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Queen of snails
a path for everyone

No big thoughts or words for this one. Just a joyful breeze through spring and summer and all life´s beauty.

From the snail and their little queen, to the elephants and mammoths of yesteryears, you and me, the alpha male and tiny wolf cubs. The mountain gorillas and European Bison, the short haired bumblebee that mounts it´s return from extinction back to European soil from the depth of Swedens mythical and forestry Viking land.

To the tigers, city dwellers, meat eaters and vegans.

music of the day
into battle - Ensiferum

Life is beautiful, and it has a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling room for us all to walk and do our own fulfilling path that we enjoy, thrive, live and love in by our own choice without needing to destroy life and this planet for everybody else.

Summer is here!. Horrah.
Have a great one everybody, and make it count (for you)

#breakfastclub  +Breakfast Club 
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Thank you very much +Sofie Løve Forsberg that is exactly how i feel about life´s little moments too, they are solely becoming better with each year :). Happy to know you loved the little snail queen. Enjoy your spring :)
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Michael A Koontz

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inside this dream, we dream
in the land of giants

My spider, this gigantic king of wildest little critters, depicted here as he stepped outside, caught in the intermixing of the awaken world and the fluffy clouds of a dream kissed good morning, he is of course not that ancient. 

But, from afar and days long gone, an ancestor to our modern birds have emerged in China. And I am sure that our fluffy spider king does not mind at all if we for a second or two talk about these feathered beings and their discovery. 
It is a brand new bird species that lived in quite a different time on Earth then what we currently inhabit, roughly 130 million years ago and as of now, it is the oldest known ancestor of our modern day living birds. 

It´s cutesy name is Archaeornithura meemannae. 

music of the day
Serenade of self destruction by Epica

The scientists responsible for uncovering this ancient bird believes that it lived in semi-aquatic environments. 
If you are curious you can read more about the chinese project and discovery in Nature Communications. 

New sets of eyes for the origin and early evolution of modern day birds 

"The new fossil bird Archaeornithura is an important find," 
Matthew Lamanna, an assistant curator at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History said. 

Most importantly perhaps, the newly discovered bird species, Archaeornithura have now pushed back the fossil record of birds’ most recent ancestors by an additional 5 million to 6 million years. 

As for the name itself, it is derived from the two Greek words, ‘Archae’ and ‘ornithura’, which, when put together means ‘ancient ornithuromorph’. The name was choosen in honour of Dr Meemann Chang for her continuous support of the study of the Jehol Biota. . 

website version

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Beautiful photo
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Michael A Koontz

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Week two, Health and fitness
and a short viking poem

Before we take a look at a complete barn burner of a lower body killer, a short silly viking poem from yours truly - i blame it on the birds, shooting this photo and processing it made me write lol ... :).

out of the icy world

and out of the icy world
the tumbling mountains and caving frost

on joyful winds and wildest hope they race towards the burning light
on air their feathered wings hurl and climb
with mounting strength of thousand unbound souls

like arrows hurled across the sky
towards the guiding light of
northern stars

trapped in ice 
they are no more
their shrieks of life so wild, call our hearts
bounce and echoes inside man kinds  stream of blood and bones
ships now follow
and stay their course through icy worlds
dark and fire

Towards the giants of unknown lands
with shields and swords
through storms we go
if death is standing at their shores
to greet us in darkest void
And embrace

his dance will surely
soon be over, as we lay him Down to dream
the final rest

for now
we solemn sail 
with frost and light
in hair and skin
eyes and heart

Like an arrow
that travels towards the light
there is no end in sight
to this mystery
That is life

music of the day
The blinding of false Light by As I lay Dying

Week two - Fitness and health

Website version:

Legs, Abs, Ass, Yoga and Martial arts - May, Week Two
A Healthy Lifestyle - Your Fitness Tribe

4 weeks and 4 fit, active and healthy articles from yours truly. That is what you can look forward to during the month of May. 

