribly inhumane and weak, and hateful, cowardly acts of hate and violence that shame their own families and life for all eternity.

We are still living with unhealthy red meat farms and lacking health care and an entire health industry focused on making money instead of actually curing real people. We still have people that believe that their fantasy-based religious ideas and political party lines are more important than actual human beings getting proper, science-based health care and fulfilling, healthy lives to live.

So no, we are not yet perfect. And we all know that.
But we are and will continue to slowly become better as long as we do not forget that the future is about our collective heart and humanity walking hand in hand with real and actual science and facts.
The future´s never been about illusions and myths and deprived lives.
It is not about delusions and made up ideas that are stuck in the past. Our global and individual future will always be about real evolving change and making life on and beyond Earth better and healthier for us all.

So from me to you, a merry xmas and a happy winter solstice to you all.
Enjoy the new year and make sure to make the next year better for yourself and everybody else too.

website version

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Thank you very much Karolina, and the same for you :)
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The health & fitness wonders of compound exercises
one individual article for every kick ass compound exercise you should be doing

I am not going to use this G+ post to talk about all the benefits of lifting weights and doing compound exercises like a marvelous Viking, I do that often enough :).

Instead, seeing that we are now deep within the Winter solstice season and all the busy, stressed out cookie eating duties that entail for a lot of you, this is an easy to survey 'hub' for the growing bunch of health and fitness articles I am writing with the sole focus of covering each and every one of the compound exercises you should make sure to include in your own fit and healthy routine.

And so, once you have had enough of xmas stress and unhealthy cookies & food and drinks.

Click the link and head on over to 'a Norse View's Compound exercise hub and pick the article and exercise you wish to indulge yourself in.

All articles include both text and video showing you how to do it and why. And as such, it´s the perfect remedy for when you feel the need to get back to being healthy :).

Some of my own fav´s that I´ve already covered is

Standing barbell row
Close grip bench press.
Chins/pull up
Bench press
Shoulder press

But as I write more compund exercise articles this hub will continue to grow.

Compound exercise hub

Anastasia Yankova, MMA fighter.

See this Instagram photo by @anastasia_yankova • 11.1k likes
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Cant speak for the bad ass part, but it´s a fitting and healthy looking model for a healthy and fit article dont you think?.
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Michael A Koontz

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Health: Sedentary living and obesity alters your brain in a negative way, just as much as it hurts your general fitness and health.
A strong biceps equals a healthier mind and a weak biceps becomes a less healthy mind

Do you remember my "a strong biceps equals a healthier brain" article from a few months ago? Well, how about the opposite? Will you actually harm the health and cognitive fitness capacity of your mind if you do not take care of your body through healthy food choices and activity?.

The answer is, of course, yes.

A host of studies has clearly shown us that no matter your current age if you over eat on food and live an unhealthy and sedentary life you are hurting the health of your brain as much as the rest of your body.

Point 1.

Sedentary and obese middle age people increase the biological age of their brain with 10+ years compared to what it should be. ( While healthy and active people lower their biological age in body and mind ).

Point 2.

No matter age, people are showing a clear correlation between a decrease in brain gray matter volume when living in an unhealthy and sedentary way.

Which is the direct opposite of what happened to 85-year-olds who lifted challenging weights, their brains became bigger and healthier and younger.

So treat the health and fitness capacity of body & mind equally well by making 2017 a healthier year in food choices and physical activity.

complete article with links to studies

music of the day
mask maker by fit for an autopsy

Paige Hathaway
See this Instagram photo by @paigehathaway • 48.4k likes
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Very true Fran, we are who we are deep down and we need the strength and courage to follow that, and it can absolutely be taxing in a damaging way if our surrounding environment is trying to change the person we truly are instead of supporting us to simply be "who we genuinely are".
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Book: "A scandal in Bohemia'', a short walk down Baker street, adventure 1 in the chronicles of detective Sherlock Holmes life by author Arthur Conan Doyle. One evening read.
A quick coffee break bite-sized story

One of many slices of adventurous life from the chronicles of Sherlock holmes. Perfectly sized for the uber ride back home from work.

