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Merry Clickmas! A very big Click UI update was just pushed to the Play Store. Let's go over what's new:

- A taste of Material goodness. It's an all new Dashboard to compliment Click.
- 4 new wallpapers. Walls are now cloud based so you can set & save. Good news for Galaxy owners who want some lockscreen action.
- 45 new icons. View the list at
- New donation option. I receive emails from customers weekly who want to donate a little something to show their appreciation for Click & the updates. I usually point them towards Paypal, but some don't have that, yet still want to show their support. So I've decided to just add in a Donation option right within the app as an IAP. It's the easiest way.
- As a bonus to those who donate, I'll be doing 'Premium' icon requests. The options are simply $2, $4, $6, & $8. If you donate $4 or more, you'll receive 5 Premium icon requests. This means you'll skip the line & have those icons guaranteed in the next update for showing your support for Click. Only requirement is that the apps must have at least 50k downloads.

Enjoy! comment/+1/rate/share.
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Michał Suchański

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Mi Band

The second product we’ve just announced today is the super light-weight Mi Band. Here goes:

- Fitness monitor & sleep tracker
- Sleep-cycle smart alarm
- Unlock your Mi phone without a password
- 30-day standby power
- Water resistant (IP67)
- Stylish band options (incl. wrap-around and leather)
- Approx. US$ 13
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