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Morphing Anomaly responded to direct signals, marvelous object.

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Digit cluster Anomaly, amazing object.

To be a "leader" in Science you need to make discoveries before others and uncover objective "connections" that others are unable to perceive because they are bounded by preconceptions and narrow views, it is very well known that preconceptions are blinders for perception.

The reality of Anomalies is really an "open" field waiting for really curious and open minds to make great discoveries, Official Science had defaulted in this area that potentially have far reaching implications.

So this is a great opportunity for anybody that may want to challenge Official Science" leadership in "Science". The Discovery Institute is one organization that comes to mind.

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The many faces of Religion.

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Post in the group: Intelligent Design - Theoretical Biology.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this group. For several years now I had been doing regular atmospheric observations of autonomous anomalous flying objects that we call Anomalies for short.

The reality of these objects can be verified by anyone using the proper instruments, this is an objective and repeatable observable fact, but obviously not many people in academic positions are aware of this reality, but again this can be observed unequivocally by anyone, but as experience had show me many times this simple claim had been received exactly as Lavoisier received reports of rocks falling from the sky(meteorites), that had been widely documented elsewhere.

But now going to aspects of this reality that are relevant to this group:

- Some anomalies appear to be a new kind of lifeforms, by their observed behavior plasma based lifeforms are a very good working hypothesis and already there are published scientific papers and books supporting the possibility of life based on complex plasmas, but again the very basic claim here of anomalies behaving like being alive is supported by multiple documented observations, some footage sample of this fact can be provided if there is further interest in this group.

- Some anomalies exhibit adaptive/dynamic camouflage exactly like the one observed on cephalopods in particular very similar to the mimic octopus. It is very well known that the oceans and the atmosphere have common properties so it is really not surprising that new lifeforms on the atmosphere exhibit similar characteristics as lifeforms on the ocean.

- Some anomalies "respond/react" to direct signals by flaring, this is an intrinsic observational fact that can be easily verified and one that clearly shows the anomalous nature of these autonomous objects.

- Anomalies appear to have a pervasive presence on this planet, this is supported by the observational data available, this implies that there should be a very deep relationship/symbiosis between Anomalies and carbon based lifeforms on this planet.

- This is speculative now: Since some anomalies appear to be plasma based lifeforms and plasma based lifeforms can move freely in empty space then the presence of Life in the universe will be more pervasive than previously assumed since the search for life always assumed carbon based Life.

- Plasma is a common medium in the universe, this implies that plasma based lifeforms could be very old, as old as the universe itself, on comparison carbon based lifeforms on earth are very young.

- Since plasma based lifeforms are older than carbon based lifeforms and they "interact" with carbon based lifeforms then this place in a new light all carbon based lifeforms evolution on this planet, including the origin of carbon based lifeforms on earth.

Intelligent Design should be looked in a different way after learning of the reality of Anomalies.

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Intelligent Design and Anomalies.

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Closeups footage showing several ghostly plasma-like flyby objects, the reality of plasma based lifeforms is more and more compelling with this kind of evidence.

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Raw IR tracking footage of Variable anomaly showing multiple secondary objects, some small like star-like(orbs) and some similar to the Variable anomaly.

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Spinning Variable anomaly today with multiple interacting secondary objects including a rapidly spinning laminar anomaly, this footage is a good example of the very complex reality of anomalies.
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