Well that was quite a trip to the #LeftCoast! Teaming up with +Lexus USA and +Courtney Smith Kramer was a recipe for fun, connection, adventure and more. We traveled from #SanJose to #SanFrancisco, down to #Monterey and back! Also great to connect with some of my favorite influencers on their home turf including +Stacey DePolo of +GoDaddy, Author #KathiKlotzGuest +J S Gilbert, #EricPangilinan, #PeterHicks of #Bebo, a self driving +Tesla, an inappropriate otter at +Monterey Bay Aquarium, a fun sleepover at +Portola Hotel & Spa, wine, swine and more with +brady lowe & #Cochon555 at #magnoliagastropub in #SF - thanks for the invite +Amanda McCrossin! Oh, and some of my favorite guys at +Zipkick - mastermind +Jason Will & #JordanOlson

And then there was +Bryan Kramer - #BKHaveItYourWay

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