This is week two. In the previous article we talked about the necessity of short daily "breaks" of physical activity, at work and at home. Both from a fit and toned perspective, as well as a life-long health perspective.
And for today, we´re here to take a short and focused look at a complete lower body workout that is for sure going to put you through the wringer, but also provide your entire body with a huge shot of health and body composition, fitness benefits. 

Kill it in the gym - for health and fitness.

Before you start doing Squats and Deadlifts, take a few minutes and do some stretching or yoga. It is a nice way of getting a low level warm up going, as well as providing you with agility and increased (or at least maintained) flexibility. While you might not desire at all to be an Olympic gymnast or a martial arts expert, as we age, it is a wonderful and beneficial every day life thing to either maintain or increase one's flexibility. 

So, start your lower body workout by stretching and or doing a few minutes of yoga, and finish it up the very same way. 
If you are entirely unfamiliar with Yoga, then you can find a short instructional video further down in this article that will show you how to do the yoga pose you will be using as a part of your pre and post, lower body workout. 

Lower body equals full body health and fitness. 

Never forget, a fit, strong, healthy lower body will benefit your entire body, from life long, improved health to a more toned body composition, and increased athletic capacity and every day life activity. So, as challenging as it is to work your legs and ass, it is by far the best physically active investment for a long and full life you can do. 

The Workout. 

Squats - our Warm up

3 sets of 5 to 10 repetitions per set. Pick what works for you this very day. It is not that important at all if you do 5 or 10 repetitions. It´s more about what works for you. Keep the weight relative to your strength. I warm up by adding my own body weight to the barbell, making it easy as pie, yet providing a beneficial enough resistance for my legs to actually get warmed up. 


Deadlift is this week's first real exercise. 
And to switch it up for May, start by doing two lighter sets of 14 repetitions per set. You can use the same weight you used for your squat warm-up, or slightly increase it. Either way, you will still get a challenge from trying to do 14 reps. Deadlift, like Squats is a complete body killer and will actually, even if you do nothing else, improve your strength and lean muscle mass in your entire body. From lower and upper arm muscles, to your upper and lower back, your ass, your legs, your tummy and your shoulders. 

Finish your deadlifts, with 4 sets of heavy weights, your goal is to do 8 to 12 repetitions per set for these final 4 sets. If you can do 13 reps, increase the weight the next set. 


Once you are done with your deadlifts, it´s once more back to doing 3 sets of Squats. Keep the number of repetitions between 8 and 14. Considering how you have now punished your body, heart and lungs with those heavy deadlifts, you´ll more then likely have to drop the weight a little bit compared to the weights that you where able to use while doing your deadlifts. 

But that is okay. It´s just a testimony to you working your ass off doing deadlifts. 


Either do this one with nothing but your body weight, or by holding a dumb bell in both hands. You will however not need a whole lot of weight at all. 

Stand with your feet shoulder wide, one foot in front of your body and the either placed, with an ever so slightly bent knee, behind you. Lower your body down towards the floor while standing upright in your upper body by bending your two legs, the knee of the trailing foot will touch the floor, and the other will be roughly 90 degrees at your lowest position. Once your knee touches the floor, stand back up, repeat 20 times before switching positions so the other foot is in front and do 20 more repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat again. 

Yoga and martial arts 

This is the pre and post-workout bit, but make no mistake about it, while this is considered warm up and post workout stuff - it will still challenge you. Helping you burning fat, while increasing cardio and muscular performance, as well as providing some flexibility. 

For this segment of your weekly lower body workout, you will alternate between the Yoga stance Purvottanasana and some kicking and punching.

Start with the yoga pose and each time you are holding your pose at it´s peak, hold for 30 seconds before lowering your body towards the floor and rest for a couple of seconds, repeat this ten times. 

Get up in a standing position, feets shoulder wide and kick with your front leg, one straight kick, followed by one circle kick with the same front leg, going from one side to the other. As soon as you softly set down your foot, kick one straight kick with your other leg and as you finish the kick, switch positions so the other leg is now the front leg. Repeat for two minutes, kick and switch positions. 