'To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex'

by author Arthur Conan Doyle
Enjoy the read.
A scandal in Bohemia one of many short stories from the world of Sherlock Holmes 'To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex' by author Arthur Conan Doyle Suitable for teens and up. Explicit storytelling and events. UHD book reading video TBA Short story (One Evening Bed time read) Short story number 1 from the adventures a...
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The Great Dane Chronicles Book project by Andy Seliverstoff. Art & Culture and really big dogs.
A slice of Big Dog Chronicles. Arts & Culture in the Anthropocene

At times in life, there comes a moment when all we really need is to look at something that comes loaded with the inherent power of captivating our gaze and attention.

And as such, today I turn you over to the 'Great Dane Chronicles' project and book by visual artist Andy Seliverstoff. Make sure to also head on over to the publisher website and perhaps even order your own printed version of this beautiful photography book.

But you can also head on over to a norse view and enjoy a few more photos of these enchanting big dogs and the magic we can find in their natural connection with a bunch of little people.

order the book' little kids and big dogs

Big dog photography and book
by Andy Seliverstoff

website article with more photos from the book

music of the day
Mask Maker by Fit for an Autopsy

A slice of Big Dog ChroniclesArts & Culture in the Anthropocene At times in life, there comes a moment when all we really need is to look at something that comes loaded with the inherent power of captivating our gaze and attention. And as such, today I turn you over to the 'Great Dane Chronicles' project by visual artist Andy Seliverstoff. Make sure to also head on over to the project website and perhaps even order your own printed book. But befo...
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Enjoy the view once you find time :).
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Our Paean, the birth of a new year and the turning of pages in life´s tardigradous conversations
Arctic Sunrise - Year 4.5 Billion, Pt 3

Our Paean, as it was seen from a time beyond Ragnarok, from when we traveled back to the beginning of it all, standing on the shores of Yggdrasil

Out of my, shallow grave
You raise me from the soil,
with your
haunting words that play
on the senses of the
imaginary, With strokes of life
that warms my soul

with your tongue
that is so very skilled and sensuous,
You call me up

To dance beneath
the ever tree
to the right of you
For all

But once I stand,
you raise your head, from down
And while my hand was
thought, to be
yours, to hold, beyond the grave forlorn

In the shadows
Of each silent night, we found a lease
To play, like the moon
and roaming
wolf that follow close
to each other
two birds, of feathers,
we are now playing tag

as one we rush
through mist
on top
what is, perhaps a broken fortress

From within, A hymn, of bursting hearts,
which might, come from down, the beavers
river, curled up dreams like baleful stars
with raging foam of moving oceans
that greet our
last, few steps

like stones and soil, we flow together
From mountains top
That fall, so high, back to the crust
of a thousand sea

Until once more,
the light
Of day, comes to cease
Our lustful games, the sun that passed
the night
Beneath our
sprawling tree

Come good morning
To say, goodbye,
You raise me soon
Enough, to dance
Another night,

We stayed, remain, we fall so slow,
we run with stars we swim,
climb and bleed,
venture forth
for all eternity

Beneath this seldom tree

music of the day
The gathering of black moths by Swallow the sun

It was the year

4.5 Billion

[ "and

with the rising


we turned,

the pages

of a brand new day" ]

the birth of one more year

In front of me.
The vastness of the arctic spreads it's wings over billabong and fields.
Snowy valleys and frost clad mountains. It is all illuminated and painted by the lingering nightly shadows. Dressed up to play in the cold and vibrant arctic scenery.
Fluffy white and deep ocean blue are the colors that mix so well with the pale red and yellow of the rising winters sun.

The scene that unfolds before my eyes this morning was given even more depth by the plume of misty winters fog that effortlessly reached out into the sky to greet the warming blanket of the winter sun.

Like a painter's pencil, the air and rolling hills turned into nature's most enchanting canvas. Wrapped all around me on this place where I now stood right next to this tree where we hand in hand in summer time barefoot walked through the tall green grass through the herds of flowers and wildlife.

The wings of crows and ravens and the mighty white-tailed eagles soared the sky above me this very day.
No doubt that they were looking for the tasty arctic rabbits that always roamed these fields of ours.
Or perhaps they tracked a Lynx or two, or a pack of wolves that silently made their way through the bushland, stalking our footprints that now laid frozen in the snow like a ghost, silent and unseen but always near and always undeniable there.

I looked up at the rising sun as it painted these vivid clouds and frozen land and I smiled, thinking of the sights that already lay waiting for you, my girl to discover as we walk these plains hand in hand.

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+Michael A Koontz Great work, good post.
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Michael A Koontz

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The many health benefits of daily sunlight exposure. New study shines a light on increased T cell capacity and daylight.

