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Wishing EVERYONE Love - Unity - #PEACE on Earth + Great New Beginnings 🎉🎈🎏 May all of your dreams be fulfilled ❤️

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🖤 Favorite song by #WARDRUNA 🖤 ( #VIKINGS )


Who shall sing me,
Into death sleep sling me,
When I on the path to Hel go,
And this track I tread
Is cold, so cold, so cold.

I sought the songs,
I sent the songs.
Then the deepest well
Gave me tears so harsh
From the Slain-father's pledge.

I know everything, #Odin,
To whom you gave your eye.

Who shall sing me,
Into deathsleep sling me,
Whence I on the path to Hel go,
And this track I tread
Is cold, so cold, so cold.

Early or in the day's end,
The raven still knows if I fall.

Once you stand at the gate to Hel
And when you have to tear free,
I shall follow you
Over Gjallarbrú with my song.

You will be free from the bonds that bind you,
You are free from the bonds that bound you!

"Cattle die,
Friends die,
So, too, must you die.
Though one thing
Never dies;
The fair fame one has earned.

Cattle die,
Friends die,
So, too, must you die.
I know one,
That never dies;
Judgement of a dead man's life."

( Want this to be my requiem for my funeral, someday )

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🎄 Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! 🎄

Peace + Love On Earth


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Beautiful #Calligraphy created on #iPad with an #Apple Pencil.

Soooooo WANT this 😍 ❤️ #WishList

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For everyone out there fighting one another over the recent elections and candidates as well as the dissent over the PEOTUS , I would like to state the following: The elite who truly rule, control and subjugate us, have succeeded within their plan to Divide + Conquer us all as a people, by pitting us against one another.

Democrat-against-Republican - Hillary supporters against Trump supporters ; and while everyone is busy hating, rioting, destroying their communities and even murdering their fellow human beings in the ensuing madness - those who truly RULE are comfortably sitting by the fireplace in their mansions, dining on foie gras and sipping champagne that probably costs more than the car one drives, whilst quietly plotting OUR demise and global domination.

Because the actual reality is that neither candidate is our "true Commander In Chief" - they are simply the Representatives of their corrupt Overlords and the military-industrial-oil-complex , which are all led/controlled by the Rockefeller's and the Rothschild's ( and Dupont's ) of the world.


Rothchild ( Darth Sidious ) and Rockefeller ( Darth Vader ) are : the actual True Powers that Be over the US & basically... most of the World ( just as in Star Wars: the Sith, are always a force of two - they are... a Master and his Apprentice ...) ; and everyone else below them simply carries out their nefarious agenda & orders ... very similar to a President & Vice President .....

The Sith practice hate, deception, and greed. ... The evil Darth Sidious, along with his apprentice Darth Vader, achieved the Sith goal of galactic conquest after a millennia of plotting..... ( beginning to sound somewhat familiar ? )


The final two candidates of ANY election are equivalent to the wings of a bird : both wings belong to the same bird... Everyone is fighting over the wings - but have failed to see the "bird" :)

The first and foremost lie which most people are led to believe is thinking/believing that their vote counts - and that through their vote, the candidate of their choice is elected and becomes President . If you are one of those individuals who still hangs onto such a belief, then you are the same individual who believes that you are free , and that the Easter Bunny is real as well.

The reality is that NONE of us are free - we are all subjects ( slaves ) of the very same Government we have enacted into POWER, and we are sold the Illusion of Freedom - but in essence, we are NOT FREE. Because if you know anything about slaves & enslavement - then you will also know that nowhere in history were slaves ever given ANY rights whatsoever - especially when it came down to something like : elections & voting !

We are just like the people in Plato's Cave - who believed the pseudo-reality they were being exposed to all of their lives, and when they were told and shown the truth, that they were living a prefabricated LIE ( existence ) - they ended up despising the messenger who divulged the truth to them!.

This is due to the tragedy of people preferring to dwell within the confines of a delusional pseudo-reality and fabricated lies, over the actual TRUTH. And in doing so - they are coerced into not only ACCEPTING and LIVING within this lie - but to also BLINDLY and UNQUESTIONABLY follow, praise and #coalesce with those who SELL them the LIE.

These type of people are classified as #SHEEPLE in every society, because they all adhere to the Herd Mentality .
However - while we have been existing within this pseudo-reality and dwelling within our ignorance, something BIGGER and more nefarious has been under way by those who seek our total ENSLAVEMENT & absolute CONTROL, and if we continue to deny what is unfolding before our very eyes and in the world around us- then we are just as guilty in the #collusion of our global destruction and ways of life as those who seek our annihilation.

We've been HOODWINKED - BAMBOOZLED & LED ASTRAY from the REALITY unfolding around us - by those who want to DISTRACT us from what their #GLOBAL #AGENDA is for us, and by the time we all awaken and become AWARE of the truth - it may be too late.


Therefore - STOP FIGHTING amongst yourselves and FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY who subjugates you by using YOU as a means to serve their purposes!

( Don't believe you are enslaved by your Government through your very own consent so far? OK, then watch the documentary and maybe you will awaken to the truth - just like those poor saps in Plato's Cave @ )

In a time of #Universal #deceit telling the #truth is a revolutionary act .”

― George #Orwell

#RedPill #BluePill 

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Listening to my favorite STARMAN tracks... this is just one more of all the great music David left us with to remember him by :) #DavidBowie

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