Once done, it´s time to do the yoga thing again and then one final 2 minute kicking session. 

If you would like to you can also add punches while you kick, alternating between straight and cross punches, hooks and uppercuts with both arms. 

Enjoy and have fun. 
Next week, we will take a closer look at a real hiit-mma workout, either for you to integrate into your cardio/strength workout, or as a part of your daily timeout workouts.

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Beautiful photo
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A tower of glass, our city
from life in the near future, Earth day style

The following is a glimps in to our near future. Life in the tomorrow world, courtesy of past generations wasteful and willful disrespect for health, Science and long term thinking when it comes to all our life on Earth, for the sake of short term profit.

A dream of course, but also one very much based on current science and social and political trends, not to mention, the basic reality of what will happen, not just to Earth, but humanity as a species and individuals, unless we, the current generation(s) do guide most of the world towards this type of future. A future that is sustainable and far healthier and equal.

As Obama said (if I paraphrase abit :P): it´s time to stop talking and start doing, our globally mutual and wasteful behaviour has done enough damage as it is, and time is out for just talking about it. We now need to actually start creating a world that is far more healthy and sustainable then it currently is.

Vertical Cities and 'smart' Farming
Sustainable progress & technology
Life inside our tower of glass

High up, in our ivory-like tower of glass, each evening we look out at the setting sun and how it after a long day of travelling, in the end, as always slowly dips each and everyone of it´s rays of light into the watery ocean. 

The evening sky and rolling landscape change their hue under the traversing basking light, and in the water a rainbow of shades paints an illuminating backdrop to our good bye and good night to the day that was. 

While somewhere else in our sheltered home. 

A sound is heard, it is the shrieks of eagles high up above our heads, they are nesting inside our dome, and each day, as the sun sets, they return with sounds of their lasting song from the outside. Unlike us people that walks the streets of this shielded vertical city, traversing it on sky high elevators and trains, the eagles that too has made this place their home can easily pass in and out as they see fit. 

We on the other hand had to pass through the big city ports down at the ground floor, huge polished air port like entrances leading in and out of our city that for every moment of every day and year were monitored and guarded. 
I do not think that anyone for even a second believed that the ever present drones and artificial security was there to protect us from any outside threats. It was mainly for our own calm, to provide us with the emotional feeling that we were safe and protected. 

That, and perhaps to keep short tempered citizens calm.

Inside the Dome

I look up, but i can't see the Eagles, I just hear them. And then, twenty floors beneath us, the midnight train approaches and catches my attention, I love the way the setting sun reflects upon the smooth surface of the driver less train.

You take my hand and we start walking, yet again. Our feets guiding us to the artificial water falls that provides the city with an endless loop of fresh and clean water. Water from which our man made lakes are kept alive, the water that the cities vertical, smart farms feed from and we all shower in. They also helps us generate electricity through the kinetic energy we gather from it´s violent free fall through our walled off world before it goes underground for a brief encounter with the natural ecosystem of the outside world that our water system is now an essential part of. 

A watery world all in itself that also includes our free swimming, farmed fish. 

Once humanity moved into these sky high cities, like fossil fuel, the unsustainable global fishing industry had already been outlawed too. But not only is fish a healthy treat, we also knew that keeping them around as a natural part of our closed off eco system had other substantial benefits. 

Outside the glass walls, giant solar and wind panels hovers up in the air, tethered to the ground and the even bigger solar facilities that is scattered throughout the outside landscape. Our city of course complements it all by also collecting ground and air heating and energy from the outside world. You reach out and you pluck a few strawberries from the vertical pads where they all year round grows, we smile in secret since we are not really supposed to pluck strawberries up here. 

And while we slowly walk towards the cliffs and beaches, allocated like if we were standing outside in a hidden valley somewhere, with trees and rocky cliffs and sandy shores entwined together in a fairy tale like creation. In the background, behind us, the pads moves yet again. 