The TLDR Sunshine
& it´s many health benefits.

We all know that natural sunlight helps our body produce essential Vitamin D. And today we also know that a small, daily dose of natural sunlight is equally beneficial for our mood and mental well-being, it helps us improve and maintain our bone health all through life. Reduces cancer risk and strengthens our immune system, possibly through the increase in the capacity of T Lymphocytes that daily sunlight exposure has proven to give rise to.

In short, get a small 20 to 60 minutes dose of outdoor daylight, every day, all year round all through life.

Kick the lazy bug in the ass and just get some daily exposure outside in the sun. 20 - 60 minutes per day.

It is that essential for lifelong health in body and mind. No matter if you are a sedentary and unhealthy person or a kick ass fit and active super food eating beast :).

To the surprise of some perhaps, make sure that the daily 20 to 60-minute exposure is free of protective sun-blockers.

The longer read

In other words, daily sunlight is not just good for the Vitamin D it will help your body produce, it will also aid your longevity and health by kicking your T cells into a higher gear.

Georgetown University Medical Center scientists have found in a recent study that sunlight, on top of increasing natural vitamin D production and melanin, also stimulate T cell production and capacity. T cells actual name is T Lymphocytes and they play a vital role in our immune system.

The study´s been published in Scientific Reports. And the link can be found down below.

"We all know sunlight provides vitamin D, which is suggested to have an impact on immunity, among other things. But what we found is a completely separate role of sunlight on immunity,"
- Gerard Ahern, PhD, associate professor in the Georgetown's Department of Pharmacology and Physiology. "Some of the roles attributed to vitamin D on immunity may be due to this new mechanism."

Georgetown University

[ "researchers found

that sunlight

increase natural

- T cell production,

published in

- Scientific Reports" ]

The study specifically found that low levels of daily sunlight make T cells move faster in their response to various issues inside our bodies.
"T cells, whether they are helper or killer, need to move to do their work, which is to get to the site of an infection and orchestrate a response,"
"This study shows that sunlight directly activates key immune cells by increasing their movement."
- Gerard Ahern.

Let us point out one obvious thing here tho.
This is not changing the fact that too much exposure to daily sunlight is harmful and can lead to cancer.
But for anyone looking to keep a healthier lifestyle going forward, as I have pointed out on plenty of occasions last few years, make sure to include a low paced walk outdoors, every day for every year. That low paced walk is a source of health benefits, and so is the daylight you will get to enjoy.

Including the fact that daily exposure to sunlight, preferably earlier in the day will help you maintain the healthier and biologically natural day night cycle our entire body/mind system have evolved for.

Directly related to this is another, ongoing study showing us that exposure to low doses of daily sunlight might be able to help your body better fight off various health issues that are often related to people's unhealthy & sedentary lifestyle choices. Right now it is looking as if a vitamin D deficiency makes the negative health impact of obesity even worse, leading in a higher degree to diabetes, and liver and heart diseases. While the opposite seems to hold true that a person that maintain a healthy vitamin D level will withstand the negative health impact slightly better.

In other words, this is one more thing related to Vitamin D and daily sunlight exposure that should be equally interesting for fit and active people as well as sedentary individuals wishing to improve upon their longevity and healthy lifespan. I won't dwell on that tho since that study needs to progress further before we can safely say that vitamin D and daily sunlight really do help with those areas of our health. On the other hand, it fits right in with all the scientific facts regarding our health and wellbeing which we already know so there is no reason to assume that this study will not conclude in a few more years that Vitamin D and daily sunlight exposure help improve these important health aspects too.

website version

music of the day
Forever mournful by Netherbird

Merry Xmas and healthy life to you :)

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Thank you and the same to you Darren and Rumiana :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Book: 'Tarzan' a contemporary adventure through the wild of all men by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
No matter if you have seen the recent 'The legend of Tarzan' movie with Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie or not, this, the first of the many books about Tarzan, is a book worth tucking yourself in bed with. The movie and book(s) differ enough to both be well worth it. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, why not use the recent North American polar vortex as an excuse to drift away on a very enjoyable 2-hour adventure, which in my opinion is one of the better tentpole movies of the last year.

And once done, if the cold persist, dip your toes in the first of the books that served as inspiration and source material :).

And have a safe winter solstice and new years eve.

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs.
read the complete book in our library
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Are you saying that you are not a fan of Tarzan? :)
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