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Robert Scoble is wrong on Microsoft tablets
Robert recently created an auto clip talking about how Microsoft will get squeezed in the tablet market and that will prevent them succeeding. Check it out here:

His arguments for why they will fail actually seem to point exactly why Microsoft will succeed. I have outlined some of his points and provided my responses after each one.

Point 1: Amazon and B&N – Low end solutions ($200 - $250) (Picture this as a Netbook – you can do some stuff but at the end of the day it just doesn’t cut it).
Response: Microsoft’s partners will be able to create a low end solutions for similar prices but will be able to provide a larger ecosystem for their users since it’s all tied into Windows, just as their partners have done with Netbooks. Are netbooks all that powerful or perfect? No, but either are the Nook and the Fire. Microsoft can compete.

Point 2: Apple has the High end solution and can’t be touched

Response: Again, Microsoft’s partners can go out and create super high-end tablets with great specs and price them a bit more like Apple does. (Picture the best PCs you can buy today). Microsoft will hit a niche market at these high-end systems, most people don’t need something so powerful but the option will at least be available. I agree, Apple will control high-end for a while, but Microsoft will certainly be able to compete.

Point 1 and Point 2 leave a gaping hole that Microsoft can fill, just as they do with desktops. The average, general user who wants the ability to consume tons of content but still have the ability to create tons of content, all at a reasonable cost $250-$450 dollars. I’m not sure how Scoble managed to miss this entire segment of the population in his analysis but it’s a glaring oversight.

It’s this middle ground of people that are the “real world, your average user” it’s these people will allow Microsoft to dominate in market share, and that’s how you dominate for years. Simply look at Windows for the last two decades.
Your average person looks at two things: Cost/Features. Windows 8 Tablets will provide a reasonable cost but yet the largest amount of features for your money. Period. You’re a fool if you believe otherwise.

Point 3: Microsoft Office

Response: If Scoble seriously believes that there won’t be a Metro optimized version of Office for tablets, then he is “stupid” as he says. Just look at Windows Phone, they have a great version of Office already created in Metro, they will do something similar for tablets, but when you DO need to get down and dirty you can switch to the full version, which I think is a great selling point. Need even more power, sit down at your full desktop or laptop computer. This is exactly how it works with the iPad why would it be any different with Windows?Office won't make or break Microsoft's tablet success, but it sure will set it apart.
Point 4: Businesses won’t rebuild their apps from the ground up for Metro

Response: Seriously? So where did all the apps for Android and iPad come from, thin air? Businesses seem to be building full screen apps for OS X Lion, are they not? What’s the difference in doing the same for Windows? Businesses DO create/re-create their apps to meet the form factor/technology of the day, will they all switch? No. Do they need to all switch? No, and that’s ok. (just like in the Apple world)

That’s the beauty of Windows 8 though, the apps people have created can be modified for Metro without a huge amount of effort, a majority of your backend code will work with just some tweaking/updating. Throw on a nice UI and they are good to go. (Obviously it’s more work than that, but it’s not starting from scratch)Not to mention you can build Metro apps in C++, C#, VB, HTML5, JS, CSS3. That's a HUGE ecosystem of developers who can build apps.
Point 5: Ecosystem

Response: Microsoft has the largest ecosystem in the world, most number of partners, most number of developers and best developer platform out there. Amazon/B&N have a tiny ecosystem compared to Microsoft; they can’t compete with Microsoft’s ecosystem even if they wanted to.

So what if many of Microsoft’s employees don’t even use Visual Studio or tablets to develop with, look at Google+ Larry, Sergey and Eric barely even use it, yet Scoble says it’s the best platform ever. You can create good products even if not everyone in your company uses it. Frankly I’m very happy programmers are not designing the UI.

Point 6: Content Creation vs. Consumption

Response: Windows 8 gives you the choice, people love choice. Scoble wrote about a DJ who created music on her Ipad and also about an artist he met in a parking garage: is this not creating content? These are two simple examples of content that can be created using a tablet, just imagine what you can do if you have a fully baked OS to program against to create content creating apps. Windows 8 apps will be able to blow these apps out of the water.

Wrap-up: If anyone can come from behind, it’s Microsoft. If Apple can come from near bankruptcy to where they are at now, anyone can do it. Microsoft has time, money, resources, partners, developers and already sits in 90% of people homes and businesses.

Scoble is wrong.
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