As we stand there, our toes dipped in the moving water and the still warming sand, the sun is gone and the system will now transports the never ending lines of strawberries back inside where they will get to enjoy a slow transport back down to ground inside a carefully temperated and perfectly humid night storage. 

And then, once the sun once again rise up above the ocean floor, the strawberries will start their daily journey from the groundfloor back to the sky high ceiling of our city, strawberries, greens and other fruit, and the sun, all travelling together for the entirety of the day. 

Haha, as always, I smile at the slight madness of it all.

5 million people.

That is the official number of people that is living inside this one gigantic building, an old big city block turned sky high city. 

It´s own little Closed off system 

Outside our walled world, you could see dozens of similar buildings, each one taking up the horizontal footprint of a traditional big city block, but all vertically housing 5 million people living in a perfectly sustainable environment. And in-between the sky high cities, untouched land where solar powered roads nestled their way in between the crops, trees, water and wildlife. Roads upon which only self-driving, electrical vehicles moved. To transport people, goods and crops between the cities. 

And yes, dear reader. If you are curious, some do move, but surprisingly few ever choose to live outside our garden like cities, they ones that do end up making that choice, they all live by the same regulations as we do. Living a sustainable and healthy life, just outside our walled gardens. Some of them work inside the cities, while others never again return. But for most of us, these cities represents something of a healthy, and wonderful paradise compared to what Earth had been reduced to by human hands in the year of 2100.

Artificial burgers Say it ain't so!. 

Meat producers didn't take up any traditional resources anymore, they didnt even exist. 

Having gone the way of the bye bye Texas that all forms of unsustainable behaviour had, from fossil fuel to meat production and most of the traditional pulp and paper industry. Nor did we have a sugar, tobacco or alcohol industry. Neither did we over medicate healthy people with emotionally numbing medications anymore. A lot of things had changed for the better, and as a result, people were not just healthier and lived much longer, they did so being much happier too. 

Yes, we still printed some things, and we still had a pulp and paper industry, but a much different one, and entirely sustainable with vast forest productions possibly having given us more forest then Earth had ever had, at least since the Dinosaours roamed these parts. 

The little meat we produced was artificially grown inside the cities, and the cows that wasn't part of our outside worlds free walking dairy production had been rewilded since long. Not that we actually ate much meat anymore, it had caused to big of a strain on the elderly population, our general health and medical care with it´s negative impact on all sorts of health issues ranging from cancer to diabetes. 

But most of us did enjoy the occasional treat, once a month or so, and let me tell you. Artificial meat taste as good as any old day BBQ meal ever did. And the fact that it was super healthy in comparison and so much less of a resource hog made it even better. 

Show me the money

Other huge health benefits had been the clean air we where now all breathing, causing a massive uptick in general health and longevity throughout our biological lifespan. And while it had been to late to put an halt to the climate change our age of Anthropocene had caused. By now, i dont think anyone would ever want to go back, and nature and wildlife had settled for a striking comeback once we had moved inside and put an global end to unsustainable practices and energy productions.

The age of anthropocene was here and there where no reverting it. But instead of the dawn of man kind, it had been turned around in to a healthier world, a healthier man kind, and we where all winners in the end. Here on Earth and our spacebound colonies as well. But in the history books, the age of man kind would forever be remembered for how it had started, serving as a warning example of never again loosing touch with how we are but one ingredient in an important eco system that needs to be kept in balance.


The word comes from the two words anthropo, which means “man,” and cene, which translates to “new”.

The meaning of the combined word comes from the fact that human- kind had caused a mass extinctions of plant and animal species, as well as polluted the oceans and lands, and even altered the atmosphere, causing  a range of century lasting impacts. Perhaps like other ages before it, it would be with us for milleniums to come

real life inspiration

A world without fossil fuel, The guardian divestment campaign

The Shower of the future.
The Swedish shower that reduces water usage with 90% and energy related to warming your shower water with 80%.

