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Great to see this feature available in Europe. Facebook on road to becoming mobile friendly on many levels
Whats the first social network that pops into mind when you think of customer service? Many of you will respond Twitter. However, given the latest news, Facebook is trying to curb this widespread notion, by introducing new features aimed at facilitating communication between customers and businesses. Also Read: Facebook Cares For Your Unread Business Messages More…

Micala Wilkins

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Looking forward to a much needed break at the end of the month! 

Micala Wilkins

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Where would we bee without them?  If there is one thing you do today, please do your bit for the #bees  
Bees are crucial to our food system, and dramatic colony collapses caused by pesticides led the EU to prohibit several Bayer, BASF and Syngenta products. The corporations are now striking back and suing the EU. Please call on the manufacturers to respect the ban.

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No doubt these genius piece of activity went down well in #London  Cheers! 
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Wonders never cease in the world of advertising! Brilliant, and refreshing!

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Great points made in this article #socialmediamarketing  
Social media is fast becoming a mature marketing option for local business. “Organisations should embrace social media to engage their market, build their brand and promote their products and services,” says Clinton Muir, MD of digital marketing agency, Black Snow Digital.
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Keeping your social presence alive at the #Twitter  Bar #socialmedia  chin chin!! 
As we all know there is more to Twitter than just placing a tweet. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and have hit a 'boredom' wall. Personally, I think that there is far too much white noise. By that...
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Looking forward to a much needed break at the end of the month! 
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Me too! We are driving down to Spain for a week. First holiday in 7 years!! Definitely need a break from everything.

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Wonderful mix of #motivation   whenever you need it Launching and growing your side business, your "Side Hustle" can be challenging. Use these quotes to keep you motivated as you balance family, work and business.

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Rather amusing! Love the way the chair spins around and the pen bounces at 'extreme' parts of the #video  
A bored office worker has parodied the visual grandstanding of camera brand GoPro’s ads with a monotonous first-person account of...

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another great serving of googleness from Denis Labelle
Create a Great Site And Have It Found In Google
1. Here >
2. Support/Help >
3. On YouTube >
4. On Google+ > +Google Webmasters 
5. Resources:
Web Fundamentals: a curated source for modern best practices
Web Starter Kit: a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box
The Most Comprehensive Google Webmaster Tools Guide
The Ultimate Guide To Google Webmaster Tools
Bring your local business online -- no website required!
How Google Understands Web Pages
Analyze and optimize your website with PageSpeed tools

7. Google I Multi-Screen Resources:

8. Webinars: <- click here
Principles of Mobile Site Design:

9. Multi-Screen Starter Guide:

10. Multi-Screen Implementation Guide:

11. (click)
Whitepaper (download):

12. Web Starter Kit
Boilerplate & Tooling for Multi-Device Development:

13. Mobile First:

14. Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to:

15. Smart Phone Tips: An Advertiser’s Checklist for Getting Mobile Righ:

16. (click)

17. The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design:

18. The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly:

19. The Full Value of Mobile:

20. #mobilefriendly #mobilefriendlywebsite
Webmaster's Mobile Guide

21. Building A Better Business Website:

22. Mobile SEO - The tool and the guidelines:

23. Google Web Designer:

24. Website Testing Guide:

25. The Short SEO Cutts:

26. Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports:

27. 30+ Webmaster Guidelines
. Make pages for people, not search engines (
. Descriptive and accurate titles and ALT tags (
. Make your website stand out from others (
. Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings (
. Make sure Google understands your website (
. Avoid using automatically generated content (
. Don't participate in link schemes (
. Avoid cloaking techniques (
. Avoid sneaky redirects (
. Hidden text and links (
. Avoid doorway pages (
. Avoid using scraped content (
. Add value to affiliate pages (
. Avoid loading pages with irrelevant keywords (
. Don't add viruses, trojans, or other badware (
. Avoid abusing rich snippets markup (
. Make sites with a clear hierarchy and text links (
. Use a site map that links to the important parts of your site (
. Don't have too many links on one page (
. Create a useful, information rich site (
. Include relevant words that help people find your webpages (
. Try to use text instead of images for important stuff (
. Check for broken links and correct HTML (
. Make sure dynamic pages are search engine friendly (
. Don't deceive your users (
. Make sure your web server supports if modified since (
. Use robots.txt but don't block Googlebot by mistake (
. Don't confuse Googlebot (
. Submit it to Google (
. Block unuseful pages from search engines (
. Paid links and advertising (

28. Finding more mobile-friendly search results:

29. HOA / Q&A about running a website for your businesses, Google Search, and Google Webmaster Tools.

. Here ->
. Links mentioned in the slides:
1. Building mobile-friendly websites:
2. Web Fundamentals:
3. Webmaster Tools:
4. Business location pages:
5. Webmaster Help Forums:

30. 46 Tips For Launching/Relaunching A Website:
by +Rick Eliason 

31. #MobileMadness  
.Maximize your online strategy & search performance:
. Basics of a mobile website for SMBs:
. Live Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change:
. 30 Day Challenge to go:

32. The #1 Google Mobile-Readiness Resource for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs:

33. Everything You Need to Know About Google's Mobile Friendly Algo:

34. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm (Infographic):

h/t +Google Webmasters & +John Mueller 
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NEW / Added
. FAQs about the April 21st mobile-friendly update:
. Rolling out the mobile-friendly update:

Micala Wilkins

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Ground brilliance!  Pepper Hacker campaign proves to be a winner for mealtimes
Hats off to the content marketers at Dolmio this week whose Pepper Hackers campaign is a truly brilliant example of a brand thinking laterally and yet stil
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