Death by Sedentary choices

San Fransisco launghing free ev, solar charging.

The killer that is industrial air pollution, 600 million people die prematurely just in India as a result.

The lack of responsibility from the fossil fuel industry

Demand for energy will rise with 40% in the near future

Q1 2015 breaks new global warm temp records

Obama: No greater threat to our planet then climate change. the time to act is upon us.

Fossil fuel has lost the race with renewables.

France puts it in the law that new roofs has to be "green" or covered with solar panels. Yay!.

Climate change deniers (reality denying people really) is in retreat.

World is heading towards unseen drought levels by 2050, Unless we change coarse now.

Well, there are many more current realities and scientific sound facts, that all has served as inspirations for my near future fantasy.

But reality is, it´s our own choice between this future which I have painted here, or one where we are all fighting it out over the last puddle of fresh water. And I am sure it´s not just the people in California and India that would like to avoid even less water in their daily life :).

Truth be told, even the most stubborn greedy oil baron sees the writing on the wall, health and sustainability and equality is simply good business and ravaging Earth has run out of ground and time to keep on ticking. So rejoice - Like Mulder would have said, "the change is coming" =).

Enjoy your Earth Day, April 22.

website version for my story

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Beautiful photo
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Michael A Koontz

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The Lost World, Take 74
From the chronicles of the birth of Life and Death on Earth

I wrote this short little science blurb a little more then two years ago, so, to celebrate spring cleaning, open waters, the chirping birds and lustful people that all blossom like little flowers in the warming sun and bare legs season :). A road down memory lane together with the heathen horde of vile bacteria gunning for our mutual throats :P.

The birth .. of death and life, photosynthesis

Let that word - photosynthesis - linger on you´r tongue for a few.
The life giver of today was once the bringer of death and destruction.

From tiny molecules of water, long before the age of man and dinosaurs, a vile army of bacteria once set loose global mass destruction upon the face of earth as the bastard child's schemed to end the cycle of life.

But upon unleashing photosynthesis on the world, they did not just end one early cycle of life, they also, by freeing the oxygen trapped inside water made sure that life as we know it today would form.

Or as, Kevin Redding at Arizona State University in Tempe say. 
"The extinction caused by oxygen was probably the largest ever seen, but at the same time animal life wouldn't be possible without oxygen."
Kevin Redding

So, today's photo of mine get´s a loving little dedication to that sweet thing called photosynthesis and those evil bacteria's we all owe our life :). 

music of the day
The Unnamed Feeling by Metallica

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cheers Vladimir :)
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Have him in circles
36,399 people
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Michael A Koontz

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Children bed time stories Book
Mothers little Boy - Childhood Dreams

A 4 chapter short bed time story i finished up writing and publishing earlier this week.
It´s based on an actual event that took place in Sweden, Summer of 1850 when a young boy befriended a wild Momma Brown bear and her two little cubs.

So fire up spotify and dream away for a brief moment as you read this little story tonight :). The first three chapters also includes an original Swedish poem written during the 1800:th about the same event. Well, unless you speak Swedish, view it as a funny, exotic topping on top of the short book I wrote in English (including this surreal floral i shot this spring)  :).

Enjoy the read and have a great little weekend too people

Music of the day
Little Dreamer by Ensiferum

Mothers Little Boy, chapter one
You can read the rest of the book at our website, free of charge

Once upon
[in a foresty Norse kingdom]

Liten pilt i fjällskog gick: 
Rosig kind och änglablick, 
Munnen röd som tufvans bär… 
»Kors! hvad jag är ensam här!» — tänkte gossen. 

Och han stultade så späd 
Mellan höga, mörka träd: 
Moder hans i sätern var — 
»Här är jag min egen karl» — tänkte gossen. 

Svarta djur nu kommo två, 
Lufsandes, dit han sågs gå: 
Stora, grymma, lurfviga — 
»Jag fick sällskap, det var bra!» — tänkte gossen. 

»Men hvad är det för slags djur? 
Den där stora tycks mig sur… 
Om jag kunde fråga mor! — 
Men det måste vara kor» — tänkte gossen. 

And so it was that, one sleepy Summers day, that little Olle and his older sister Sara raced and played tag and hide and seek with each other. And before you knew it, their mothers home, and safe haven, was far away and before them lay, a sprouting, wild creek that lingered through the luminous landscape. 

It´s water washed in a slow and gentle way over the stony bed and protruding rocks, leafs floated by, and in the air they could hear the buzzing sound of dragon flies and bees. 
And there they lay looking down from a fallen tree trunk that stretched out over the creek, at the fish and frogs that jumped, chirped, and swimmed their way through the cold water that raced down from the ever snowy northern Swedish mountains, down towards the flatter lands and villages. 

The children was all rosy tired from their games and fun and equal parts exhilarated and happy, until, all of a sudden, a deer came jumping through the trees and bushes, and with a giant leap it crossed the creek and ran up over to the other side. With water splashing behind it´s petite, yet agile frame, it set off in a wild, wild hunt. 

The surprised siblings laughed at it all, and then. 
Behind them and to the right, a momma bear, big and brown, came out of the trees, and with her, two little cubs. 

They all froze up, children, bear cubs and momma bear. And with them, the frogs and fish, even the dragon flies, they all went silent, and no one moved as time itself seemed to slow down and freeze. 

Until, the silence shattered when the older sister gave up an exasperated sound,

'*it´s a MOMMA bear, run Olle, run!'.*

But Olle calmly looked at the three animals and thought to himself, "well, they don´t look dangerous at all to me, and for all I know they could be wild mountain cows, yep, I am sure of it, because they do look like really big, brown and furry cows, and my sister is never right about anything, even our mother says so. And now that Sara ran back home, at least I have good company, and they will be my bestest friends!."

chapter two
Two baby cows and one little boy

read chapter two and the rest of the book at our website

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I still dont understand people that are afraid of Bears, wolves and other harmless wildlife :)
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Michael A Koontz

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Sweet Dreamscapes
Tonight we dream and travel

Liar liar 
on the wall 
A spider climbed 
its web of words 
towards the golden tassels 

So tell me now 
What do you see, what do you crave 
and elucidate 
when darkly dearest Sandman 
from sheltered moons 
and starry night 

takes us to forever dream 
and silent travel 
Caught, set free 

Is that frost upon your breath? 
A dragon gnarly hides inside your chest 

dreams are yours 
to walk 
sing and hymn 

the whispers 
In the dark 

i travel 
Like a flock of ravens 
and the shooting star 
towards, the realms uncharted 
I gladly hurl 
to slay the demons 
of unknown tides 
and whitest waters

From a short childrens book i am currently finishing up.

music of the day
Too late by Black Sabbath

#europeanphotography   +European Photo 
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thank you kindly +Aline van Wijk always appreciated knowing when someone enjoyed both photo and words :)
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Michael A Koontz

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random,select, collection of some of my own photos that i have enjoyed shooting over the last few years
Feel free to browse my albums and on going stream to see more
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Same to you Winnie =)
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Michael A Koontz

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Your month of health & Fitness - May, Week One
A Healthy Lifestyle - Your Fitness Tribe

4 weeks and 4 fit, active and healthy articles from yours truly. That is what you can look forward to during the month of May. 

First one out of the gate is today's little write-up.

A first look at what those of you that undertake this journey through May will be doing on a daily basis, outside of your 'real' gym/workout schedule. The things we talk about today, are the small but vital daily life things you do for your on going and future health.. You simply put, do these small things to keep physically active during your day at work or @ home. Small but very beneficial and essential "timeouts" of physical activity that helps all of us fight of the negative health impacts of modern day´s sedentary lifestyle. 

music of the day
Too late by Black Sabbath

You see, while it is all wonderful going to the gym for a spinning class, or to do yoga at home twice a week, or to bench press new records month in month out. Our health truly needs small daily things to keep itself top notch throughout our entire lifespan. 

No, this is not old wive´s tales, this is purely scientific truths. 

From your lower back, to cancer, your longevity, your mood, sex drive and creativity, the amount of body fat you accumulate through life, the health of your heart, your joints and bones, the pace with which you loose bone mass - even your lean muscle mass gains and losses. 

Breaking up whatever you do a few times per day, ever other hour or so, and doing something physically active even for just a few minutes brings with it tremendous health benefits, and as such, these small things are essential even for someone like me that hit the gym hard 5 days per week.

First out, the morning call. Served with a cup or two of hot, black coffee.

Every day for all of May (for all of life really). 

You´ll start your day with black coffee and some water, and then choose to do, either a morning walk for 20 minutes, or a combination of yoga and hiit MMA morning workout for anything between 10 to 20 minutes. Feel free to pick what feels the most fun for you. Fun is important since this is not just 4 weeks of to do stuff. Life is not a worthless reality show that tells you to first drop 10lbs of body weight and then lets you run off into a hailstorm of Chicken McNuggets, Pepsi and beer so you add back 30 lbs of pure body fat in 2 months time. 


Life long health is not about your past achievements or failures, it´s about what you do from this day and all the way until that big old clock sings it´s tune and hopefully allows us to restart instead of just fading to black :).

So. you pick your wake up call, your way and then you enjoy doing it. And you keep doing it, because the ones that do, they are the ones that keep on reaping the benefits of a greatly improved health and body composition for the rest of their life. But having said that. When you rest, when you cheat, when you fail. You do so and dont guilt trip yourself to death, we are just human, and as such, we all fail at times. What is important is getting back up and moving ahead.


I will write a more detailed article for a Hiit-mma workout during May. But for now, if you have no idea what you do. Then keep it simple and simply punch 10 straight punches with each arm while you do your 10 body weight squats. And kick 10 straight kicks to the mid section with each leg, and 10 kicks in a circle going from left to right - right to left - with each leg. It is not about how you kick, it´s about activating your core, your ass, your tummy, your back, your legs, your heart and lungs. 
Middle of the day stuff.

But, if you where thinking that a good start is all it´s about, then no, lifelong health is not that easy to maintain and improve upon. 
So, between your breakfast habits and your evening/night gym/workout sessions you will have to stay active on a daily basis. Breaking up your sedentary going ons every second hour or so of sitting still. 
No matter if you are at work or at home binge watching Netflix. And if you think about it, it´s not hard at all to stand up for 5 minutes while watching Game of Thrones. Do a few body weight squats, or shadow box in the living room. Do some push ups against the tv sofa. 

My suggestion is this. 
Ever hour or so, break up your laziness and get up, walk for a few minutes inside of your home or office. And on top of that, do 10 body weight squats, ass to the ground style. Once done, follow up with 10 push ups, against the floor or a sofa. 

And finish it up by leaning over something, a sofa, chair or against a table or similar, use your arms to keep your balance, and then kick backwards 10 times per leg and go as high as you can. Dont do it explosive, this isnt at all about kicking something martial arts style, this is about getting your lower back, your ass and your tummy and hips working. 

Repeat twice and you are all done with your intermediate mid day 'sedentary timeouts'. 

And no, please do understand, this does not replace your regular, real training, this is the basic, small stuff you do for your health, because breaking up being lazy like this, several times per day, for every day of life. That has huge, positive health benefits and will also help you shave off some pounds of pure body fat. In fact, as for numbers, if that is the kind of girl you are. Recent science studies have shown how daily small stuff like this together with healthy food will lower the chance of getting several cancer types with as much as 40%, sometimes even higher. 

So, for May, if you don't already do stuff like this outside of your gym, yoga, sports, start laying the foundation for a much healthier life and much-improved body composition. You might not thank me in 12 weeks, but you will thank me after ten years of keeping this up, and you will do so in a big way. 

Enjoy and have fun.

Next week, i will detail how to kill it in the gym, legs, ass and tummy. And for the third week we´ll take a look at how to do a real hiit-mma workout, either for your cardio/strength workout, or as a part of your daily timeout workouts. And OH, dont forget the importance eating healthy food have not just on your health, but also on your body. If you eat junk, and train hard you will for sure get faster, stronger, bigger, et cetera. But you will only reap half of the health benefits you could. And you will loose hell of a lot less body fat than you would if you also took care of eating healthy food (and not to much food).

Website version

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Oh yes you are right and nice to talk to, i am single and searching, do you have email address... mine is
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Top and Bottom
Endangered Species, not naughty ties and fun

This is a short look at the current state of the world. The best and worst performing countries, right now, when it comes to their role as caregivers for all the mammals out there. Well, for clarity´s sake, the one metric we look at here is how many endangered mammal species various countries have.

Which doesnt mean your country has to suck ass in general if you have more endangered mammals then another nation, but it do mean you suck ass at taking care of your mammals :). (and that your country should rectify the situation).

music of the day
Entrenched by Bleeding through

bottom 4, the 4 nations with the shameful position of having the most endangered mammals in the world

Indonesia (184), Madagascar (114), Mexico (101), and India (94). 

As a short note, considering Indonesia's global role as an exporter of all sorts of products that all directly relate to the insane amount of endangered animals in the country..

This situation is clearly the fault of not just Indonesia, but of all other nations too. Well, at least the ones that have industries that import products from Indonesia.

Yes, pulp and paper industry, that means that you are still a dangerous, unhealthy and unsustainable global villain (part of you have cleaned up tho and are trying to behave). 

Random failures

China , 73 endangered mammals, Thailand (55), Australia (55), and USA (35).

Top of the world, the nations with the least amount of endangered mammals

United Kingdom 5, endangered mammals 
Austria (3) 
Finland, 1 endangered mammal. 
Sweden, 1 endangered mammal. 
American Samoa, 1 endangered mammal. 
Andorra (2) 
Aruba, (2) 
Belgium (2) 
Bahrain (3) 
Bosnia (4) 
Cayman Islands (1) 
Cyprus (5) 
Denmark (2) 
Estonia, 1 endangered mammal. 
Faereo Islands (4) 
French Polynesia - zero endangered mammals. 
Guam (2) 
Hong Kong, 1 endangered mammal. 
Isle of man, 1 endangered mammal. 
Kiribati, 1 endangered mammal. 
Latvia, 1 endangered mammal. 
Monaco (2) 

website version

All data is from the IUCN red lest.

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Beautiful photo
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life in a painting
[Naked with you]

Winter sun 

The winds of this newborn day 
Through trees comes calling 

Carrying with 
hymn of whispers 
a trance-like song 
That spreads like night winds 
burning stars 
every which evening 
Far beyond the reach 
of our ephemeral eyes 

You dress before me 
with hue in hair 
Your eyes that speak 
so Warm in sunshine's 

Your russet waves 
moved by breeze of air on top 
Your neck and limbs 
Petite and naked 
you proudly stand 
With strands of velvet hair 
And soon once more 
Your skin is covered 

In moments 
like A song of parakeets 
Caught entwined 
While we barefoot down 
rolling hills 
Makes our way through cold and wet 

We march and I follow 
the trees and lakes, of this drowsy dale 
We stand 
with Seasons 
That speak as always 
of tis sweet, their prelude 

Like giants of stone and trees 
in splashing falls 
We clap our shields with 
songs of thunder 

As we greet the sun of winter 
this breaking day 
Once more 
good morning 

from a whimsical poetry and photography  book i just released.
You can read it directly at our streaming book site  free of charge.

website version
Tales of Winters Realm 2015

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Beautiful photo
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